Rich Bisaccia steers Raiders to win in head coaching debut

NFL: OCT 17 Raiders at Broncos
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A tumultuous Week Six for the Raiders started with head coach Jon Gruden’s resignation and it ended with a resounding win in Denver.

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia said he wanted the team to treat Gruden’s departure as a “bump in the road” and that he wanted them to focus on their game against the Broncos despite the distraction created by the release of Gruden’s offensive emails to former Washington team president Bruce Allen. That message was echoed by the team’s players this week and they showed that they were able to do that on Sunday afternoon.

Derek Carr threw for 341 yards and two touchdowns, Maxx Crosby had three sacks of Teddy Bridgewater, and the Raiders picked up a 34-24 win. The victory snapped a two-game losing streak and leaves the Raiders with a share of first place in the AFC West with a 4-2 record.

Carr opened the game with a 48-yard touchdown strike to Henry Ruggs and hit Ruggs for a 40-yarder later in the game to set up a Josh Jacobs touchdown. He also hooked up with Kenyan Drake for a 31-yard score and Drake added a rushing touchdown in his most productive day as a Raider.

Jacobs and Drake combined to run 20 times for 87 yards as the Raiders consistently found success on offense. They matched that effort by overwhelming Bridgewater on defense.

Bridgewater padded his numbers once the Raiders went up three scores in the fourth quarter, but he was sacked five times, threw three interceptions, and missed open receivers more than once over the course of the afternoon. The most damning of those misses was a deep shot to a wide open Courtland Sutton and the overall performance was enough to make you wonder if more of the same in the next few weeks will lead to Drew Lock getting a chance to start.

The Broncos will be in Cleveland to try to halt their losing streak next week. The Raiders will be home to host the Eagles in their final game before their bye week.

27 responses to “Rich Bisaccia steers Raiders to win in head coaching debut

  1. So proud of these players. Way to come together and play hard for the man next to you. Go Raiders!

  2. chaunce922 says:
    Raiders Defense made Bridgewater quit out there.

    That statement might have come off as a little more powerful had the name been Brady, Rodgers, Allen, Mahomes II, Jackson et al.
    Bridgewater, not so much.
    Those were some nice softballs he carelessly lobbed into your secondary.
    That said, congrats to Raiders fans on a much-needed victory after a real tough week.

  3. Great game by the Raiders today, and I’m not sure if Gruden would have won it. One of the most vulgar things he ever did was retaining Paul Guenther for three years.

  4. It wasn’t even close, the score makes it look closer than it was.New coach looked great but he can throw a pass Here and there and still run out the clock, you don’t have to run on every play during the last 5 minutes of the game.

  5. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    How long before Elway fires Fangio?


    The last game of 2020.

  6. I’m glad we answered the call and took care of business out there. Kudos to both the offense and defense. Now, we have a chance to keep the momentum going with the Eagles coming up. Go Raiders!

  7. I love it when all the talking heads write off the Raiders and then have to eat crow. Offense and defense played inspired today. Max Crosby is an absolute stud!!!

  8. Raiders are on a mission.
    NFL had the Gruden emails in June and waited until now … seriously that’s insane unless of course you wanted to screw the Raiders franchise.

  9. Seems like Vegas’ offense was less predictable with Olsen calling plays, taking shots versus running it up the gut playing not to lose with a lead. Carr is pretty good with some time to throw, he has some serious playmakers and needs to continue to sling it the rest of the year.
    Fangio is not a good head coach; challenging two no brainer calls like that is really bush league and defensively they are overmatched by any average or better offense. Von Miller looked done today.. Bridgewater is highly unlikely to win you a game tailing by 2 scores or more, just way too limited. Cortland Sutton; struts and flexes in the end zone down 2 touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and then just quits on the play Treyvon Moerig intercepted a little later, man that looked bad and it is a reflection on how the team is coached.

  10. Good on the Raiders for winning! Lotta tough stuff to deal with since last week’s game.

  11. Great team win for my Raiders. Total beatdown of the Donk’s, fire Fangio tonight hes a terribel coach.

  12. Huge day today, it was going to be a long season if they came out flat and lost. There is hope now especially if the chargers keep that up. Chiefs are overrated and denver. . . Well its denver

  13. Good for the players on the Raiders…they had nothing to do with all of these events over the past week.

  14. Happy for Bisaccia! He has paid his dues for a long time. Buccaneer special teams had some great moments under his watch.
    I hope he makes a strong case to get the interim label removed. Nice job to the Coach and Team.

  15. Apparently the players were not affected by all this garbage like the media was leading everyone to believe. They made out like the entire team was going to fold. They always make more out of it than there is.

  16. Fangio’s last game will be Thursday night. He’d be gone now if now for the short week. He’s not Head Coach material

  17. Denver got 3 cupcakes to start the season and look at them now. They are the biggest frauds in the NFL.

  18. Oh how I love this and I’m a Bronco fan. Called this from the minute Teddy was named the starter. 3-0 vs the NFLs worst teams and then 1-5 in the next 6 games. Let’s give up on a QB who basically played one season for a QB who is nothing more than a lifetime backup. Was clearly a job saving move by Vic and a go with my Vikings guy in George. How’s that working for you? And stop with the O-Line garbage because this is what Lock had last year and he was ripped. Stop with the Juedy injury because Lock had no Sutton. Stop with the Shurmur play calling because Lock had the same. Am I a Lock fan NO but I do believe you shouldn’t give up on a QB after basically one season. Here’s to hoping the team is sold sold sold so we can get Ellis, Vic, George and Teddy out.

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