To get WFT emails, pressure is being placed on NFL sponsors

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Last year, pressure from sponsors prompted Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder to abandon his all-caps NEVER refusal to change the team name. Now, sponsors of the league are being asked to pressure the NFL to release the emails obtained through the recent workplace investigation.

A letter from various former employees of the organization to the chief executives of Verizon, Anheuser-Busch, Amazon, Pepsi, Nike, and Proctor & Gamble urges these companies to demand that the NFL reveal the results of an investigation into “one of the biggest scandals of the #MeToo era.”

The letter specifically cites the recent resignation of Raiders coach Jon Gruden, fueled by the release of selected emails from the WFT investigation, as the basis for releasing more of the documents, specifically as it relates to Snyder.

“We do not understand why the NFL seems intent on protecting Dan Snyder and the WFT at all costs,” the letter explains.

“That is why we call on you,” the letter continues. “While the NFL has refused to heed the calls for transparency and accountability from former WFT employees, advocacy groups, lawyers, or the media, it will have to heed such a call from its corporate sponsors. If the League has shown us anything, it is that money, and only money, talks.”

Indeed it does. And if the sponsors become motivated to speak out — as they should — that could break the dam at a time when nothing else will.

48 responses to “To get WFT emails, pressure is being placed on NFL sponsors

  1. If the owners start losing money they will do what they need to do to survie the lost money. To them money is at the top. Follow the money will slove the crime. Bill

  2. Congress’ involvement will tip it – O/U on that to happen is 23 1/2 hours, and the under is the way!

  3. Pandora’s box has been opened to nail one individual. Can they close it up all the way again?

    What I want to know is what did Gruden do, and to who, to have them go after only Gruden? This selective leak stuff to take out one individual is incredibly low class.

  4. floriomike says:
    October 13, 2021 at 8:47 pm
    This may be the End to the NFL.



  5. To see Snyder removed or resign is only satisfying for the moment. His family will carry on without him if necessary. All in all I hope they oust him.

  6. Jerruh made sure that good ol’ Roger wiped them emails clean months ago. They long gone…

  7. Withholding these emails is nothing more then potential blackmail/coercion. The NFL holds all the power by not releasing them and can use the contents in any way it sees fit. Full disclosure is the only way this goes away.

  8. I think it’s a very bad thing that the NFL lacks enough security to avoid these leaks. That said, I’m extremely against strong arming a private organization to publicizing internal affairs. The pressure should be on the NFL fixing their internal issues, not publicizing the emails just because the public has a perverse interest in knowing all the dirt.

  9. Snyder is only the tip of the iceberg. Guaranteed there are several owners “involved” and the league knows if this gets out it will be a major problem. They made Richardson sell the Panthers. With multiple owners involved they’d be in the position have having to force the sale of who knows how many teams. It won’t be easy to find several multi-billionaires to buy these teams. Will be a PR nightmare which could also cause sponsors to stay away

  10. Soooo glad I didn’t have pay licensing fees for my season tickets… this thing is coming down.

  11. Bezos should just buy out all the owners and NFL and call it Amazon Football League. Or how about Apple Football League

  12. This pressure is to force Snyder to sell his team to Jeff Bezos. One of the richest men in the world wants the WFT and he will get it.

  13. If it was indeed Snyder who released the emails to get back at the Grudens, it would be a spectacular backfire if the resulting publicity is what results in the entirety of the WFT emails being released.

    If it wasn’t Snyder, then tell me who else had access to these emails besides Snyder, the league (who denied releasing them), and the lawyers?

  14. The Los Angeles Times has done some good reporting on this e-mail question. It turns out the Gruden e-mails were posted in a filing by Dan Snyders attorneys in June 2021. Sorry everyone, the NFL did not leak these e-mails.

  15. If it was indeed Snyder who leaked this week’s emails to get back at the Grudens, it would be an all-time spectacular backfire if the resulting publicity is what ultimately drives the release of the entirety of the WFT investigation and every email from Snyder, Allen, and the rest.

    If it wasn’t Snyder who leaked the Gruden emails, then tell me who else had access to those emails besides Snyder, the league (who denied releasing them), and the lawyers?

    It’s been reported that some of the Gruden emails were previously shared with the Raiders, but I don’t believe Mark Davis would nuke his own coach that’s 3-2 just to get out of the contract.

  16. The NFL is a private entity. So why would they release these emails that would paint one of their franchise in a negative light? The NFL is protecting the shield, and that is Godell’s primary job. Protect these owners from themselves and, most importantly, from the public.

  17. Adam Schefter admits he made a mistake when he forwarded a draft of his article to be published the next morning to Bruce Allen of WFT and invited him to tweak or change it as he deemed fit. So much for Mr. Insider.

    To me, that’s a more significant story than an average coach resigning his position after several years of failure on the field.

  18. We should release the private emails of every person who works in the NFL, better yet, we should release the emails of every person alive. Everything we do or say in private, should be made public.

  19. I don’t see much coming out of this. These big companies probably don’t want to start something that might snowball right back onto them. I imagine they’ll sit back and let this all work itself out without adding their company name/brand into the mess.

  20. Before the players walk to start there own league with Jeff Bezos and the Rock. The owners should start offering shares in their teams to prominent current and former players like Ray Louis, Joe Montana, Patrick Mahomes, Brady, Barry Sanders,
    Randy Moss, Russell Wilson,
    The Mannings, Arron Donald,
    Dione Sanders ect

  21. A lot of dirt in a lot of y’all’s favorite teams and reporters is going to come out. Be careful what you wish for.

  22. I’m against the release of the WFT emails. If they are released Snyder will have to sell the team and as an Eagles fan, I’ve supported and will continue to support Snyder’s leadership of the WTF team

  23. I don’t understand why people are saving their old emails in the first place. Who does that? Do you have 10 years of saved emails? Unless you are required by law to do it, don’t. Government is required to save correspondence (Why Hilliary smashing cellphones with hammers and acid washing the hard-drives to remove the texts should’ve been a bigger scandal than it was), Newspapers are required to save correspondence (letters to the editor) for 7 years, but the rest us aren’t. Delete that stuff and be careful what you send or post on forums. Somebody somewhere is saving it.

  24. This is all part of a scheme for Bezos to take over WFT. Snyder will never sell on his own he has to be ousted

  25. Just another crack in the structure of the NFL. People have been predicting the league will implode for years. Each situation like this that continues to come out is one step closer. Love the game, but there can be other leagues started out of the ashes of the NFL.

  26. davisacrosss says:

    October 13, 2021 at 8:53 pm

    Congress’ involvement will tip it – O/U on that to happen is 23 1/2 hours, and the under is the way!
    Well there is no way Congress is going to get involved BUT even to say they were congress being involved and making something happen by 8:30 tonight(your 23.5 hr o/u) is a joke and would be the quickest the govt ever accomplished anything. In other words if you want to lose money youd go under.

  27. Imagine all the fun we could have if sponsors and courts could force an email dump from the entire league! Including the players! However, I think the biggest kick we could ever hope to get would be an email dump from those in the media who cover the NFL. I’d be grabbing my popcorn and beer as the media heads rolled.

  28. oh come on. anything incriminating has already been destroyed…or is being kept inside a vault, inside a safe, inside a nothing will get out the nfl doesnt want to get out.

  29. It’s funny how the NFL can release emails and other bits of news when it suits their purpose but they refuse to release the WFT emails.

  30. The NFL is a private business and can do as they please, some teams that rely on public money for stadiums might have some local issues. The one part missing about sponsors is how many of them are willing to give up the one remaining entity that still draws real free tv viewer numbers? Guessing there are plenty of other sponsors that would rapidly replace any that left. Are sponsors willing to lose that advertising medium? They may all may make statements but nothing will happen since the NFL is a money printing machine for both parties.

  31. Gruden should do an interview with a high profile reporter on one of the big networks and tell his side of the story and spill the beans on how the NFL operates! BLOW THE WHOLE THING UP!!!

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