More proof that Week One means nothing


Every year, after the first week of the regular season, I have a clear message for the fans of the 16 teams that lost in Week One.

Forget about it.

It’s easier said than done at the time. Here’s something that could make it a little easier, if anyone remembers this when Week One rolls around in 2022.

The Cowboys, Bills, Packers, and Ravens each lost in Week One. Since then, none of them has lost.

It’s a 19-0 mark that, if the Bills beat the Titans tonight, becomes 20-0.

The situation shows how potent those four teams are, and how meaningless that first game can be. Indeed, the Dolphins won in Week One — and they haven’t won since.

So remember that next year after the first game of the season. Yes, it’s always better to win. No, it ultimately doesn’t mean much if a team wins or loses.

8 responses to “More proof that Week One means nothing

  1. BB lost week one thanks to the referees and the team has looked amazing ever since so you can add them to the list.

  2. Except that the teams that did win week one could ultimately end up with home field in the playoffs over one of these teams because every game matters.

  3. The first game of the season may count in the standings, but it’s become worthless as an indicator of where a team is headed.
    A significant number of starters today play less during the preseason than ever before, and some, including a few top-tier QBs, don’t take a single snap before the Week 1 opener. The result is sloppy play by teams that aren’t mentally or physically prepared to compete.
    Adding a 17th game — how long before it’s 18? — will ensure that trend continues.

  4. “the team has looked amazing ever since” LOL. Moral victories don’t get you to the playoffs.

  5. It’s the game to take the least away from because it’s when teams are their healthiest and teams spend all off-season game planning for that first team.

  6. But I thought it was going to be a distraction for the Bills that Beasley isn’t vaccinated and that’s why all the teams with vaccination issues lost week one

  7. Whether a team won or lost does not mean as much as HOW a team won or lost, and against WHOM.

    Dallas may have lost in week 1, but it was by 2 points, on the road, against the defending champions. It’s not really a surprise that they’ve established themselves as a top team.

    Ditto for Baltimore and Buffalo. The games were close, and while the opponents may not have been at the level of Tampa Bay, they weren’t bottom-feeders, either. It’s not surprising that they’ve gone on runs.

    The outlier is the Packers. They got blown out by the Saints, and have struggled in every game since. There are questions about whether Green Bay’s record is a mirage, and there should be, because they haven’t played like a 5-1 team. If they weren’t in the NFC North, there would be questions about whether they’ll even make the playoffs; as it is, very few people are taking them seriously at this point as a Super Bowl contender.

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