Carson Wentz: I think leadership has to rise up and guys will follow

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens
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The Colts have looked decent in spurts throughout the early portion of the 2021 season. But entering Week Six, their record stands at 1-4 and they face an uphill climb to get themselves into playoff contention.

Despite losing Monday’s game to the Ravens in overtime, quarterback Carson Wentz played his best game to date with Indianapolis. He finished 25-of-35 passing for 402 yards with a pair of touchdowns, though he did lose a fumble.

After exiting late in the Week Two loss to the Rams with a pair of sprained ankles, Wentz hasn’t missed a snap. And with the team in the midst of its bad start, Wentz said Wednesday that the Colts have to continue to stay the course.

“You cannot get overly concerned about a record,” Wentz told reporters in his press conference. “Whether you’re 4-1, 1-4, it’s always just about the next week. In the NFL, anybody can beat anybody at any point in time and you see that every single Sunday. For us, it’s keep that same mindset. Let’s just go practice, let’s just go get better. I know it sounds cliché and like the boring answer but at the same time, we have to always keep that perspective of just get better, let’s go work every single day and show up on Sunday and hopefully get this thing turned around.

“[Starting 1-4] definitely makes it a little more challenging and that’s where I think leadership has to rise up and guys will follow. I think we have such strong leadership in that locker room. I’m not even talking about myself. T.Y. [Hilton], who I just mentioned, and other guys. I think we have such strong leadership that guys will rally around and follow and we’ll say, ‘Hey, that’s all behind us.’ Sure, maybe we’re getting better and we’re doing some good things, but at the same time, that’s all behind us. Leave it there and let’s just keep getting better.”

Playing the Texans on Sunday, the Colts have a decent shot of getting their second win of the season. But one could conceivably say the same thing about Houston.

If Indianapolis is going to get itself back in the AFC South race, beating a division rival would be a good start.

6 responses to “Carson Wentz: I think leadership has to rise up and guys will follow

  1. They don’t look like their record at all but definitely have to learn how to finish. They can still win the division.

  2. I think Carson would know plenty about failure of leadership. He also knows that if he pouts like last year he will never get another starting QB gig again.

    It’s actually amazing after the way he pouted on and off the field last year that the Colts were willing to place this much faith in him.

    If the Colts can’t go at least 3 out of their next 5 (HOU, NYJ, Jags), the season is basically over.

  3. Not sure “leadership” is the word for “not being constantly hurt, throwing INTs and losing fumbles.”

  4. If there’s one thing Carson can do well, it’s talk the talk.

    In Philly it was the same, as the losses mounted. He’s “dialed in,” he’s “focused on this week,” and he’s “blocking out the noise [in the media and from the fans].”

    He even walked the walk to some degree by playing through pain.

    But at some point, it started to sound hollow because it became clear that while he was saying the right things on the podium, he wasn’t leading in the locker room. He wasn’t connecting with his teammates.

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