Tua Tagovailoa: I’m 100 percent ready to get back on the field

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Tua Tagovailoa has been out since suffering fractured ribs in Week Two, but all indications have been that the quarterback is set to return for Sunday’s game against the Jaguars.

Now Tagovailoa has said so himself.

“I don’t think it’s 100 percent pretty, but I’m 100 percent ready to get back on the field,” Tagovailoa said in his Friday press conference, via David Furones of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Tagovailoa also noted that he was wearing a rib-cage protector when he suffered the fractured ribs on the second drive of Miami’s Week Two loss to Buffalo. But he’s made some adjustments to what he’ll wear going forward.

The Dolphins have struggled offensively this season and are currently ranked 31st in both yards and scoring. Tagovailoa’s return could provide a spark for the team’s lackluster production.

Miami still must make a move to officially get Tagovailoa back on the 53-man roster from injured reserve, but it seems like it’s just a matter of time before that happens.

20 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa: I’m 100 percent ready to get back on the field

  1. Why would Tua’s return provide a spark? Is he going to magically turn into a good quarterback?

  2. He’s 100% ready to come back and 100% sure that his O-Line will still allow him to get pounded over and over. Thank you Grier for doing such a good job drafting lackluster linemen.

  3. I’m sure the rest of the AFCE is happy about this too.
    After the season is over Dolphin fans will be sad that they traded away the #3 pick and went with Tua instead of drafting a QB.

  4. Who knew the Miami Dolphins would be the savior of the Los Angeles Chargers with their decision of who and who not to draft in 2020?

  5. It must suck when you announce proudly, “I’m 100% ready to get back on the field!” and then everyone groans.

  6. The real loser in Tua’s performance is his brother. Playing pretty good ball at Maryland and will probably not get drafted due to his brothers demise…

  7. This will be an easy win for a great kid and QB.

    Agreed…Trevor was close to a win last week, but this week it should actually happen.

  8. At least we want have to watch Jacoby pat the ball with no anticipation and throw the ball behind, out of reach or into the dirt.

    Folks who actually watch Miami play understand that Tua plays with anticipation, accuracy and touch. Its the offensive line that allows for nothing to develop deep. Grier and Flores have did a horrendous job drafting and developing lineman while getting rid of veteran leadership that was at least mediocre last year (Karras and Flowers.

    The Tua haters are out in force though.

  9. If the draft were reversed and Miami had Taken Herbert, Herbert would be the one struggling right now. It’s more the Fact that Herbert went to a much better team than Tua did more than their individual skills.

  10. Can’t we all just at least agree that Tua isn’t even the best QB on the Dolphins roster?

  11. I don’t remember see much dolphins fans screaming for Herbert during the 2020 draft….. he is great qb no no doubt but I mean he has much better weapons than Tua had/has in Miami.. that’s facts!

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