Christian McCaffrey goes on IR, will miss at least three more weeks

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
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Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey won’t be back any time soon.

The Panthers placed McCaffrey on injured reserve today, according to Darin Gantt of

That suggests that McCaffrey may have recently aggravated his injured hamstring, perhaps when he returned to practice on a limited basis on Wednesday. All indications up until today had been that McCaffrey was slowly but surely making progress in his recovery from the injury and would be back on the field sooner rather than later.

Now the soonest McCaffrey could play would be Week Nine against the Patriots. He suffered the injury in Week Three.

McCaffrey played only three games last season. Injuries have been a significant issue for him the last two years.

The Panthers also placed rookie guard Deonte Brown on injured reserve after a knee injury in practice on Friday, and they signed guard Michael Jordan from the practice squad to take Brown’s place.

The Panthers will also promote punter Ryan Winslow and running back Spencer Brown from the practice squad to the active roster for Sunday’s game.

24 responses to “Christian McCaffrey goes on IR, will miss at least three more weeks

  1. wow dude is an awesome talent but hes been getting paid a ton to not contribute at all..crazy

  2. Load management. Saints nailed it with kamara, Packers with Jones, several others. Panthers missed the mark and in all likelihood it’s now too late.

  3. Chuba was a great last round draft pick anticipating CMC’s annual early injury departure from the season. My fantasy team thanks you for your predictability!

    why did the staff not know this
    don’t let players pver do it coming back from a hamstring
    Doctors and trainers are who needs to control this not players and coaches

  5. Brady picked a division with Brees who was about done and Atlanta and Carolina are bad teams. Great choice.

  6. Where he was drafted,money he’s being paid,Games available… he’s a BUST!!!

  7. Time for Sam Darnold to take the team on his shoulders.
    he can prove his doubters wrong.
    Of prove his doubter correct.
    It’s all up to him.

  8. I remember when people were saying don’t pay him a market setting contract because running backs with that kind of wear usually breakdown but were ignored and shouted down.

    He’s played what, 6 games since signing that contract? Good for him but teams will never learn.

  9. I said when he got hurt he should be put on IR. He certainly wasn’t going to play that next week in Dallas. We didn’t need him against the Eagles. That game was lost with 3 interceptions. And tomorrows game is winnable without Darnolds’ same game play. That is 3 games then see where he is at instead of trying to rush him back with a strained hamstring.

  10. Anyone saying CMC is a bust or stealing money is insane. He earned every cent while Carolina was running him into the ground his first three years.

  11. As so many others have stated, the guy was run into the ground in his first 3 seasons. There is simply no way his body can continue unscathed while being required to have that many touches. I hope he recovers but I too think he is already headed down the backside of the career arc…

  12. Christian’s talent makes Offensive coordinators lick their lips and D coordinators get sleepless nights. But, as is the fable and the lesson in the NFL at this point in time you base your Team and offense around a RB you’re paying big dollars and he becomes injury prone you have a recipe for failure. RB1 that get big dollars and then have injury issues kneecap teams unless they have already drafted his replacement by luck. At this point him, Barkley, not long ago gurley, bell, Zeke Elliott. The wear and tear, guaranteed dollars on a big money deal and the fact it’s the best stocked position at the market make for a very tough road to choose even if you’ve drafted a great RB who fits the offense. Giving a big second contract or drafting oneearly is a mistake IMO

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