Mike Tomlin: No one is surprised by T.J. Watt delivering in big moments

NFL: OCT 17 Seahawks at Steelers
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The Steelers blew a 14-point lead and couldn’t stop the Seahawks at the end of regulation on Sunday night, but T.J. Watt made sure they didn’t lose to the Seahawks in overtime.

Watt wrecked Seattle’s first possession with a sack of Geno Smith, but the Steelers punted the ball right back. Watt came up even bigger on the next Seattle possession with a. strip sack of Smith that positioned the Steelers for a game-winning field goal.

The two plays were a reminder of why the Steelers signed Watt to a nine-figure extension that head coach Mike Tomlin referenced while discussing Watt’s big plays after the game.

“That’s how he’s compensated,” Tomlin said, via Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I don’t think anyone is surprised by his ability to deliver in those moments.”

Sunday’s game showed that there’s still plenty of work for the Steelers to do on offense this season, but Watt’s play on Sunday means they’ll be able to work on that without lamenting a loss.

6 responses to “Mike Tomlin: No one is surprised by T.J. Watt delivering in big moments

  1. Steelers’ fans are celebrating this victory like they won the Super Bowl. The only thing those two games had in common is that, once again, the refs handed them an unearned victory with bogus holding calls in Seattle and failing to eject Watt for intentionally punching Collins in the head. Just despicable.

  2. Steelers showing why they embody GREATNESS in all aspects of Sport. T.J. Watt another example of that

  3. TJ is such a beast. Don’t care who is at qb, Geno Smith or Joe Montana…they’re not safe

  4. I dunno. I was mildly surprised by T.J. Watt delivering punches and not being ejected.

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