Will the league determine who leaked portions of the WFT emails?

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The investigation of the Washington Football Team generated 650,000 emails that supposedly would be hidden from view forever. Until they weren’t.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a very small group of people had access to the WFT emails. As mentioned yesterday, Washington owner Daniel Snyder met with Commissioner Roger Goodell and a small group of owners at some point in June. Those people had access to the emails.

Someone from that small group leaked to the media emails that had been sent by Jon Gruden, who at the time was working for ESPN, to former Washington president Bruce Allen. Then, someone (maybe the same person, maybe not) leaked emails sent by NFL general counsel Jeff Pash to Allen.

The league has denied that it leaked any of the information. But even if the league office didn’t leak it (assuming that’s the truth), someone connected to the league did it. Unless someone hacked the files, someone with “the league” (i.e., the league office or an owner or league or team lawyers involved in the situation) decided to give Gruden emails to the Wall Street Journal on October 8 and to the New York Times on October 11. The first leak created a major issue; the second leak sealed Gruden’s fate.

If the emails never had been leaked, Gruden may still be coaching the Raiders. Given the short but loaded comments from team owner Mark Davis, it’s safe to say he’s not happy that he was forced to change coaches during a season. Thus, it’s safe to assume Davis would not have fired Gruden (at least not during the season) for emails that he sent before he returned to the Raiders.

Thus, whoever leaked them brought down Gruden. Whoever leaked the Pash emails created a separate problem for the NFL’s general counsel that, barring additional leaks (and who knows whether there will be), apparently won’t force Pash out.

Someone with access to these emails has used them as a weapon. The league recently declined comment to PFT on whether it’s investigating the source of the leak. If the trail of bread crumbs doesn’t lead back to 345 as to Gruden, it may lead to the owner of one of the NFL’s teams.

As to Pash, it’s much more likely that the league office didn’t leak the materials. In other words, it’s much more likely that someone in ownership or connected to someone in ownership has decided to dip into the trove of otherwise secret emails and secretly make them not secret anymore.

Whether they’ll say it or not, the league should be investigating, aggressively. Whether they’ll do it or not, the people who have weaponized these emails should be made accountable. Whether the NFL will release the rest of the emails or not, they should do it in order to prevent others from being victimized by selective leaks.

10 responses to “Will the league determine who leaked portions of the WFT emails?

  1. The NFL did not leak these emails. It was either one of the people who the NFL knows received them or or someone affiliated with the law firm who conducted the investigation. I am hedging towards a front office person with one of the teams that saw them.

  2. Probably someone close to Urban Meyer since nothing has been said about him since Gruden’s emails came out.

  3. I have so little faith that anything will become of this. They showed what they have, eliminated Gruden as an example of their power., and now the story is going to fade into Bolivia . Nice flex Rog.

  4. We still do not have enough puzzle pieces, but we have more. The question I have is any of you local fans in a number of cities such as NY, PIT, KC, DAL, Boston, DC and a couple others know when you’re owner went to any out of town NFL business in June? Cause this was in person I really doubt this was a zoom call. As for what’s going on. We must now acknowledge that it’s possible it was someone at 345 including the top seat. Also 1 owner, or 2 owners could be doing this. If I did Gruden, and I have a pal in that group who can crush the breadcrumbs back to me by doing Pash then we’ve obscured everything. Someone like Mike, getting a call or a tip is how this matter gets put in the clear. 345 will not investigate its own on this kind of matter and make ANYTHING public. Contracts,business interests at loggerheads or competition in other avenues between those people in that meeting or Davis. Quite a web.

  5. This will be an interesting game. I’m very curious to see if the Raiders, with Gruden’s playbook, make better play calls, worse play calls, or about the same. There is a huge potential for better play calls.

  6. It is obvious to me that you guys cant stand WFT! I know you are wishing the worst for them!

  7. Shouldn’t it be very easy to nail it down? Who hates Gruden, Mark Davis and the Raiders in the small group of people who have the emails?

    Or, the NFL is lying which shouldn’t surprise anyone ever.

    My guess is someone at 345 Park Ave did it and did it because other owners were appalled at the emails. These are likely the tamest of the emails, too.

    We all saw what thet did to Brady’s emails when they leaked those to
    make him look bad during the framejob.

    I am sure there is far more to this as well.

    The NFL is led by very creepy and shady people.

  8. Greed is the driving motivation for everyone who owns a team in the NFL and for the league itself. The love of money is indeed the root of all evil, and when you have this kind of money people can and will do anything they want, up to and including destroying someones life. The danger now since the emails have been weaponized is clear. Anyone can and will be destroyed if they were to fall out of favor.

  9. contaminatedthrillz says:
    October 17, 2021 at 3:25 pm
    It is obvious to me that you guys cant stand WFT! I know you are wishing the worst for them!

    The WFT obviously can’t stand themselves, as they keep themselves mired in mediocrity. A turd by any other name is still a turd. The owners of WFT, Lions and the Jaguars should never have been owners and they need to go.

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