Zach Wilson feels like he’s overthinking, wants to just throw it and rip it

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets - NFL London Games 2021 - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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The Jets have a bye this week, which means it is time to both reflect on what’s happened in their first five games as well as look ahead to what they want for their final 12 contests.

One thing the team wants to see is better play from rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, who plans to spend some time working with former NFL quarterback John Beck while in Utah during the break. On Tuesday, Wilson shared one thing he thinks he needs to do in order to increase his productivity over the rest of the season.

“I would just say overthinking them to an extent, aiming the throw rather than just throwing it, like I’ve always done my whole life,” Wilson said, via the team’s website. “Reacting to what the defense is giving me and just throwing it, rather than putting too much thought into it. I’ve got a lot I’m learning every single week and I’m always putting my mind on new things I need to learn. And with that sometimes comes being a little robotic, and I think sometimes that’s how those throws come out. I’m aiming them. I have to just throw it and rip it, kind of how I do in the second half when we have some of those big plays down the field and I’m just reacting.”

Starting faster is a must for a team that has scored no first quarter points and 13 first half points through the first five weeks of the season. If they can’t figure out a way to make that happen, it’s hard to see the post-bye results being much better than what we’ve already seen.

8 responses to “Zach Wilson feels like he’s overthinking, wants to just throw it and rip it

  1. Throwing it and ripping it might work at BYU but you have to be cerebral to succeed in the NFL. This guy looks like another bust. At least until he goes to another team in a few years like Sam.

  2. He definitely plays better in the second half of games so maybe there’s something to that….but when I saw that he was learning from another complete bust in John Beck, I did have to shake my head.

  3. A high school quarterback could succeed in Saleh’s “system”—it’s that good. Everyone knows this.

  4. Jesuse, do not grip it and rip it. This has not worked out for former Jets QBs and it won’t work for you. Why do they not let this kid use his legs at all? I’m watching the London game seeing the pocket evaporate and he just stays in it, no scramble, no making it happen with this legs. I get they don’t want him hurt but he can run and slide at least a little right?

  5. Zach grasping at more straws to explain why he is so awful.
    His coach can’t help him, Saleh is in waaaayyyyy over his head. Seems like a nice guy, but you can tell he has no idea what is going on.

  6. Everyone wants to be Patrick Mahomes now even Patrick Mahomes is struggling…you don’t win basketball games with slam dunks and you don’t win football games with off balance throws .you win with being smart and disciplined unselfish and reliable

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