Geno Smith: I can’t keep coming up short

NFL: OCT 17 Seahawks at Steelers
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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith blamed himself after his team’s overtime loss to the Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

Smith, who lost a fumble in overtime to set up the Steelers’ game-winning field goal, put the loss on himself.

“I hate coming up short,” Smith said. “We can’t keep coming up short. I can’t keep coming up short. I put that on myself. Back to back weeks, our defense gives us a chance to go out there and score. Give me the ball and we don’t get it done. That’s solely on me, and I vow to be better.”

The Seahawks are now 2-4 and in last place in the NFC West, and with Smith continuing to play in place of the injured Russell Wilson for at least a couple more weeks, Seattle’s chances of making the playoffs are slipping away.

2 responses to “Geno Smith: I can’t keep coming up short

  1. How many years has Seattle’s Offensive line been trash and the team fails to address it?

  2. Genius Smith has been coming up short his ENTIRE career , you’d think he’d be used to it and have accepted it by now. You’re a QB2 for a reason dude.
    Zero chance SEA makes the playoffs playing in the division they’re in this year. They’re already 4 games out n Wilson is out another 3-4 weeks, not happening. And I don’t know how they plan on rebuilding either because they don’t have the picks. They’ll have a top 10 pick most likely this year but it belongs to the Jets for the next two years all for a SS Adams who’s playing like crap. They gave up 2 firsts & a 3rd for Adams and he’s no where close to being the NFCWs best SS that title belongs to one Budda Baker. That roster is in real trouble next few years, I could see Carroll walking away n retiring at the end of this year. Wilson might force his way out to n get traded. Things could get real ugly n SEA.

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