Bills’ average margin of victory is 28.8 points during four-game winning streak

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The Bills aren’t just winning, they’re dominating.

The Bills’ average margin of victory during their current four-game winning streak is 28.8 points.

A tweet from the Bills called that the largest margin any team has recorded during a four-game winning streak since the 1953 Eagles, who went on an incredible six-game run, winning by scores of 23-7, 56-17, 35-7, 30-7, 45-14 and 38-0. That gave them an average victory margin of 29.2 points over the six-game streak, and 30.3 points over their best four-game stretch.

After we posted this item, a reader pointed out that the tweet from the Bills was incorrect: During the 2007 Patriots’ 16-0 season, they had a four-game winning streak at one point during that season in which their average margin of victory was 29.0 points.

The Bills are 5.5-point favorites on Monday night against the Titans.

20 responses to “Bills’ average margin of victory is 28.8 points during four-game winning streak

  1. “They haven’t played anyone. Even the Chiefs are no longer good blah, blah, blah”. in 3…2…1..

  2. I hope this isn’t them peaking too early but rather just the beginning of the build up to their peak. Go Thundering Herd!!!

  3. This shows too how great Mike Tomlin a coach he is. His TJ Watt led defence made Josh Allen look ordinary and stopped him.

  4. As a fan, it’s a cool nuggett..
    But let’s wait until the bills host theLombardi before we start celebrating. It’s a long season and a historic start, just stay the course..
    Once the bills win the Super Bowl then we can start talking about how this was one of the best teams top to bottom in NFL history

  5. Everyone will trot out the “ they haven’t played any good teams”, but you play who’s on your schedule. The Bills are dominating weaker teams, and that’s how it should be.

  6. Opposition hasn’t been that strong, and look at their remaining schedule. Only game where they MAY not be favored is that Bucs game. 15-2 or even 16-1 is a real possibility

  7. As a Bills Fan,it means nothing to be rated top team,defense,offense this early in the season.. if they can stay healthy come playoff time and advance to the big one And Win then the season will be something to look back on !until then..not impressed.. bring home a Lombardi then I’ll be impressed with stats!!! Go Bills!!!

  8. “Once” the Bills win the Super Bowl? Do not anger the jinx gods with such presumption! They like nothing more than to punish the hubris of mortals.

  9. The Bills trophy case has two AFL (back to back) championships. Just because you weren’t alive yet that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  10. Tap the breaks on that parade. Bills are really good, but blowing out Houston and Miami aren’t exactly benchmark wins.

  11. Agreed w/ the other Bills fans (not necessarily the Pats troll) – doesn’t mean much unless they win it all.

    Right now, they look like the team to beat. And that’s fun for a fan, but of course, it’s October.

  12. Hard to believe they are actually getting good. I can’t help still thinking of them as the team that thought it was a good idea to hire Rex Ryan as head coach.

  13. The Bills are peaking too early. If you look at SB winning defenses they tend to peak late or in the postseason like Tampa last year. When you peak too early, teams have time to figure you out later in the season and in the postseason.

  14. Seattle’s last four wins of the 2012 regular season had an average margin of victory of 31.75.

  15. Bills defense has played well, but they haven’t exactly dominated great QBs. They’re certainly no 2000 Ravens, who had to contend with such QBs as Scott Mitchell, Kent Graham, and Tim Couch in their own division.

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