Report: Several players went to Jon Gruden’s house to say goodbye

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Raiders coach Jon Gruden abruptly resigned on Monday night, with no final address or farewell to the team. So some members of the team went to see Gruden.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that some players went to Gruden’s house to save goodbye to him. Glazer didn’t name names; it would be very interesting to know who did and who didn’t go.

Regardless, Gruden is now gone. And the Raiders move foward with an interim coach for the next 12 games. As mentioned yesterday, it’s unclear why this matter didn’t come to a head before or after the season. By bubbling up during the season, the Raiders were required to abruptly change coaches, necessarily undermining the integrity of the campaign.

21 responses to “Report: Several players went to Jon Gruden’s house to say goodbye

  1. America is a forgiving nation, people have short memories, and their is HUGE money in the NFL and owners traditionally put winning and $$$ over temp media hype. To assume Gruden is gone forever is premature. The head of the Jordan brand killed a guy and led a multi billion $$ company after.

  2. The NFL is well known to give people second chances. If not, maybe Nike/Jordan will hire him.

  3. They say revenge tastes best when it’s cold. Perhaps this is the league office’s way of getting back at Al Davis for all the aggravation he caused the NY honchos when he was alive.

  4. This is what happens when the public finds out that a manager disrespected his employees, peers and superiors. There is no evidence he had a change of heart. There is actual evidence that he thought less of people around him. He could not effectively motivate the players once this info was revealed. Pash should be next.

  5. Good for them. a railroad action by the NFL, leaked private emails ten years ago , let that sink in, could happen to any of us. just smells fishy the more we hear,

  6. Maybe they were just all hanging out at Carr’s house next door and somebody threw a Frisbee over the fence…

  7. I wouldn’t doubt Carl Nassib was in front of the line because that’s the kind of guy he is.

  8. Leave it to the NFL to have Jon Gruden coming off as a sympathetic figure. They botch everything! Because as terrible as what Gruden wrote, there’s something even more swarmy and sinister and manipulative about making him the scapegoat or a sacrificial lamb for whatever the real agenda is. That might actually be the one thing that makes him eventually come out of this instead of being exiled for life.

  9. Gruden deserves his fate. And his emails extended until 2018. Enough with the 10 year crap.

  10. …..
    mlhigh77 says:
    October 17, 2021 at 2:37 pm
    Gruden deserves his fate. And his emails extended until 2018. Enough with the 10 year crap.

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    Agree, why all the down arrow’s. Facts hurt. Of course you may agree with what he said

  11. Mlhigh77. No one disagrees that Gruden deserves what he got. The issue is the way it went down. The NFL had these emails for a while but they chose to release them during the season. It’s fair to the players who worked their tails off all summer to release them instead of then when the concluded their investigation. That would have given the Raiders time to find a replacement. That’s what really up here plus how can there only be one person at fault in a harassment investigation with 600k in emails found? That’s suspicious too

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