Thursday night’s game included a six-minute, five-second replay review

Washington Redskins v Green Bay Packers
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When it comes to the NFL’s replay-review process, two important things should be remembered.

First, the ruling on the field should be overturned only if 50 drunks in a bar would agree that a mistake was made. Second, if it takes six minutes and five seconds to figure it out, 50 drunks in a bar would not agree that a mistake was made.

Last night, a full six minutes and five seconds were needed to overturn a ruling that (God forbid) Tom Brady had thrown an interception.

Peter King had plenty to say about the situation on Friday’s PFT Live, and he’ll take a closer look at the moment in his next Football Morning in America.

For now, we’ll say this. No replay review should shut a game down for that long, especially not a prime-time game.

According to the rulebook, that shouldn’t happen. Says Rule 15, Section 2, Article 2: “A decision must be made within 60 seconds from when video is shared with the Referee on the field.”

The problem is that there’s no penalty for failure to comply. There’s no remedy at any, other than whatever tough questions Walt Anderson and/or Perry Fewell may have to answer later from the league office.

For most of the 2021 season, the replay process has worked — despite the changes made to the persons in charge of the process. Last night’s delayed effort to apparently search and search and search for a way to overturn what would have been (should have been) a Brady interception is not how it should ever happen.

17 responses to “Thursday night’s game included a six-minute, five-second replay review

  1. That made a mockery of the call on the field.

    FOX’s expert was literally guessing. At least Buck acknowledged what his eyes saw, a hand under the ball.

  2. Last night’s delayed effort to apparently search and search and search for a way to overturn what would have been (should have been) a Brady interception is not how it should ever happen.


    Without any clear and obvious video that the interception was not an interception, they should’ve let the call stand and move on. That’s the way it is supposed to work but they were determined not to let the Eagles have the TB’s 1st int of the year, until there was one they had no pretext to review.

    Also, despite 2 big pass interference’s called against the Bucs, they let 4 other blatant ones go including one right in front of the ref in the back of the end zone. How the hell do you ignore a DB running face first through the chest of the WR through the back of the endzone before the ball gets there.

  3. It’s not why the eagles lost but the refs were honestly terrible last night… The above mentioned 6 minute review which never should have been overturned.. the taunting penalty was extreme at that point in the game… there was also a blatant PI in the endzone on a would be eagle’s touchdown that went uncalled…

  4. This is what I said last night. If it takes that long, it’s NOT clear and obvious and the call on the field should stand. Epps had a pick stolen from him.

    I’m an expert on this kind of thing. Look at my name!

  5. The greatest threat to the NFL is not political correctness, owners who believe they are untouchable, injuries, or an arrogant commissioner. Its when viewers (and bettors) have so much doubt about the integrity of the games that they turn away in droves. The NFL’s apparent unwillingness to put in a replay process that makes fast decisions effectively and with transparency and consistent accuracy (only the NHL of all the major sports seems to be able to get it right) means that they don’t care about the erosion of faith by a rapidly increasing number of people that the games are on the level.

  6. Brady always gets the benefit of the doubt. That was an interception – seen a lot less catches confirmed and a lot of the time they say that the tie goes to the call on the field. Just makes you wonder when they are ever going to put a man in the booth and call him an official instead of going to a crew back in New York???

  7. The rules say that calls shouldn’t be overturned unless there is indisputable evidence they were wrong. That should mean no need to watch a replay more than once or twice but every single review allows you at home to have seen at least 5 times and had your mind made up while they STILL won’t have made a determination. And they frequently take “maybe” calls and reverse them to an equally “maybe” call.

  8. The officials killing the birds in several spots, but the birds should have been able to make an additional sto or two early in the game. They are learning to compete and keep clawing away. Yes, it can be hard to watch, maddening even, but I thought this young team is starting to represent well as the game goes on, and look forward to a few more mistakes getting corrected along the way. Future is starting to look a little better in the nest. Afterall, the last two losses were against the last two SB champs- and they are “hanging in there”.

  9. They undermine confidence in their own officiating with how they handle reviews. Even the most obvious plays now routinely elicit a “I don’t think this will get overruled but we’ll have to wait and see” comment from the announcers and you can’t really celebrate too much in the moment because it’s anybody’s guess if the call will stand. Even when calls are not overruled lengthy reviews leave the suggestion the original call must have been suspect else there’d have been no need to look at it again that closely. It’d be like seeing your neighbor constantly questioned by the police. Even if he had never done a thing wrong you’d eventually start to believe he must be up to something.

  10. At least the NFL is making a real and concerted effort to be fair and consistent in their officiating now that gambling is so pervasive. It makes me feel better to know that nothing shady is going on.

    Said no one ever.

    That was ridiculous. It was clearly an Int and the NFL clearly did not want it to be. And I am clearly being disillusioned as a fan.

  11. I saw the play and replay, no evidence to suggest it was not a catch, yet overturned. Have seen other plays with obvious evidence of being a wrong call, yet no change. Replay review is broken.

  12. Just another factor in NFL 2020 plus football if people decide to gamble on games. Fans and Gamblers are smart. Eagles plus 6.5 points and playing Tom Brady…what’s the weather? How good is the defense? …who do the referees want to win or cover the spread? All factors to consider now.

  13. And this is why I laugh when they call two yard Tommie goat…the fix has been in for him from day one, every real thinking fans knows it and calls like this just confirm it…….

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