Washington will retire Sean Taylor’s No. 21 on Sunday

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No one has worn No. 21 in Washington since Sean Taylor was murdered in November 2007 and no one will ever wear it again.

The Washington Football Team announced on Thursday that Taylor’s No. 21 will go from unofficially retired to officially retired. The team will hold a pregame ceremony with members of Taylor’s family before they face the Chiefs at FedEx Field.

“I came into the NFL the same year as Sean Taylor and immediately his athletic ability, resilience, grit, and relentless work ethic set him apart. I and many others looked to him as a role model,” team president Jason Wright said in a statement. “The fact that he was tragically taken so early hurt our player community, but also our fans, coaches, and staff. We will continue to remember him and hold him up as an example of professionalism and excellence, and we will all strive to mirror his excellence in our own ways.”

Fans will receive a commemorative towel and Washington players will wear a helmet decal honoring Taylor.

Sammy Baugh and Bobby Mitchell are the only other Washington players to have their numbers retired by the organization. A number of other numbers have been taken out of circulation without being officially retired.

30 responses to “Washington will retire Sean Taylor’s No. 21 on Sunday

  1. A nice honor for an outstanding player. Sad that his daughter had to grow up without him just because some losers robbed him.

  2. Nothing like retiring one of the best defensive players jerseys in the history of the franchise right before a blowout.

  3. First, an honor for a great player. Second, a sleezy disgusting move by Dan. Obviously trying to distract everyone. Pathetic. Won’t work

  4. Yes, it’s about time… Should have been done a couple years after he died…

    Also, I completely agree that this is being done to distract from everything else is out there and I’m just waiting for Snyder or whoever else addresses the media about this to say, “Can we focus on Taylor today, this is about him, not emails…”

  5. I thought the exact same thing. Sure, Taylor is worthy of the recognition, but this strikes me more as a publicity stunt to distract from the heat the Gruden leak has put on the WFT.

  6. Watching a highlights video of his time in Washington I can’t help but think how many penalties his play would get nowadays

  7. Brian Moorman may have been a good sport about it but there’s no way his dreams aren’t still haunted by that devastating hit Taylor threw at him in the Pro Bowl.

  8. This guy’s been gone for how long and it just so happens when everyone’s saying release the emails NOW is the time to retire his number? Snyder is just shoving it in Goodell’s face at this point that he owns him.

  9. Good player for his tragically short career, but should his number really be retired? What about the actual great, Hall of Fame worthy players who played for that team in its pre-Daniel Snyder heyday? Apart from this being an obvious distraction by a terrible owner, it is insulting to all of those greats. Darrell Green is arguably one of the greatest corners in NFL history. What about Charley Taylor? Art Monk? The list goes on. As good as he was during his brief career, Sean Taylor was not in the same category as these players.

  10. This is great even if it is too late, but it is Dan Snyder that really needs to retire.

  11. Sean Taylor was one of those safeties that made receivers fear going across the middle. He brought the wood when he hit someone. It’s great that he’s being honored but it IS suspect that Snyder decided to do it this week.

  12. Now, if only the current starting safeties on the team could play 1/4 as good a Taylor did, the defense might be able to stop opposing QB’s

  13. Nothing like celebrating another criminal. Don’t people remember what this guy was involved with?

  14. Only two of the sixteen WFT players in the Hall of Fame have their jerseys retired. Snubbing the 14 greats like Green, Monk, Bailey, Grimm, Riggins et al by Snyder for a last-minute virtue signaling promotion is despicable. WFT and NFL fans in general deserve better.

  15. Stupid decision to do this. No matter the circumstances of his death this is undeserved. There are plenty of former Redskins that would deserve this honor more than Taylor (and no I’m not advocating that they get their numbers retired).

  16. What about Charley Taylor? Art Monk? The list goes on. As good as he was during his brief career, Sean Taylor was not in the same category as these players.

    Art Monk is the most absurdly overrated player of all-time.

    Never had a double-digit td season
    Never led the League in receiving yards
    Despite all those receptions, he only led the League in that category once
    Only a 3x Pro Bowler, 1 All-Pro team

    How does that get a guy into the Hall of Fame?

  17. Going to retire Taylors # ..Why?.. probably to save face !! John Riggins did more for that franchise then Taylor.. if Washington really wanted to say sorry to black ppl then retire Doug Williams number! This seems like a PR move to adhere to the masses!!!!

  18. Sorry, Taylor was a great player but shouldn’t have his number retired. there are more deserving players from Washington history.

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