Dan Campbell: I think we’re going to shake things up here a little bit

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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The Lions are now the league’s one remaining winless team after Jacksonville beat Miami and Detroit lost to Cincinnati on Sunday.

There’s an argument to be made that they shouldn’t be, given the unique, last-second losses the team suffered to the Ravens and the Vikings. But the record is the record and Detroit heads into a Week Seven matchup with the Rams 0-6.

So first-year head coach Dan Campbell is going to change some things in the coming days — from the structure of practice to personnel.

“There are a couple things. I would say all of the above,” Campbell said, via Kyle Meinke of MLive.com. “I don’t want to get too far into where that’ll go, as far as the roster, but we’re looking at that. I think we’re going to shake things up here a little bit.”

Campbell noted that he’s willing to look at everything.

“I’ve got about a million ideas just floating around up here right now as to what I want to do,” Campbell said.

Some of them seem to be about the offense’s tempo. Campbell mentioned wanting to go faster on offense after the game on Sunday as a way to production, but that didn’t work out during the loss to Cincinnati.

“As it pertains to practice, there are a couple of things that I have in my head as to which way I want to go with it,” Campbell said. “I do want to change it up and see if I can get us into more of a rhythm or tempo early, just to get us going offensively and defensively. I said this yesterday, but this is what we wanted to — we wanted to come in this game and really come out of the gates, and we did not do that. We went the opposite way. I think there are some things in practice we have to do to at least see if we can supercharge ourselves somewhat.”

The Lions have lost all their games, but until Sunday, they had been competitive while doing it. With a matchup against the Rams looming, Campbell will have to get his club to perform at its best to have a chance to beat L.A.

22 responses to “Dan Campbell: I think we’re going to shake things up here a little bit

  1. This coming game is going to show the huge, huge difference in talent level at qb between Goff and Stafford. Theres a reason the Rams were willing to attach picks to get out from under Goffs contract and unless your charliecharger and clueless on qbs, its plain to see.

  2. Let’s give these coaches some time to figure it out .
    I can mock him all day but come on . It’s 5-6 games in the season.
    Dan Campbell is widely respected by people.
    And plus how long was Stafford in Detroit ? And how many playoff wins ? Exactly.

  3. The Lions will most def lose next week. The team might not win a game all year, coach has a 5 year guaranteed contract.

  4. All us Lions fans knew what this year was going to be. Patricia and Quinn really did a number to this team, getting rid of all the talent we collected for personal reasons. It’s funny that everyone says its going to be a 4 win team at best on paper, and then when it happens everyone freaks out. We have collected so many high draft picks, and our picks will be high the next 2 years. Then we had to eat Staffords salary cap penalty, and take Goff so we could aquire the 2 first round picks and the third we got for Matt. Good news is after next year we can cut Goff with no salary cap penalty, and just keep adding young high pick talent for cheap. Motor city dan Campbell and the new GM new what this year would be like so everyone stop acting so surprised.

  5. yaz67 says:
    October 18, 2021 at 5:52 pm
    The league laughed when this guy was hired as a head coach. Does he get a 2nd year?

    Matt Patricia got 3 years and he inherited a much better roster. Dan Campbell has very little talent on this team so cut the guy some slack.

  6. What does that mean? Trade guys like Decker, Hockenson, and anybody else they can get picks for and finally accept this is a full fledged rebuild? I think the new GM officially earned his first strike trading for Goff. He could have traded Stafford almost anywhere but he had to get his guy Goff. We know now that was a mistake. He can redeem it by drafting or trading for the next QB – but until he does and that works out, that trade will now go down in history as a botch job.

  7. He shouldn’t feel to bad. No Lions coach before him could figure out this team, either.

  8. The changes they made to this team in the offseason is head scratching. Dan Campbell looks lost. Anthony Lynn is a running back coach not a play-caller.

    Switch to a 3-4? with that personnel? no inside linebackers and teaching mediocre DEs to standup? trade for Brockers who hated the QB you just brought him in to join?
    That secondary is a joke and a lesson in bad drafting.

    Then the fall of the o-line is astonishing. They drafted, arguably, the best player in the draft (at the time) and somehow managed to Lion that up too.

    Goff went from throwing to Woods, Cupp, and whomever to a bunch of no-names

    This team is cursed.

  9. Goff can’t read defenses, but at least the Lions got a pick to take him off the hands of LA kind of like a sweetener where paying to fill the other teams soda machine for the year. Though in true Lions fashion they actually thought Goff was a capable starter, unfortunately the next draft doesn’t seem to have very many if any QB’s worth while of a high pick. With Gruden out they won’t be chasing Russ, since the Lions are horrible at drafting maybe offer there next three drafts for Russ, Wagner and the grossly over priced safety that can’t cover. Oh as sweetener through in Goff to the Hawks.

  10. Being a Packer fan! I have followed the Lions since the late 70’s. It doesn’t matter who the players are coaches are, Ownership is the problem! They have had a number of Great players! The problem is they continue to suck every year because they don’t hire enough good coaches or drat good players! Wayne Fontes wasn’t bad,but Dan Campbell? Really! I feel bad for players like Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson to name a few that wasted their career there! Who advices these people? Dan Campbell could coach the Lions for 37 years and never win a Superbowl! Worst run franchise in all of sports!

  11. As a saints fan im gonna be really mad if people cause a ruckus over Dan so soon. Give him some dern time.

  12. What exactly is Campbell going to change up? They’re going to get killed by the Rams no matter he does. The Lions only real hope for a win is Halloween against the Eagles. Sean McVay wanted to do some trickery, a fake punt, against the lowly Giants. McVay won’t take his foot off the pedal against Detroit until the game is decided. I think the Rams are 16 point favorites.

  13. Let’s remember they got beat 1 game on a 66 yard FG AND another game by a last second FG….the Lions are not getting blown out. They’ll learn to CLOSE and knock out some wins.

  14. They fired a 10-6 coach and have mired in purgatory ever since. Campbell cries last week & this week he throws his QB under the bus. This guy is gone & needs to be gone.

  15. I’m all for giving DC a chance, and sure some of the games were close, but it was pretty clear in at least the San Fran and MN games that the winning teams were quite a bit better. The Lions may very well improve, but simply having a bunch of high draft picks doesn’t automatically mean those picks will be good or otherwise work out as the Lions have had high picks for pretty much the last 15 years without anything to show for it.

  16. Ram fan and all this anti Lion talk this week is making the game a dangerous one for LA, Things in this league don’t always play out like they should. Just sayin

  17. Here’s a thought Dan. Why don’t you resign now as head coach & let the Lions hire a bonified winner like Mike Tomlin.

  18. Say whatever you want about Dan Campbell. I’ve been on this train since Eric Hipple was the QB. DC is a better coach than a lot of the clowns who have come through in the last 30 years. He’s better than Patricia, he’s better than Jim Schwartz, he’s a LOT better than any of Millen’s coaches. The players play hard for him. The problem is they’re all backup-caliber players. I’m not going to say he should be fired until he’s got legitimate starters playing for him, and he doesn’t have that right now. The hardest job right now is Brad Holmes’ gig, and so far it looks like he did alright in his first draft.

    That said, I do not understand why the Lions aren’t trying harder to get DeShaun Watson. Assuming he’ll be allowed to play starting next year, he’s a great QB (better than Stafford) and we have the daft capital to land him.

  19. This team is in full blown rebuild. 1-15 is very much a possibility, and it will be welcomed by the front office. DC’s job is to get hungry players to develop over the next 2 years, and to get the malcontents out of the building.

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