Robby Anderson says sideline outburst shows his passion to win

NFL: OCT 10 Eagles at Panthers
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Fox cameras caught Panthers receiver Robby Anderson pitching a fit at position coach Frisman Jackson during Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

Anderson said Thursday his frustration stemmed from his passion to win.

Tom Brady does that, and he’s one of the greatest,” Anderson said, via Jonathan Alexander of the Charlotte Observer. “Players get mad; coaches yell at players. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of. . . . I think that’s a good thing so the world can see I care. I would hope that that’s how my teammates view it.”

Sam Darnold threw his third interception as the Panthers were driving to try to tie the game or win the game. Anderson ran a comeback route, and Eagles cornerback Steven Nelson sat on the route and intercepted Darnold’s pass.

Nelson said afterward he knew what was coming because Anderson was lined up in that formation all game. Anderson said Thursday that’s what he was trying to communicate with coaches and wanted to run a double move.

“I felt we could capitalize off that,” Anderson said. “That was my mindset. I have a very high football IQ. I was brought up under veteran legends — Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker — and I study the game, and I study myself. So I know my capabilities, I understand coverages, and I understand football, so it was along those lines.”

Anderson has only 12 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown in five games. He led the Panthers with a career-best 95 receptions last season for 1,096 yards.

“My goal is to help us win,” Anderson said. “So if I don’t touch the ball and we win, it’s fair game. My ultimate goal is to win. I’m a team player. But losing, I’m a sore loser.”