Leonard Fournette: Having a year under my belt with Bucs makes a big difference

NFL: OCT 14 Buccaneers at Eagles
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Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette made big contributions in last season’s playoffs to help win a Super Bowl and earn himself the “Playoff Lenny” nickname.

“Regular Season Lenny” is proving to be pretty good this year. Fournette followed up a 110-yard, one touchdown performance against the Dolphins in Week Five with 127 yards and two scores in Thursday night’s 28-22 win over the Eagles.

Fournette has 332 rushing yards and 213 receiving yards on the season, which leaves him 55 yards behind his totals for the 2020 regular season and Fournette said after the game that his comfort level in the offense is the reason for the jump in productivity.

“I came in two weeks before our first game, so just having that year under my belt makes a big difference understanding it,” Fournette said. “Especially playing with my guys for a year–trusting them and them trusting me–the lack of trust and accountability is done on both sides.”

The Buccaneers weren’t lacking for weapons before Fournette found his groove in their offense and his emergence has only made it more difficult for opposing defenses to find a way to stop the Tampa offense.

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