Cardinals roll Browns 37-14 to stay undefeated, improve to 6-0

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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The Cardinals had a lot overcome on Sunday, playing the Browns without their head coach.

But despite missing head coach Kliff Kingsbury, quarterbacks coach Cam Turner, defensive line coach Zach Allen, and top edge rusher Chandler Jones due to positive COVID-19 tests, the Cardinals rolled the Browns 37-14 on Sunday.

Quarterback Kyler Murray was an efficient 20-of-30 passing for 229 yards with four touchdowns. He didn’t run much, but the Cardinals didn’t need him to, as Arizona’s defense produced three takeaways.

James Conner had 71 yards on 16 carries with Chase Edmonds adding 46 yards on four carries.
Arizona scored on all five of its possessions in the first half to build a 23-7 lead. Cleveland cut into it with a completed Hail Mary as time expired in the first half. But the Browns got nothing more, with a pair of Murray touchdowns in the second half completing closing the scoring.

Quarterback Baker Mayfield had another poor showing on Sunday with three giveaways — two lost fumbles and an interception. The quarterback also aggravated his left shoulder injury when he was sacked by defensive lineman J.J. Watt in the second half, but was able to stay in the game after being examined on the sideline.

Mayfield’s final stats were 19-of-28 passing for 234 yards with a pair of touchdowns and an interception.

Case Keenum ended up finishing the game, with the Browns inserting him with 4:48 left in the fourth quarter.

But Cleveland’s biggest concern is likely Kareem Hunt, who exited the game after suffering a non-contact, lower-leg injury in the second half. He was announced as out with a calf injury. He did not put any weight on his right leg when he was helped off the field.

The Browns were already playing without Nick Chubb, who missed the game with a calf injury.

Cleveland has a quick turnaround, playing Denver on Thursday night in Week Seven.

The league’s last undefeated team, the Cardinals will take on the 1-5 Texans next week at home.

20 responses to “Cardinals roll Browns 37-14 to stay undefeated, improve to 6-0

  1. But…But…I thought this was “Correction-Correction” week for the Cardinals???

    6-0 and the way to 7-0 next week.

    Keep treating AZ like Rodney Dangerfield, they will keep winning.

  2. Cards missing two key starters and two key coaches and still destroy a good Browns team. The Cards are the best team in the NFL and are legit Super Bowl contenders. Where are all the Murray and “Cards aren’t for real” haters now??

  3. They didn’t even mention that Cards were also down Rodney Hudson and Maxx Williams who are incredibly important to the running game.

  4. “LOL. The Browns will finish last in the division.” Case Keenum is not a bad backup, what they need more is Chubb/Hunt back ASAP

  5. Again both Mike & Chris diminished this team and predicted a Cleveland win… They have been doing this since the beginning of the season? When will they finally wake up??? And they are not alone! Most every NFL expert pretender out there also predicted the Browns running game would finally do in the Cardinals. Well, what you to say now???

  6. Cardinals are playing some great football. They have a great balance of offense and defense.

    It was so cute how Browns fans thought they were going to the Super Bowl. As hard as it is to believe, their Defense is worse this year than it was last year. And their clueless GM spent all off-season “shoring up the defense”.

  7. What a season! Lots of teams looking like contenders, and the Cardinals look like they’re as good as anyone. Lots of football left.

  8. Ananda says:
    October 17, 2021 at 7:46 pm
    But wait, that’s not all…!!! Buffalo is number one in your rankings….
    Yeah, I don’t get that. The Bills lost to what appears to be a below average Steelers team and beat an average Chiefs team. The Cards have not lost to any team. Cards have earned #1.

    Cards fans gotta be having a blast.

  9. Anyone notice the only undefeated team in the league never plays in Prime Time? What a piss poor job by the NFL scheduling department

  10. Everyone talking about Bill’s being 1 in power rankings, would you feel comfortable with your team against them right now? Their D is playing lights out and that offense is scary. The browns are pretenders like usual. The Steelers started 11-0 last season and look where they ended up. Power rankings mean nothing, just opinions. Let’s see how it plays out

  11. That was even worse officiating than last week. That no contact roughing the passer call was so bad, it’s hard not to think the refs were being paid off.

  12. AZ is a legit super bowl contender. AZ scored 30+ for the 5th time in 6 games and they did it without their head coach slash play caller along with several starts w/ out All Pro OLB Chandler Jones, All Pro Center Rodney Hudson, DT Zach Allen who’s really coming alive, DT Corey Peters, TE Maxx Williams and more while top tier receiving TE Zac Ertz who they just traded for wasn’t in this one more was TE Richard Rodgers whom they have plans for. That’s a lot of key starters and they went on the road and absolutely dominated a loaded Browns team, a Browns team AZ was supposed to lose to according to ummm 🤔 some people. Hopefully those people start giving AZ the respect they’ve earned starting first thing tmrw morning.

  13. “Defensive line coach Zach Allen”? He’s a starter on the Dline. PFT is constantly worse than the average poster on a team’s message board.

    As for the Cardinals, they were down two starting players including the irreplaceable Chandler Jones, two coaches including HC Kingsbury and his backup signal caller. Even GM Steve Keim is down with COVID, despite 100% vaccination in the entire Cardinals organization. Last week they lost their only decent TE Williams and Pro Bowl C Rodney Hudson to IR. Some guy with the last name Whipple, the ASSISTANT WR COACH!, was calling plays. It’s frankly unbelievable they travelled East to a cold weather, windy away game and absolutely dominated. Half the Browns limped off the field.

    It’s past time Florio and PFT buy in.

  14. proflonghair says:
    October 17, 2021 at 8:36 pm
    That was even worse officiating than last week. That no contact roughing the passer call was so bad, it’s hard not to think the refs were being paid.

    The roughing the passer penalty was because the Browns pass rusher pushed Kyler Murray a good 2-3 seconds after he threw the football, that’s illegal. You can’t hit a QB well AFTER the ball is thrown within the pocket.

    A ton of bad calls went against AZ also to the point it was questionable as to whether the ref had money on the Browns to cover.
    AZ had a TD nullified on a ticket tack call, Hopkins was calling for offensive PI when he didn’t commit offensive PI and right after Moore was blatantly held in the middle of his route a bad hold clearly impeding his right to the football that wasn’t called. I mean I could go on and on. If the Browns have a problem with the refs one thing they can do is not lose games by 20+ points and not need to rely on calls to get back into games.

  15. What a win! Everyone who knew about Cleveland’s playoff win without their coach knew it was foolish to count out AZ. No Chandler Jones, and our D still put pressure. The Browns simply haven’t gotten over the hump of beating contenders. Most likely head-to-head tiebreakers to the Chargers & Chiefs will cost them a playoff birth. On to Houston, Go Cards!

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