D.K. Metcalf bristles at criticism from Shannon Sharpe over failing to get out of bounds


Last night’s bizarre decision to review whether Seahawks receiver D.K. Metcalf caught the ball before fumbling it helped deflect from Metcalf’s bizarre decision to not get out of bounds after catching it.

But not completely. Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe called out Metcalf, claiming that Metcalf was playing “hero ball” by trying to score the game-winning touchdown instead of setting up a game-tying field goal.

Said Metcalf in response, “Stop questioning me lil boy.”

Sharpe said there’s nothing to question, that it’s a “dumb ass” play. And, for good measure, Sharpe went career scoreboard on Metcalf, saying that he can’t question anything Sharpe has done — and that Metcalf should “pray” his accomplishments will match Sharpe’s.

Metcalf took it to the next level, making a scatological reference to Sharpe’s accomplishments and saying, “Continue to gossip you washed up wanna be.”

Metcalf clearly was hoping to blast past Steelers defensive back James Pierre and score what would have been a game-winning touchdown. Sharpe questioned whether it was selfish to make that gamble with the team’s best interests.

It was a fair question from Sharpe, who is paid to provide his opinions. And he has the experiences, and the pelts on the wall, to do so. Metcalf, who is in his third season, would be smart to at least consider what Sharpe has to say.

14 responses to “D.K. Metcalf bristles at criticism from Shannon Sharpe over failing to get out of bounds

  1. I wouldn’t consider Shannon Sharpe a little boy even if I was Metcalfs size. It’s a true assessment. He was lucky the ball was recovered by his own team. Making a play is one thing but in that situation when you’re in FG range with no timeouts your job is to get out of bounds. Sharpe is a HOFer, I’m not even sure DK is the best WR on his own team.

  2. Typical behavior for Seahawks players under Pete Carroll. Me first and talk smack at anyone in range.

  3. Sharpe is right. DK needs to grow up. Been in the league long enough to quit doing stupid things that negatively affect games.

  4. The fact that he’s paid to provide his opinion doesn’t mean he isn’t a gossiping, washed up, attention-starved, has-been.

  5. So if Metcalf DID get the TD would Sharpe be praising his athleticism ? Sharpe job is to create controversy, and attention to himself being a football TV personality.

  6. Metcalf is lucky that fumble was recovered by his team. Didn’t go out of bounds AND had the ball punched out. He needs to be thanking his teammate.

  7. Sharpe is absolutely right. Metcalf made a bone-headed play that should have ended the game. And he has done absolutely nothing compared to Sharpe so he should probably sit the next few plays out, to quote Ron Burgundy

  8. I just want to know what Metcalf was thinking; did he say he thought trying to run over the defender and score was his plan?
    The way Geno folded in OT may mean Metcalf thought him scoring had better odds than winning in OT.
    But Metcalf has to explain his thinking, otherwise he looks like he was trying to lose the game.

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