Tom Brady suggests playing until 55

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles
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For years, Tom Brady has said that he’ll play 10 more years. He actually may play 10 more years.

Speaking to Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer of Amazon in advance of Thursday night’s game in Philadelphia, Brady for the first time suggested playing not until he’s 50 but until he’s 55.

I really think I can play as long as I want,” Brady said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “I really do. I could literally play until I’m 50 or 55 if I wanted to. I don’t think I will obviously . . . my physical body won’t be the problem. I think it’ll just be, I’m just missing too much of life with my family.”

He has previously mentioned the impact his family will have on his longevity. However, he also said this last month: “I want to go until the end, because I want to make sure I don’t look back and go, ‘Man, I could still do it.'”

So he seems to think he could play until 55. But he doesn’t want to look back and say, “Man, I could still do it.” That’s the tension, the dilemma. The thing that could cause him to stop before he physically loses his ability to play.

His words also set up a possibility I hadn’t previously considered. What if he goes away for a year or two and then comes back? If he can play until 55, maybe he plays until 47 and then, after two or three years of telling himself, “Man, I could still do it,” he comes back.

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  1. Tom told us a few weeks ago that he often says things that he doesn’t really believe.

    But the one thing I can promise you is he’ll announce his retirement plans after he’s already played in his final game. Not before.

  2. While it is highly improbable, I would love to see it. It would be pretty cool to see the second place guy on the all time passing yardage list have 50,000 fewer yards than Brady.

  3. As long as he can stay healthy and perform at the same level as he is doing now, Brady will either play till he is 55, play till he wins 10 Super Bowls, or play till he has a PERFECT winning season – whichever comes first.

  4. I dunno…last night when they showed a pic of the 2001 Brady throwing his first TD ever, I experienced an overwhelming craving for an NFL without him.

    I don’t hate him, but he’s been so good for so long that I’m actually kinda tired of him, and curious about what it would be like to tune in on a Sunday and NOT have to see some reminder of him.

    In other words, Tom, you’re the greatest, but do go away. I’ve suddenly got an acute case of Brady fatigue.

  5. God love you tommy. You crack me up. I’m 53 and I know the difference from how I felt from 44 to now. Diet can only take you so far. Awesome that you’re desire is still there………55! COME ON!!

  6. He’ll be the first QB to throw an NFL touchdown pass to his son.

    And 20 years after that, at age 75, his grandson.

  7. I’d love to see it. But more than likely he will get a groin or a knee ACL and he’ll spend time at home and won’t want to come back. We will never see his last snap until after it happens.

  8. Love this guy and can not understand the hate he gets. TB12 is the GOAT and now hes just joking around with everyone. Great to see him joke now thats its not the Patriot way anymore!

  9. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but there is a significant difference in body chemistry between the ages of 42 and 55. At 42 I was honing my 6 pack. At 55 even everyday tasks done too long make me sore. I’m no professional athlete and I certainly don’t have the nutritional, trainer, and medical support that TB#12 has. But at 42 I could still run a hundred in the low 11s. At 55 I would probably tear a hamstring. Either way, good luck.

  10. Pipe Dream. The only way 50 works (much less 55) is if he once again can transfer to a “ready made” team just looking for a QB once the Bucs run into salary cap issues and declining talent. I do not dispute Brady is the GOAT. At this point of his career and beyond, a complete supporting cast will become increasingly critical for Brady being able to shine. Other than a CB issue on defense, the Bucs are a complete team. How will he look in a few years if he has a bad OL and is under the pressure many other QB’s experience now (with his ever increasing lack of mobility)? Unless he finds the “right team” again, Brady will look more like Ben Roethlisberger than he does now in aa few years.

  11. I could legit totally see Brady rolling out there in a wheel chair or walker to play till he’s 55.

  12. I don’t really understand the whole “I don’t want to miss out on things” angle. What are most every other 44-55 year old men doing? Oh yeah, WORKING. Yes being an NFL quarterback can be long hours. You also have a six month offseason where you mostly set your own schedule. Compare that to most jobs. Why do you NEED to retire? The rest of us just have to work and we still see our family. Not sure what the big deal is.

  13. I don’t think it’s age. It’s the number of Super Bowls. My own guess is that if he wins another Super Bowl, he will walk away.

    Three championships with the same team are loosely considered a dynasty so he might be going for 3 Super Bowls in Tampa (or the impossible three-peat). He had two dynastic decades in New England, 2001-2009 and 2010-2019. If he can win 3 in Tampa, then he would have participated in three dynasties in his career.

  14. This is literally why BB walked. The Bucs barely hold on to an awful Philly team and he’s right back to talking about himself after the game.

    Absolutely insufferable.

  15. Brady will retire as a consequence of an injury. He’s been able to go this long because he hardly ever gets hit. But at age 44, a good clean lick could do more damage than to a younger man. Sooner or later that lick will come.

  16. He won’t get to SB this season. He looks great but there are issues with the Bucs as a whole. I suspect next season will be his last.

  17. Hey i remember watching Byron Leftwich get carried down the field by his teammates while he played through an injury. Anything is possible I suppose

  18. It will NEVER happen. It’s a great “plan” until he gets a bone-crunching hit and gets knocked silly. Then he and his wife will realize – 55 may be pushing it.

    He’s been blessed by staying virtually hit-free, but its coming, it always does.

  19. A Ray Lewis type of player that comes out in the next year or so would make it hard for Brady’s body to keep taking those kind of his from a player half his age. I hope he does play that long. The NBA has never been what it was when Jordan was playing and Neither Wilson or Mahommes has shown they are ready to “run with the torch”.

  20. Yes TB you are the Goat. No doubt. But I’m a bit bored of it now and the inevitable non-stop goat talk during superbowl week. Pass the torch

  21. It’s the QB position. If anyone can do it, Brady can. First, he just has to keep his base strong, the arm will always be there. Next, and most importantly, they have to protect him. The hits are twice as damming at 55. And if you have a 55 year QB at the helm, players we play extra hard to protect him. But for Tom, he has to be on a winning SB caliber team and that will be the biggest obstacle. No one at 55, wants take those hits and be losing at the same time. Good luck, Tommy. I love to see people shatter the mold in a good way.

  22. I thought Aaron Rodgers had the biggest ego in the NFL. After reading this article, I’m wrong.

  23. What’s really funny is the Patriots thought this guy was too old and washed up and let him walk. Meanwhile the Bucs got the biggest free agent signing possibly of the century!

    Won the Super Bowl last year at age 43 with a torn MCL, and now the guy is 44 and leads the league in passing yards and TDs.

  24. There are a lot of body changes between now and 55. You’ll probably want to re-think that in a few years, TB.

  25. touchback6 says:
    October 15, 2021 at 11:58 am
    This is literally why BB walked. The Bucs barely hold on to an awful Philly team and he’s right back to talking about himself after the game.

    Absolutely insufferable.

    TB>>>BB All day every day. Just look at BB’s record without Brady…. Brady was smart to get away from the Rhode Island Pats.

  26. asixthlombardiforthehaters says:
    October 15, 2021 at 11:28 am
    While it is highly improbable, I would love to see it. It would be pretty cool to see the second place guy on the all time passing yardage list have 50,000 fewer yards than Brady.
    What is not improbable is the huge gap in games won. Brady is not that far away from 300 wins (regular and postseasons combined). The second place guy is Peyton Manning with 200.

    A 100 win gap represents 10 years worth of wins for an above average QB. Think about that…

  27. For home games, the Bucs can install a porta-potty near the tunnel for Old Tom’s frequent trips to the bathroom, but I foresee a problem during road games. And the plays taped to his wrist may need to be written in a larger font.

  28. He’s earned the right to go out the way Joe Namath and Johnny U did. More power to him.

    Play as long as you can.

  29. The funny part of all this is (and I am not saying it’s true) if Brady has been taking an illegal substance such as HGC or HGH to help in his physical abilities and healing from injuries the NFL would never in a million years make it public. Let’s say he is taking something that is not showing up in tests (due to its chemical make-up by his personal trainer/physician) does anyone think for one second that the all mighty TB12 would ever be called on the carpet about it??
    I really do not care who you are, there is absolutely no possible way someone in their high 40s or even 50s can still play this game without some sort of supplements or medical assistance. I know all the TB12 lovers will disagree with this but if you really think about it I am sure you have to scratch your head and wonder.
    Look at Stallone, guy is in his 70s but looks great because of HGH. Just something to think about….

  30. When he says stuff like this, it has nothing to do with football and everything to do with his TB12 nutrition brand. It’s a commercial for TB12.

  31. Make me laugh when people talk about “parity” in this League.

    This guy has won HALF the Super Bowls over the course of his career.

    The League should be ashamed of itself.

  32. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    October 15, 2021 at 12:36 pm
    Why not? It’s essentially a flag football league now.


    Then why can’t your Jets compete?

  33. Any Qb could play till there 55 if they got the special treatment this egomaniac has got through his career , he should have been suspended for life for destroying his phone before the league had a chance to look at it .

  34. GOAT !! He just wants to make sure that no one would even come closer to breaking so many of his records that he is setting continuously !!!

  35. Let me connect my observations of last night’s game to Brady’s assertion he could play to 50 or 55.

    If you saw Brady throw outside the numbers he was terrible. Same in NE two weeks ago. There’s a lot less YAC on these completions. Let Tom, or anyone, throw inside the numbers and the story changes – such as the trendy ‘down the seam’ stuff that allows a slowed Gronk to punish tacklers and increase YAC. I’d give AB a wide berth outside the numbers. He’d have to catch fifteen balls to score, and that is not his plan. Plus he’s diminutive and can’t get stuff Evans gets.

    I admit he does have a premier OL. And that is the biggest reason for justifying his assertion. Philly awful on offense and the defense was gassed too early to make a late difference. Only the penalties helped. Brady was about 7.5 YPA. Outstanding!

  36. The odds are against it. Age catches up with everyone, not to mention the longer he plays, the greater chance of a catastrophic injury occurring. He’s only had one major injury in his career, and with each week that passes the probability increases that he will have another one.

  37. He’s partially trolling and everyone is falling for it. I think he plays at least next year. After that it depends how he feels and how he’s playing.

    If he were to win another Super Bowl this year you would think that would be it and a great way to put an exclamation point on a heck of a career. Go out on top as the only QB to win back to back Super Bowls with 2 franchises. However, knowing Brady, if he does win another Super Bowl he’ll want to keep playing to try to be the first to win 3 in a row. The guy doesn’t stop finding a new goal to go for.

  38. How about he just play the game, when he is done he can tell the world and ride off into the sunset a legend. Getting old to read every other day about speculation about how long he is gonna play.

  39. I wrote:

    “Brady was about 7.5 YPA. Outstanding!“

    I was wrong: 40 attempts for 297 yards is 7.1 YPA. At NE he was under 7 YPA. He’s looking people off to the edges and throwing to wide open people between the hash marks. DCs: don’t fall for it; his arm isn’t any stronger than three years ago. Someone who catches on (like BB) won’t be so fooled.

  40. Great football player and seems like a great person. But, I’m kinda getting sick of Brady, Brady, Brady all the time.

  41. However, knowing Brady, if he does win another Super Bowl he’ll want to keep playing to try to be the first to win 3 in a row.

    It would be an amazing honor for him to join Bart Starr.

    Maybe he should shoot for Otto Graham (4 in a row in the AAFC)

  42. As long as the long standing tradition of refs intervention, like the pick last night, he can do whatever he wants

  43. Please Tom, don’t jinx it by saying that. You’re doing great, your line is providing awesome protection, and everyone on that team has bought in to you big time. I don’t want to see you ever hang it up and I’ve become such a fan seeing greatness every week, but don’t poke that age bear because before you know it it will.

  44. That’s fine. He should think about what his quality of life will be like after he stops playing. He’s not going to be doing the same training at age 60 like he’s doing now. We’ve seen what’s happened to guys like Earl Campbell. They can barely walk.

  45. This is crazy talk. I love Tom Brady but someone maybe should test him to see if he’s recently had a concussion.

  46. Be honest … before last year’s SB, you thought Mahomes would catch him. Every record including SB wins.

  47. Tom’s last play will be at 97 years old when he’s sacked and he’s reduced to a cloud of dust. This dust will be seen as cheating and the ensuing scandal will cost the Patriots two first round picks. The Patriots will appeal as he had not played for them for 50+ years; however, sadly they will lose the appeal because they know what the did…

  48. Spoken like a QB who hasn’t been hit enough. Just think if Johnny Unitis, Joe Montana, Otto Graham, Bart Starr, Roger Staubach and many more greats would have had the protection that Bradys had all these years. They all could have played MUCH MUCH longer as well.

  49. Remember Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014 as his heir apparent because Belichick thought Brady was on a decline? If Brady were to play through 2024, he would have added a whole decade to his career since that “decline”. Some QBs’ entire careers can’t even get through a decade. Kurt Warner only had 10 active seasons as a starter and he’s in the hall of fame.

    By time Brady walks away, he will have THREE hall of fame careers.

    No, he will not play until 55. He’s just trolling.

  50. He must of went to the same side streets Charles Johnson did. If one was to sell there soul, wouldn’t that be most mens wish? To do exactly what he did in life

  51. he’s going to keep adding years to this number until the media stops covering it, isn’t he?

  52. Kurt Warner only had 10 active seasons as a starter and he’s in the hall of fame.

    5 years of which he wasn’t even a full time starter.

    I still don’t understand how he got in.

    Terrible, terrible precedent set by the voters.

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