Dan Campbell: Jared Goff needs to step up more than he has

NFL: OCT 17 Bengals at Lions
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The Lions are 0-6 after Sunday’s 34-11 loss to the Bengals and they didn’t put any points on the board until the fourth quarter of the game.

After the loss, Lions head coach Dan Campbell said that he never considered benching quarterback Jared Goff while the offense was scuffling, but he did say that the team is looking for more from Goff in the weeks to come.

“I feel like (Goff) needs to step up more than he has,” Campbell said, via Christian Booher of SI.com. “And, I think he needs to help us, just like everybody else. I think he is gonna need to put a little weight on his shoulders here, and it’s time to step up and make some throws and do some things.”

Goff was 28-of-42 for 202 yards and an interception on Sunday. He’s turned the ball over eight times this season and said that he agrees he can do more to help the team than he’s done through the first six weeks. His next chance to do that comes in Los Angeles against his former team next weekend and the Lions are unlikely to find many believers in their ability to break through in that situation.

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  1. I think he’s living up to expectations and serving the team well… in helping secure a top QB in the next draft

  2. The people who were predicting that Goff would have a better season than Stafford should take note.

    The Lions don’t have a very good team around Goff, but he’s not playing well either. He’s looking like a future backup QB. The Lions DBs are all in-development/not great. The Rams roasted the Giants this week and the Giants had several coverage sacks. Stafford will light it up against the Lions. That game will also be a blowout. The good news for Detroit is another high first round draft pick next year. Obviously they need to draft a QB.

  3. Goff locks on to his main target and overlooks others who get open – he cannot miss these opportunities, especially given the absolute lack of talent at WR and multiple key injuries to the o-line.

    Went into this season wanting to give Goff a fair chance (and hoping he would do well given the salary he will be receiving the next few years and not wanting to see this org start from scratch at QB again). But he has a few weaknesses (runs backwards at pressure, ball security, single focus on his target) that simply seem too damming at this point.

  4. As long as goff is playing i have quit watching. They are not playing to win with him. I must have seen 5 times on 3rd down a player was wide open and he threw a incompletion to some1 double covered. Take you lumps and dump him

  5. Needs to play like his starting job is on the line, because it is.

    More performances like this one, and he’s riding the bench.

  6. “I feel like (Goff) needs to step up more than he has,”

    That’s why he is not playing for the Rams.

  7. Who thought Goff would out play Stafford this year? Goff struggled on a stacked Rams team while Stafford clearly was being held back by a miserable Lions team. No one with any sense thought Goff was the better QB.

  8. Too bad Matt Patricia isn’t there. Lions would probably be 4-2 or 5-1 if he hadn’t been foolishly run out of town.

  9. Coach doesn’t need to throw him under the bus like that even if its true. 0-6 isnt all on the players, what about the coaching staff?

  10. Is Goff even backup quality at this point? He clearly doesn’t have the mental tools or drive to improve.

  11. You can’t blame Goof, its the GM who traded for him that needs the spotlight focused on him.

    Goof is trying his best, he’s just not a good QB at reading defenses.
    He’s good if given a clean pocket with lots of time and an open receiver.

    Blame the GM, the fans knew what the Lions were getting.

    BTW – I’m sure the Rams are thrilled with the trade.

  12. Campbell wants to be a tough guy, but this was a total Nancy move.

    Say it to his face. In private. You’re not going to inspire confidence running him down in the media.

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