Baker Mayfield has left arm in sling, thinks he can play through latest shoulder dislocation

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield originally injured his left shoulder in Week Two while making a tackle after a turnover. He injured it again today, dislocating it for a second time in four weeks.

After the game, Mayfield was in a sling. He said it “feels like shit,” but he believes he’ll be able to play through it.

He’s been playing through a partially torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder for weeks. Whether he can continue remins to be seen. And it depends on whether he injures it again, at any point over the next 11 games.

He’ll have to play six more until he gets a break. The Browns don’t have a bye until Week 13. Long before that, it’s a short week with the Broncos coming to town on Thursday night.

13 responses to “Baker Mayfield has left arm in sling, thinks he can play through latest shoulder dislocation

  1. It won’t matter if he injures it again, even if he does he can continue to play through. It’s just a pain issue. I’ve had the same issue, tore my 360deg around and broke off half of the ball joint of my humerus 🦴 which they surgically removed when I had the surgery to repair it. The damage is done to Bakers shoulder already, it’s going to continue dislocating getting a little worse each time he dislocated it but if he can play through the pain he will be fine.

  2. They lose because of him all the time. He tries to do too much. And honestly, he is a very unlikable person.

  3. Baker is all drama. He ignored countless open receivers in the flat today so he could try and make the big throw with two backup tackles. He initially injured the shoulder after throwing a pick and then trying to tackle the guy. Baker is a fraud. Time to trade for Watson in the off-season.

  4. Why do people keep using that weak, played out “player X on line 1” nonsense? It was played out 3 years ago.

  5. Baker may have hurt his long term contract and the browns these last few weeks playing with a bad shoulder. At some point, rest ,get healthy and let Keenum take over. Having Baker 100 percent is better for the long haul 17 game season.

  6. Torn Labrum here also. Actually one on each side. Fixed through surgery.
    Not an issue in non throwing shoulder.. Cortisone shot and lidocaine until offseason surgery. Don’t be using it as an excuse.

  7. We can blame Baker if you want but honestly he is not built for this. This has to be the only team in the league who picks a quarterback number one overall and doesn’t provide them personnel and a system that’s best for the skill set. Then has the audacity to be surprised when he struggles. Kyler Murray is running the same stuff from college so is Lamar, Josh Allen’s entire offense is about him. Baker needs to be in shotgun 80% of the time running five wideouts and some of them need to actually be able to get open. Hes a volume passer who plays better uptempo. Don’t take away what made him great and then get mad he can’t run play action like hes Tom Brady, honestly it’s not that complicated.

  8. Baker Mayfield is no Brett Favre, I like him but he is a drama queen, and my proof is just look at when he turns the ball over, he very often acts like he suffered a season ending injury & then…… he doesn’t miss the next series. I the guy was laying on the field like his career was over yesterday (go to commercial) come back and he’s running out of the tent like he just got introduced in pre game starting lineup.

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