NFL claims that no other team employees were implicated by WFT emails

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Was Jon Gruden the outlier, or were his comments a reflection of the manner in which people communicate in the NFL?

The NFL believes it’s the former, and the NFL presumably would appreciate it if we take their word for it. Even if no one is willing to attach their name to it.

The Associated Press reports that the league “did not identify other areas and other individuals it has to contact at club leadership or league leadership levels” based on the emails generated by the Washington Football Team investigation.

“The NFL did not identify any problems anywhere near what you saw with Jon Gruden,” an unnamed source told the Associated Press.

If that’s the case, let’s have a name. Let’s have an on-the-record quote. Let’s have someone whose ass is on the line if/when someone else gets taken down by the weaponized trove of 650,000 emails, which already has wiped out Gruden’s career and potentially threatens the ongoing tenure of NFL general counsel Jeff Pash.

As to Pash, the NFL has shrugged at his emails to former Washington president Bruce Allen. So even if someone sent emails not nearly as toxic as Gruden’s, it’s possible that those emails were problematic, but that the league would contend they aren’t. Pash’s are, but the league was inclined to look the other way.

For who else are they looking the other way, and is there any way of knowing whether, eventually, they won’t?

These are all fair questions, which can be resolved only if all of the emails are released. Indeed, if there are no problematic emails . . . WHY NOT RELEASE ALL OF THEM?

The league justified hiding all information about the WFT investigation by claiming that it needed to protect the people who came forward with allegations and information. That’s irrelevant to the emails. And if the emails are innocuous, let’s see them. Let’s get it all on the table.

And let’s not provide self-serving, off-the-record statements to media outlets. As media outlets, let’s refuse to use these statements unless someone goes on the record.

46 responses to “NFL claims that no other team employees were implicated by WFT emails

  1. That is such bullwang…
    The league office is looking like joke.
    I guess they’d rather that then out others.

  2. There had to be something about a player or coach having an affair. Can’t we ruin more lives? C’mon. Wait a minute. I forget what this case was supposed to be about. We got carried away with the witch hunt, and wasn’t this supposed to be between Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder? How did Jon Gruden get dragged into this?

  3. I’ll say it if no one else will… Let’s see the emails between Goodell and Allen get leaked. Won’t happen because Rog is the NFL’s “Mad Leaker”.

  4. The NFL says it didn’t leak the Gruden emails. It sounds like the NFL didn’t even regard the Gruden emails as problematic until someone else leaked them to the press and the public found them problematic.

    That said, no company would want 650,000 emails to and from its executives released to the public, because people often say dumb, candid, and problematic things in emails. Even if 99.99% of the 650,000 NFL emails are perfect, that would still leave us with 65 problematic emails for the press to lose their minds over and use to portray the league as evil.

  5. This almost sounds like someone trolling the NFL instead of a real statement. And by club leadership, are they talking about all 32 clubs or just the Washington team? Not one other suspect comment in the entire league, for over 10 years. That is simply amazing! They will just look worse when the next email leaks. Which makes it hard to believe that anyone from the NFL actually said this. Then again, there seem to be some REALLY dumb people holding leadership positions, so maybe it’s not such a surprise someone thought this anonymous denial was a really great idea and would be totally believable.

  6. The NFL has always hated the Raiders.

    Al tried to break them.

    The NFL and powers that be have not forgotten.

  7. In my adult life, I’ve found that if I feel I’m not being taken seriously I can TYPE IN ALL CAPS and then suddenly I’m being offered TV jobs and I get the respect of people who have actually played the sport. Just me?

  8. It was a hitpiece. There is no way just 2 employees information was leaked. Please. Employees say stupid stuff all the time in emails. You cant tell me there are not more. They just dont want Snyder imicated because that looks bad.

  9. As a Raider fan, after DECADES of Raider hate by the NFL, I’m supposed to take this on face value? Not happening…

    Frankly, the fact they are giving us the “nothing to see here” routine, tells me there is more here, but they are protecting their friends. Until they do…


  10. Because as corrupt as they may be and as much as the general public may have interest, they’re still a private organization and have no legal obligation to make them public.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. Gruden got whacked because someone in power somewhere in the NFL wanted him gone. So let’s make *ALL* of these yo-yos put their cards (and their emails) on the table.

  12. “The NFL did not identify any problems anywhere near what you saw with Jon Gruden.” Said the unnamed source.

    Well, “not identifying them” is technically much different than saying they are not there.

  13. “No other team employees were implicated…”

    No other team employees? What about former players, former coaches and team owners
    Implicated? What standard is applied? Who’s standard is applied? Legally implicated ? Or morally implicated? And so on…..

  14. The league is afraid the evidence of collusion during the 2011 lockout will come to light.

  15. Gruden should spend some of his millions to hire someone to find out who leaked his info from information the NFL claimed it wanted to keep private and then somehow it got used for a mafia hit job on him. He’s got nothing else to occupy his time for awhile.

  16. I’m no lawyer but you have to think Gruden will file a lawsuit and demand that all emails be released to see if he was unfairly targeted or if he actually was an outlier. I just don’t understand who is behind this and why they ae doing this. What a cluster

  17. Really? They even revealed that topless pictures of one of the cheerleaders were exchanged.

    I don’t blame the NFL, because I think the Gruden affair is only the tip of the iceberg. They don’t want the emails exposed at all costs.

    Now if they continue to be leaked and it proves the NFL is lying, that’s a big problem.

  18. Over 650,000 emails and ALL they found was a couple of Jon Gruden emails? Wow is all I can say.

  19. Sure this sounds very reasonable. Zero other terrible, bad words form No other teams? Okay i got it now.

  20. Even though Goodall and the NFL owners threw Jon Boy aka “Chucky” under the bus he still loves them to pieces.

  21. There seems to be a misconception that this 650K of emails are all emails on the WFT’s servers. That’s not the case. These are the emails collected in connection with the investigation. The lawyers working the investigation would have given the IT guys search criteria to apply to the full email database to come up with this selection. Maybe it includes all Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder emails, but it wouldn’t include all the emails of others in team management unless they were directly involved in the subjects being investigated, and it wouldn’t include emails from individuals outside the WFT unless they were with WFT people whose emails were part of the selection.

  22. Ok, then this is very simple, release all the emails. Clearly now, by your own statement, you have no reason not to. And all you commenters I don’t want to hear you tell me they’re private, because all week long you said no emails on company servers are private.

  23. If the NFL didn’t leak the emails, which they say they didn’t, then how can they be so sure there won’t be more leaks?

    Obviously, someone has the emails and is leaking them.

  24. This reminds me of the old quote from Jerry Tarkanian (I believe) regarding the NCAA: “Every time Kentucky commits a violation, Cleveland State winds up on probation”!

    This whole mishegas (craziness) is being engineered by someone with a larger agenda. Chucky was just collateral damage, an example and warning to both the NFL and those associated with it by whoever is behind this

  25. ..because the NFL is so believable.

    IF there was no more incriminationg evidence in the emails, the NFL would release them.

  26. But the owners aren’t “employees”. This is why they settled with Kap so quick because he wanted team emails. Imagine if we looked at the other 31 teams.

  27. Sooo the NFL with this statement really said two things.

    One, we think our fans are morons and two, we were out to get Gruden.

  28. I bet if Jon Gruden set up a go fund me account fir NFL FANs to contribute to hiring a great lawyers to fight this …..he would a few million within 2 weeks. Fans are disgusted with the NFL leaders right now.

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