Chase Young: It’s gut check time in Washington

Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Football Team
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After the first half of Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, it looked like things had a good chance of working out for the Washington Football Team.

The Chiefs turned the ball over three times to continue their string of ragged play and help Washington to a 13-10 lead. The second half would go much differently for both teams.

Washington missed a field goal on their first possession of the third quarter and the Chiefs responded with three straight touchdowns to turn the game their way. Kansas City converted eight of the 10 third downs they faced in the second half and their defense shut out the Washington offense for the final 30 minutes.

After the game, Washington head coach Ron Rivera said “one bad thing led to another” and said the team needs to do a better job of handling adversity. Defensive end Chase Young said it was time for the 2-4 team to put a stop to the errors that have plagued them this season.

“Got to look in the mirror,” Young said, via the team’s website. “Gut check time.”

Rivera said that the team has to handle and correct their mistakes in order to play the kind of complete game needed to pick up victories. There’s been little sign that they’re capable of doing so through the first six weeks of the season and there probably won’t be many people banking on them putting it all together in Green Bay next weekend.

10 responses to “Chase Young: It’s gut check time in Washington

  1. We’ve given up 5 touchdown and 1 field goal in 6 games on the other teams opening drives this season.

    The gut check is way overdue.

  2. I love it that he did the shush motion after his sack to “quiet the haters” or whatever as if one good play negates six weeks of extremely disappointing results.

  3. Everyone knew the offense would be a challenge without a top notch QB, but the defense has been atrocious. The secondary was supposed to be upgraded. The tackling has been typical of what we have seen from the post-Gibbs era. Washington was on the upswing after the Haskins debacle and now they have regressed. I think it is because they didn’t really address the QB issue and when Fitzpatrick went down, then everyone is expecting the same old Hex we’ve seen for 25+ years and so the least little adversity throws them off their game and that is all it takes in the NFL. Rivera was supposed to toughen them up. He needs to get at it.

  4. Chaseless Young needs to stifle. That defense has played one half of average defense all season (last game, first half); this team was steamrolled in the second half as there were no adjustments made on either side of the ball.

    Sorry, as a former Washington fan – now a Mahomes fan, this team is toast. The defense has received far too many first round picks to be allowed to underwhelm like this. Time to start trading them to other teams for draft picks. There is no game in these clowns and they can be replaced with just about anybody without a single difference in defensive degradation.

  5. If gut check time means not let Landon Collins in the field anymore than I’m all for it.

  6. look at the bright side… at least the name of your team doesn’t offend anyone.

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