Pete Carroll: Seahawks have talked to Cam Newton

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
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The Seahawks reached out to free agent quarterback Cam Newton after Russell Wilson went down with a finger injury last week.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll confirmed today that the Seahawks and Newton touched base, although Carroll indicated that it was more about doing their due diligence with every available quarterback than an indication that Newton was likely to sign.

“Just so you know, we have talked to him. We’re talking to everybody that could help us,” Carroll said to Mike Salk of 710 ESPN.

Newton’s departure from New England was preceded by him missing five days of practice when he was out of town and missed daily testing at the team facility — an issue that wouldn’t have come up if he had been vaccinated at the time. Newton got the COVID-19 vaccine since then, and he said he wants to play.

37 responses to “Pete Carroll: Seahawks have talked to Cam Newton

  1. Geno looks good until crunch time. Then he coughs up the ball or throws an interception. Newton would be a better option.

  2. Seattle by losing to Pit is just spiraling towards the ground. Luckily if the season does continue in this trend with their first round pick they can get some MUCH needed help on defense. Oh wait……

  3. Newton says that he doesn’t want to be a backup. Once Wilson comes back,he won’t get another second of playing time. We’ll see how desperate he is for a job.

  4. When you make a call to Cam at this point in his career, you have raised the white flag or cried “uncle”

  5. Wilson will be back in a month. Newton probably wouldn’t play until after the Seahawks’ bye. So if the Seahawks pick him up on a two-year deal, Newton could be used for insurance next year if and when the Wilson contract negotiations begin in earnest.
    BTW, can you imagine Cam Newton and Jamal Adams together on the field, on the sidelines and at the microphone?

  6. Good to know the Seahawks and I are on the same page about Genos’s abilities or lack of. They went to a complete run game as in, were not letting him pass if we can help it.

    I recall the first time I saw a picture of him, I thought how he reminded me of Travaris Jackson, a QB who had all the skills except one, couldn’t read a defense to save his life.

    Sure enough in the first game I saw him play, bingo, he made as many completions to the other team then he did his own. It was over from that point on.

    The Seahawks bet that Wilson would never be hirt enough to miss a game so Geno was a safe bet. Ya that aint working so good now.

  7. Force-feed DK Metcalf.

    Whoever does that should be under center in Seattle.

  8. 5 guys couldn’t block TJ Watt on Seattle’s final play.

    But we’re going to blame Geno Smith?

  9. maybe they should be talking to Jamal Adams instead. If he’s the self proclaimed “best in the nation” they need to get him into delusion classes

  10. After last night may I suggest you speak to every available DB and D lineman on the market first.

  11. Why, it is no upgrade over Geno and with Russ going to return in a few weeks do they keep Cam who clearly doesn’t want to put the time in to be better and even kno the offense. Geno is a better passer and a bit more accurate, Cam probably can run better but has a habit of making business decisions, neither can read a Defense and neither can manage a game. Kap would actually be a better option because he is a much better runner and chuck the deep ball, but zero ability in short to mid range passes.

    Bottom line is team is not good, need to make wholesale changes especially at coaching. See if Jody is ready to run the Hawks, with Pete it is one failure after another, or time to sell the team (and Trailblazers) to another Seattle Billionaire that owns a little internet shopping company.

  12. Pete Carroll’s playbook for a long time is draw something up, call it in to Russ, and then Russ ad-libs something after the drawn play detonates.

    No Russ, no ad-lib.

  13. Cam and Geno are both capable of delivering periods of good decisions and even flashes of exceptional play, but in the end neither can consistently execute all but the most basic game plans. Cam may be, probably is, the better of the two but is he worth the baggage he carries?

  14. Makes no sense to bring him in right now. Russ will be back in a few weeks and it would take at least that long to get Cam up to speed with the playbook. Probably longer considering he had a rookie teaching him the playbook in NE this summer. On top of that, he’s not even an upgrade over Geno.

  15. I don’t see how he’d be any better than Geno. They’re toast unless they can go on a run and win several straight and the days of Cam being able to give that to a team are long past.

  16. Also could be doing a favor for Newton by generating interest when they don’t have much legit interest themselves. Seahawks/Carroll have a history of “having conversations” with free agent vets who’ve fallen out of favor. Keeps their name out there, maybe some other teams with bad QB situations take a look.

  17. Geno surprisingly played pretty well. But let’s not kid ourselves here. This wasn’t a matchup of these teams say early last year. This was the equivalent of the Jags vs Lions on Thursday night football. Neither team looks playoff bound. On the funny side, anyone see how good of hands Jamal Adam’s has?

  18. After last night, I’d suggest that Pete and John speak to anything that can block a defensive line. The Seahawks have issues all over the field not the least of which is a porous offensive line, an issue they have not addressed competently in 7-8 seasons. Regime change is becoming a topic of conversation in the PacNW.

  19. The Seahawks are toast with or without Wilson. The Seahawks need to dismantle the Defensive scheme they run, that won’t happen as long as Carroll is there.

  20. Unfortunately Cam is done. His stint with the Patriots showed that he threw more ground balls than a bad. Third baseman. He seems to be a nice guy and he’s a good presence in the lockerbroom and a popular teammate.

  21. Because every dumpster fire is more fun to watch when you throw a 5 gallon jug of gasoline into it.

  22. jjackwagon says:
    October 18, 2021 at 12:57 pm
    Geno looks good until crunch time. Then he coughs up the ball or throws an interception. Newton would be a better option.


    You mean like how Cam fumbled the ball late in the fourth quarter against Buffalo in Foxborough to lose the game? Or, y’know, Super Bowl 50?

  23. Time to panic Seahawks. And no, I do not mean panic sign washed up Cam cause your golden goose QB is down in an attempt to salvage a season.

  24. I think it’s pretty clear that it was due diligence and nothing more. Smith and his experience with the offense is better than Cam and no experience with the offense.

  25. Geno Snith is a good QB. Last night was his first start with the hawks…agaisnt a great defense,with a terrible O-Line. Geno will get better, but he’s no Wilson.

  26. Is that really the best they can do? Why not try to swing a trade for Trubisky or someone like that?

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