Dolphins slump to fifth straight loss, face next game with no post-London bye

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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In hindsight, it may have been very wise for the Dolphins to not request the traditional post-London bye following their game against the Jaguars. With six days until the next game, coach Brian Flores doesn’t have to worry about possibly getting the Joe Philbin treatment from owner Stephen Ross.

In year three of the Flores era, the Dolphins have regressed, badly. They lost to only the second team to lose 20 games in a row, in the 102-year history of the NFL. And they unwittingly set up the nine-yard gain on fourth and eight that permitted Jacksonville’s game-winning field goal to happen, after calling timeout at a time when the Jaguars were preparing to throw the ball to the end zone.

They, ultimately, is Flores. He’s in charge. He pushed the team to the brink of the playoffs in 2020, and he’s now responsible for a free fall that may continue. The Dolphins are currently two-point home underdogs to the Falcons, who played last weekend in London and had two weeks to prepare for their next game.

Then there’s the Tua dynamic. Even if Ross himself wanted Tua, it was for the football operations (Flores and G.M. Chris Grier) to push back. To push Justin Herbert, the next guy taken after Tua.

Someone has to be responsible for the decision to put so much faith in Tua. Again, that ultimately may be Ross, but he won’t fire himself. He can, and he has, fired the people who work for him.

The Dolphins have seven games to go until their bye, and several opportunities to win are coming. The Falcons on Sunday, the Texans in Week Nine. The Jets in Week 11. The Giants in Week 13.

How many will it take to avoid a possibly bye-week farewell, along with an early start on looking for a new coach? That depends on whether Ross is truly ready to make a change. He has fired Tony Sparano, Philbin, and Adam Gase, since becoming controlling owner of the team. Sparano and Philbin went during their fourth seasons, and Gase was fired after finishing his third.

Whether the time comes for Flores during his third season, after his third season, or during his fourth season, there’s one way to prevent it.


14 responses to “Dolphins slump to fifth straight loss, face next game with no post-London bye

  1. Again, while it’s obvious that Herbert should’ve been the pick at 5, Tua is in no way the problem. He has played pretty well and is still getting better.

    There are many problems, including…
    – Flores’ inability to put together a competent coaching staff
    – Atrocious offensive play calling
    – The complete inability to find and/or develop good players on the O-Line
    – Drafting complete BUST Austin Jackson in Round 1
    – Drafting Igbinoghene (who AT BEST would be the #3 CB on the team) in Round 1 over other guys at positions of need like J. Taylor, D. Swift, C. Akers, A. Winfield, Y. Gross-Matos, A, Epensesa
    – Outright refusal (over several years) to address the RB or ILB position. As a result, the team predictably cannot run the ball OR stop the run
    – HORRIBLE usage of FA dollars, and then inexplicably prematurely cutting guys (Flowers, Van Noy) who actually lived up to the big contracts they signed
    – Wasting significant cap space on guys like Cethan Carter and Clayton Fejedelem (I know, you never heard of them), who contribute NOTHING but for some reason were kept on the team over much better players
    – Flores stubborn refusal to adjust defensive philosophies
    – Head-scratching snap counts (not using Gesicki nearly enough even though he might be the best offensive player on the team, using Malcolm Brown over Gaskin/Ahmed)
    – Refusal to publicly support your starting QB
    – I’m probably missing some, but doing this is starting to make my head hurt

  2. The Miami Dolphins first and foremost must fix the offensive line. The offense can’t increase their time of possession which is causing the defense to be on the field way to long until they do! Next Flores must hire an offensive guru. Someone who knows how to coordinate plays and not be predictable. The position coaches coordinating the offense will get Brian fired for sure. The offensive coordinators have been the beginning of the team’s regression and must go back to being who they are; Position coaches and not offensive coordinators.

  3. Can somebody please name a coach who is from the Bellichik tree that is doing really good or has in the recent past done really good. Joe Judge Brian Flores and never mind the mangini crennel obrien patricia mcdaniels – I would think that good owners would look at the Pats for the next great coach – NAH.

  4. The Miami Dolphins in the early seventies were a true pleasure to watch . Young team, dynamic players ,great coach,,cool helmet and uniforms that fit Miami perfectly. Ahhhh those were the days.

  5. Unfortunately Ross should just sell the team. He has proven to be incapable of hiring team builders for the Dolphins. Once again he has failed in identifying the right man to do the job. By keeping Grier as GM after his 20 years of failures in the organization, he has never really reset the franchise. Flores is not a good head coach as he has not been able to build a good foundation of coaches around him. No OC, no DC, and just subpar coaching all around. Time for a new owner and for the right person to become the head of football operations.

  6. nosaynj,

    You are so, very, very right.

    I would add to your list to try to salvage something in the short term:

    Fire Boyer. Hire Wade Phillips, and give him a mint to fix the 3-4 defense. I really don’t like a 3-4 anyhow, but he has been great at it in the last 10 years or so.

    Fire the two OCs. Hire Jim Caldwell (who was to be the first OC anyhow, then got sick, then backed out), and give him a mint to do it.

    Stephen Ross, you like to throw money around. This time, do it without any input from your staff, and hire these two. And for all that is sacred, do NOT HIRE anyone you are personally familiar with. You did it with Tannenbaum, and you did it with Grier. But are terrible. Get a search firm, and go find a new GM today who can assess Flores over the next 11 games. If you wait, like you usually do, it will be too late. You held on to Philbin too long, and you held on to Ireland too long. Don’t wait, get a GM today.

  7. Tua is NOT the problem!

    Owner Ross never learns and keeps hiring incompetent GM’s and rookie HC’s who were not even coordinators.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    2-15 at best in the 305 this season.
    Thanks Mr Ross!

  8. With no running game Tua is going to get injured again, and the defense will continue to underperform because they’re spending too much time on the field. Instead of 2 Offensive Coordinators and 1 OL coach, try 1 OC and 2 OL coachs.

  9. Miami doesn’t have QB and is three years from competing! The Dolphins need to start trading players away and get as many picks as they can to get their QB first,and they need to keep adding picks and taking QB’s until they get a franchise guy!

  10. Welcome to the NFL of the past 20 years. Lose to the Jaguars and immediately take your place on the hot seat.

  11. Anyone else missing an Adam Gase led offense compared to the complete ineptitude of this current regime? I mean honestly 3 people involved with offensive coordinating duties? On top of that we fired the previous 2 OCs. Flores has no business as a HC. Can he rally the troops? Last year he did. This year not so much. It only works if your winning or competitive, which we are neither. I realize there are plenty of holes on this offense but he is to blame for that as well. If we lose to ATL, then just fire him and Grier and get a head start on the offseason. Maybe then we can get sought after coaching material instead of well… leftovers. The Patriot way thing doesn’t work. We now know that it was mainly Brady and not the approach.

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