Howie Roseman: I don’t view us being sellers

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles traded tight end Zach Ertz to the Cardinals on Friday, but General Manager Howie Roseman said that;s not a sign that they’ll be dealing other players away ahead of the November 2 trade deadline.

Roseman said that they made Friday’s trade because it had become “pretty clear to us that going forward we weren’t going to be able to have” both Ertz and Dallas Goedert at tight end and that the Cardinals’ offer of rookie cornerback Tay Gowan and a draft pick was an “opportunity” for the Eagles to get better. He said it wasn’t because they’ve given up hope for the season at 2-4.

“I don’t view us as being sellers,” Roseman said. “I view us as still having an opportunity in the next 11 games to show what kind of team we are. And I think this was more about the opportunity to really put the pieces of the puzzle together for this team at that position and kind of moving forward. It’s not to give up on the season in any way, shape or form. I’m certainly not thinking about anything going south. But we’re thinking about the opportunity we have in front of us, starting with Vegas next week. And I know that will be a huge travel game for our fans and after we get through this weekend, we’ll be excited for that opportunity.”

Roseman’s view of the team’s position on other trades could change based on what other teams are offering or if bad outings on the road the next two weeks makes it easier to look ahead to 2022 and beyond.

5 responses to “Howie Roseman: I don’t view us being sellers

  1. He isn’t wrong. They’re 2-4 which last I checked was still viable. Sure some teams are clearly bad but anyone judging at this stage is probably premature. That extra week makes it more likely than just premature. Unlike college, losing a game or two at this stage doesn’t automatically disqualify you from meaningful postseason participation

  2. Eagles fan here.

    This team should be sellers, and if they’re not, management is foolish. They are not close to being a contender and should move vets with value such as Miles Sanders, Fletcher Cox and Lane Johnson to contenders to accelerate the rebuild as soon as the cap implications make sense.

    They spent too long focused on the last championship team and need to focus on building the next one – 2017 feels like ancient history now. Moving aging vets could significantly speed that process by injecting youth and talent into the roster via draft picks and freed-up cap space for free agency.

  3. This kinda feels like the AJ Green vibe… Or the JJ Watt vibe? Or maybe Rodney Hudson vibe? Déjà vu all over again!!!!

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