Patrick Mahomes’ mom says interception off Tyreek Hill’s hands shouldn’t hurt QB’s stats

Kansas City Chiefs v Washington Football Team
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An interesting suggestion for how the NFL keeps its official statistics came from a somewhat unlikely source today: Patrick Mahomes‘ mom.

In the first quarter of today’s Kansas City-Washington game, Mahomes threw a pass to Tyreek Hill that Hill bobbled, and it bounced off Hill’s hands and into the hands of Washington’s Kendall Fuller. Officially, that’s an interception for Mahomes.

But Randi Mahomes tweeted that it shouldn’t have been.

“Ok PEOPLE that should not be an interception on the QB,” Randi Mahomes tweeted. “that should be a fumble or anything else. just putting it out there. GO CHIEFS.”

In response to another tweet saying that interceptions off a receiver’s hands should count as a stat for the receiver, not the quarterback, Mahomes replied, “Amen you are reading my mind.”

There’s no reason the NFL couldn’t change the way it keeps its official stats in the way Randi Mahomes proposes. In baseball, the official scorer determines when an error is made, and in those cases, the runner reaching base is not held against the pitcher. The NFL could also adopt a model like that, where an interception off a receiver’s hands is treated as an “error” by the receiver and not an interception.

But the league has been keeping stats the way it does for decades, and is unlikely to play. And so Mahomes got his seventh interception of the season today, whether his mom likes it or not.

31 responses to “Patrick Mahomes’ mom says interception off Tyreek Hill’s hands shouldn’t hurt QB’s stats

  1. A screen pass shouldn’t count for a touchdown or all of yards then either but I don’t think we will see her arguing that

  2. With that logic, when a defender drops an easy interception should the QB get credited with a INT??

  3. I agree, it shouldn’t be on the QB, but it always has been…. But of course for the last 30 years we only bus 16 games, so if that can change, why can’t stats? It would be interesting to see how much better QB’s would be had their receivers not been so bad. Twice in 8 days for a Tyreek, sorry Pat, and Pat’s mom.

  4. Ok then… So when a QB tosses a 2 yard swing pass and the receiver scampers 80 yards for a TD, that should not count as a TD pass or 80 yards of passing.

  5. Hey Pat’s mom…. How about when your son fumbled the snap, then just lofts it up in the air? What should that be called? Tell your son to settle down, it’s getting annoying.

  6. tk19 says:
    A screen pass shouldn’t count for a touchdown or all of yards then either but I don’t think we will see her arguing that

    Totally agree.
    If we’re going to start letting official scorers determine what interceptions are charged to the QB and which ones are aren’t then it’s only fair that scorers should evaluate all
    individual statistics.
    For example, a QB’s passing yards should be limited only to those yards a ball travels in the air from the line of scrimmage to the point it is caught. A QB only gets credit for a TD pass if the ball if caught in the end zone. All yards and TDs scored after a catch in the field of play are credited solely to the receiver.
    I’m being facetious in an attempt to illustrate that you’re opening a can of worms here. Or, as is too often the case, are some of you suggesting the NFL should make yet more rules benefiting QBs by tinkering only with rules that would erase their negative stats?

  7. Another Archie Manning. Getting annoyed with his antics on the field. If Mahomes wants to be an acrobat, join the circus.

  8. Well, now it’s 8. Maybe they should start counting throwing the ball up for grabs differently too, lol.

  9. Adjusted Passer Rating has existed for years, the NFL just doesn’t use it. And for the people asking if nearly intercepted passes should count against a passer rating too – absolutely, and the adjusted rating accounts for it.

  10. contaminatedthrillz says:
    October 17, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    Should be more concerned about winning instead of some stat

    She’s not a player, she’s a fan, just like you. Her thoughts and concerns are irrelevant, just like yours.

  11. I think that the spectacular and inhuman catches the today’s receivers make for a QB, probably evens out the interception stat in question. The league will probably just let the rule stand.

  12. The ball was overthrown. Mahomes has let success get to his head and it’s obvious with his terrible performance this year.

  13. Mommy is actually right about this. Should be some type of negative stat charged to swiss cheese Wrs.

  14. So will we go back and review the tape of the entire NFL history to make sure the interceptions weren’t tipped? If not, let’s start a new league and stop comparing these young QBs to greats who played their careers under vastly different rules and conditions. This comment from Mahomes mom shows me that his family cares only about his individual success and stats, and ultimately that’s not the way football is played. Every QB stat is a team stat, but the best QBs elevate their teams and help them score consistently more than their opponents. With Hill banged up and Kielce getting a little older, it looks like Mahomes is struggling a bit to adapt. This is why we shouldn’t crown guys as the greatest ever until they prove they can do it with different teammates and schemes, and sustain their success over an extended period of time.

  15. Isn’t that how PFF grades their QBs? The problem with this is makes the ratings more subjective.

  16. There are stats websites that track for “adjusted interceptions” already. It’s a different stat than ints. And to complain about tyreek’s drop affecting his stats, when hill is one of the best WRs in the league… Every QB gets ints on catchable balls. Every qbs stats is affected by the talent level of their wrs. Thats what happens in a team sport. And winners dont care about stats.

  17. Mmm no. An interception by its very definition is a pass thrown by the offense that is caught by the defense, bobbled by an offensive player or not. The ball never hit the ground so the turnover is charged against the player who last had established possession of the ball. That would be the QB in this instance, ergo it’s an interception.

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