Matthew Wright thought he missed game-tying field goal in London

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars pulled out their first win of the season on Sunday when Matthew Wright made a pair of field goals in the final four minutes of their game against the Dolphins in London.

Wright’s first field goal from 54 yards out made for a memorable call by CBS announcer Kevin Harlan. Harlan said “nope” after Wright hit the ball because it veered right off his foot, but the ball curved for back inside the upright to the surprise of Harlan, many viewers, and Wright himself.

“The first one I actually thought I missed it,” Wright said, via the team’s website. “I was about to walk off the field and then I saw the offensive linemen turn around and they were all happy. So, that’s when I realized it went in.”

Wright came back on for a 53-yard try with one second left on the clock after a gutsy play call gave them a few more yards. There was no drama on that kick as Wright “made a lot better contact” and drove the ball straight through the uprights for the first Jacksonville win since the first week of the 2020 season.

2 responses to “Matthew Wright thought he missed game-tying field goal in London

  1. And with that, my beloved Lions are the only winless team left in the NFL. It’s both, somewhat fitting and cruel.

  2. Saw it live and it was great to hear the announcer jump the gun with saying it missed. ALWAYs watch the zebras arms !

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