Steve Spagnuolo on Daniel Sorensen: Defensive struggles not about one guy

NFL: OCT 10 Bills at Chiefs
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The Chiefs are allowing more yards per play than any defense in league history and one of the players who has been criticized the most for the unit’s shortcomings is safety Daniel Sorensen.

Sorensen has missed tackles and blown coverages over the first five weeks of the regular season, which has led to calls for Juan Thornhill to see more playing time in the secondary. Sorensen’s role has not changed, however, and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said Thursday that Sorensen “has had a lot of good snaps” despite bad outside reviews.

Spagnuolo also said that all the blame for the defensive issues can’t be laid at the feet of one player.

“It’s not about one guy,” Spaunuolo said, via the Kansas City Star. “We haven’t been good, that’s a true statement. To focus on one person, I don’t think is fair. Did Dan struggle a little bit last week? Yeah. . . . Sometimes, when you have plays to the eye of everyone else look worse than other ones, nobody sees the plays that he’s making when you’re covering someone and they don’t throw it there. That’s always been the case.”

Whatever the ratio of good to bad plays for Sorensen, the ratio of good to bad for the defense as a whole is out of whack. That falls on Spagnuolo more than any individual player and a failure to fix it could lead to someone else getting a chance to see if they can fare better in the role.

9 responses to “Steve Spagnuolo on Daniel Sorensen: Defensive struggles not about one guy

  1. No they are not about one guy but speaking of one guy – Odafe Oweh would look pretty good on this defense. Hope the one year rental of OBJ was worth it! Hah! Cheers!

  2. The wbole defense has looked utterly confused on almost ever single play. Not to mention no one on that team seems to know that you can’t tackle someone with your helmet. The lack of basic fundamentals is appalling.

  3. For us CHiefs fans, it is obvious Sorenson should not be starting anymore. Juan Thornhill should be starting. Sorenson got burned for 2 long TD’s in last weeks game. For some reason Spagnuolo insists on playing Sorenson on a terrible defense. Very Frustrating.

  4. As bad as Sorensen is, his hit on Mayfield, helping to float the ball for an interception, probably allowed KC to hold off the Browns. They’re a Sorensen hit away from being 1-4. That said, KC has got to get rid of Hitchens, Mathieu and Clark. You can’t spend that much money on guys who simply don’t perform. Sorensen is horrible, but he’s paid that way too. The other 3 are paid to make everyone else better, they’re paid to be able to have cheaper guys like Sorenson on the roster yet I’m not sure I’ve heard Mathieu’s name in 3 weeks, Clark’s claim to fame over the last 3 weeks is when had a dumb late hit on Allen, without that hit KC has the ball with 11 minutes in the 4th quarter down 11. And Hitchens is the worst ILB in the league.

  5. Keep talking like that and you will be out of a job soon. For a while, I thought I was watching a college football game. I have never seen so many guys wide open. To add injury to insult, then you have the QB leap over one of your players. At this stage, this team might not even make the playoffs.

  6. Honey badger is amazing at giving up halfway through the play to make some big show of how bad his teammates are. That guy is supposedly the leader of the defense. Tells you a lot.

  7. So two secondary’s that can’t cover a wheelchair play each other this week.

    I bet our secondary is worst than yours.

    The WFT

  8. The New Orleans Saints wasted much of the great Drew Brees’ illustrious career with Steve Spagnuolo’s recorded breaking (in a bad way) defenses. Now it seems the same thing is happening in KC.

  9. It’s not about one man no. But he is currently 82 of 84 on pff. Thornhill is 29 of 84.i don’t agree with pff most the time but it’s clearly obvious to a blind man Thornhill is a better player then Sorenson. Reed has been another waste of space, he was breaking through a double team and he literally spun away from Allen and ended up where he started. They need to just start sending 5 rushers every play can’t cover anyone anyway.

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