Report: Baker Mayfield seeking second opinion

NFL: OCT 17 Cardinals at Browns
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Baker Mayfield received his MRI results and apparently didn’t like what he heard. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the Browns quarterback is seeking a second opinion.

Only after that will the Browns determine what to do at quarterback Thursday night against the Broncos.

Case Keenum, though, surely is getting himself ready to play after Mayfield dislocated his left shoulder again Sunday. Mayfield miss four snaps against the Cardinals.

Mayfield partially tore his labrum in the victory over the Texans in Week 2 and has worn a harness since. He has played almost every snap since then.

Doctors will determine whether he is at risk of injuring the shoulder further by playing. He wore a sling on his left arm to his postgame news conference and said the shoulder “feels like shit.”

Mayfield, who does not have a second contract yet, has six touchdowns and three interceptions in six games. The Browns are 3-3.

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  1. Doesn’t want to let Case play, may show he is not worth nearly as much as he thinks for his next contract.

  2. Well if Case Keenum plays…hope the Browns get Minnesota Vikings Case and not everywhere else Case. This Cleveland Browns team is a super bowl contender when healthy,I had them at least getting to the AFC Championship this season.

  3. Sounds like it’s just a simple bruise on the shoulder, rub some dirt on it & get ur but back out on the field pumpkin.

  4. I hope he gets a third and fourth opinion where Stefanski & Berry tell him he’s sitting down for a few games.Behind the scenes they need to be looking for a future franchise QB asap.

  5. Judging from the pain he was in yesterday, the MRI must have shown some serious damage. A second opinion won’t change that. The Browns have injury problems.

  6. Playing Keenan is the right call. A healthy Keenum is better than Mayfield operating at half speed. It’s not even debatable.

  7. Keenum gonna light it up with OBJ and Bakers contract will shrink by the end of the game.

  8. Any QB would love to play with a line like that, a defense like that and RB’s like that. Mayfield is about to lose his starting job. He’s about to be introduced to being a career backup.

  9. I don’t know that Mayfield is an answer to Jackson or Burrow, but I’ll give him this – he is a tough guy. This division spits out QBs who aren’t.

  10. springfield says:
    October 18, 2021 at 7:45 pm
    Any QB would love to play with a line like that, a defense like that and RB’s like that. Mayfield is about to lose his starting job. He’s about to be introduced to being a career backup.



    BOTH starting offensive tackles are injured and the LT backup is also injured, so the Browns are playing rookies at both left and right tackles, so I’m not so sure any QB would love to play behind the Browns current O-line.

  11. No difference between Case Keenan and Baker Mayfield. Keenumm may just run the offense amd stop playing hero ball and show just how mediocre Mayfield is. What he is good at is self promotion. Even though he is mediocre, he somehow convinced the browns he was worth the first pick in the draft. Even though he is a mediocre qb who is an in attractive person, he has somehow convinced companies to hire him as a commercial actor. Looks like a guy who is headed to the studio and will make people forget he was ever playing an in the nfl.

  12. LOL these comments. Cant believe so many concerned about Baker’s money. The man is gonna get paid.

  13. I respect how tough Baker is wanting to play through a torn shoulder. History doesn’t repeat itself but often rhymes. Last time he was injured, he lost the starting job at Texas tech. Last time the browns #1 overall QB pick tore his shoulder, it created a QB controversy that lasted 17 years. This has red flags for Baker and the Browns and I hope the guy heals up soon.

  14. It’s not a stretch at all to right now call Baker the # 3 best QB in the division and what Pitt does next year if by some crazy chance it’s Rodgers then the Browns will be in a world of hurt when your limited as Baker is you have to play at your very best around 90 % of the time like Wilson does.

  15. It won’t matter much. 20 players on the injury report. We have a game to play in two days. This season has ended most probably. If it was me, Mayfield gets his shoulder fixed with surgery. He’s out. Keenum is in for Thursday. Maybe they bring in Cam Newton, who knows? Whatever they do, it does not look good for making playoffs.

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