Amy Trask “repeatedly” reported Bruce Allen to Al Davis

Washington Redskins President Bruce Allen - Ashburn, VA
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The decision of the NFL to keep the outcome of the Washington Football Team investigation secret benefited many people whose behavior deserves to be exposed. It perhaps has benefited none more than former WFT president Bruce Allen.

When the league first made it clear that nothing would be disclosed, owner Daniel Snyder got the brunt of the criticism and speculation regarding the things that would have become known if the league had applied full transparency. Allen, the true day-to-day presence in the building, was largely ignored.

Then, when the Jon Gruden emails emerged 10 days ago, Gruden got 99 percent (maybe more) of the attention and criticism. Allen again was largely ignored.

The Jeff Pash emails resulted in plenty of criticism for him and, once more, not much focus on Allen.

Maybe it’s because he’s gone from any NFL team. Maybe it’s because he has little or no chance of getting hired again by an NFL team. Regardless, he has not received the kind of scrutiny that he should.

On Sunday, Allen finally found himself in the center of the bull’s-eye. Former Raiders president Amy Trask, whose long tenure with the team overlapped with Allen during eight years in Oakland (1995 to 2003), made it clear that she complained about Allen’s behavior. More than once.

Her remarks on That Other Pregame Show on CBS Sports started with a focus on Gruden, with comments that didn’t contain direct evidence of misconduct but implied plenty about Gruden’s attitude toward the first female CEO in league history.

“I didn’t interact with Jon a lot, but that was by Jon’s choice,” Trask said. “Jon made very clear throughout the organization he did not want to interact with me. Had I heard him say anything of that nature, I would have spoken up. Because silence is complicity.”

To prove that she would have spoken out about Gruden, Trask explained that she spoke out about Allen.

“I did hear comments of that nature from the individual to whom Jon sent those emails,” Trask said, referring to Allen. “And I did speak up. I spoke up repeatedly, I spoke up forcefully. I talked to the owner about it. Because to be silent would have been to be complicit.”

It’s unclear when she complained, what she said, and whether any complaints were made to the league office. It’s also unclear whether the complaints resulted in investigations, findings, and/or discipline of Allen. He stayed with the Raiders for two years beyond Gruden’s departure for the Buccaneers. In 2004, Allen joined Gruden in Tampa Bay, holding the position of General Manager until he and Gruden were fired after the 2008 season.

Allen landed in Washington in 2010 as the General Manager, failing upward to the position of CEO. He spent a decade there, apparently doing plenty of damage to the franchise along the way, both of a football and non-football nature.

Fortunately for Washington, the other 31 teams, and the league, he’s gone and most likely not coming back. Fortunately for Allen, he has not been publicly criticized the way he should be.

Maybe he still will be.

18 responses to “Amy Trask “repeatedly” reported Bruce Allen to Al Davis

  1. The WFT fans were trying to get this guy fired for 3 years prior to him being let go.

    Someone even rented a plane with a sign on the back while flying saying “Fire Bruce Allen”.

    What a joke. Snyder is even dumber than I thought. What a disaster.

  2. Maybe it’s just because I’m on the DC metro area, but I’ve read and heard plenty of criticism of Allen since the initial WFT investigation happened. It seemed like an open secret that he was a big part of the problem here. I guess national media isn’t running with it because outside the teams that he has worked for nobody really knows who he is.

  3. It’s pretty easy to claim you spoke up when the only other person who can corroborate your claim is dead.

  4. To try to blame this on the Raiders is yet another example of:

    It’s us against the world, Raider Nation.

  5. All over social media there is this charge, it’s us against the world, Raider Nation.

    Is this one of Al Davis’ “sayings”?

  6. Just proves they wanted to burn the Raiders and Gruden. Once a leak is reported on it should trigger a full disclosure of all material. I thought it was to root out discrimination, bigotry, sexism and racism. I guess the other stuff is just to damaging to leak or release

  7. There’s no reason not to believe Trask; her story is consistent with who she is.
    The fact that no one bothered listening to her back then is why this crap keeps happening.

  8. I suppose being the first pioneering female CEO in the NFL requires patience about acceptance within the traditional male hierarchy. Speculation : Gruden may have minimized frequent contact with Amy to avoid any disagreements/remarks that could have resulted in her potential claims of bias against women. She says she would have spoken up, and Gruden may have been concerned about that.

  9. Al Davis was a close friend of George Allen, It is easy to connect the dots as to why an elderly Al did nothing in public to Bruce Allen.

  10. commentsareforclosers says:
    October 18, 2021 at 9:17 am
    It’s pretty easy to claim you spoke up when the only other person who can corroborate your claim is dead.
    It’s this kind of attitude that keeps the world from changing for the better.

    In terms of credibility, Trask is miles ahead of Gruden or Allen, but it’s not surprising that her message was ignored.

  11. Amy Trask is an absolute and consummate professional and I was very disheartened when she left the organization. Another example of the raider’s diversity she was the 1st female hat of any NFL organization in the league and history. Smart as a whip and sharp as a scalpel, it’s a scalpel, I’ve pretty much taken anything she says for granted is being true.

  12. If Mark Davis were intelligent, he’d make Amy Trask the next President of the entire Raiders organization. But that might require a bit of humility and intelligence. Qualities Mark definitely has, but needs to activate now. MARK DAVIS — RE-HIRE AMY TRASK AND LET HER RUN THINGS. GET YOUR MAKE EGO OUT OF THE WAY. AMY TRASK IS THE NEXT GREAT LEADER SOMEWHERE… MAKE IT IN VEGAS.

  13. Gruden minimized contact with Trask because he reported to Al Davis.

    There is no one between me and the owner, this is what all Raider coaches have said.

  14. Why is the NFL protecting Dan Snyder from any of this? He should be out as an owner.He is responsible letting Bruce Allen get away with this for years, and even guilty of misconduct himself. Ron Rivera and the players, without a foundation between them and the ownership, its a revolving door for coaches and players.

  15. As much as I love the Patriots its important to have these other historic franchises such as the Redskins, sorry WFT, be relevant. The WFT was once the most valuable team in the NFL. And, one of the most prestigious.

    Synder has since ran this franchise into the ground. He’s hired the worst possible executives he could and is an awful owner. There is a reason why Bruce Allen has been fired and widely criticized. He’s an idiot… WFT fans and the NFL deserve better. All of these secret investigations, and in depth looks into the franchise are worthless. Problems stem from top down. Fire Synder and your franchise will resurrect itself immediately….. Good luck.

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