Robby Anderson upset at himself for not doing more

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Robby Anderson leads the NFL in passes not caught with 25, according to STATS Inc. He has caught only 15 of 40 targets.

STATS lists Anderson with only two drops. It feels like more.

On Sunday, Anderson caught three passes on 11 targets for 11 yards and a touchdown that sent the game to overtime.

Anderson’s buzz word Monday was “accountability.”

“I hold myself to a high regard, and more importantly, a high regard for contributing and helping my teammates,” Anderson said, via Darin Gantt of the team website. “I feel like there were a few plays early in the game I could have made that would have been more beneficial. But it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish sometimes, and I kept fighting, and it came down to crunch time, and I kept my head in it and made some plays that contributed to us having a chance.

“Things aren’t always going to go in your favor and go how you expect it to, but I definitely don’t not care. It’s not cool for me. It’s not funny for me to not play to my standard or expectation. So I’m definitely going to go hard this week to get it corrected.”

Teammate DJ Moore said Anderson was “pretty upset,” but coach Matt Rhule said Anderson needs to have an Etch A Sketch memory. Learn from mistakes but move on from them.

“I think Robby has to come out and have a great week of practice, a great week of meetings,” Rhule said. “He has to put aside all the distractions of what happened last week or the week before, and come out and have a great week this week. Is that really simple? Yes. But it’s really hard to do. It’s hard for all of our players to do this day and age. . . . I think sometimes when we have adversity, and we don’t have the production we want, all of us start trying to look for other things. Maybe I’ll do this or do that. All of us, as a team, need to go back to the simple things.”

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  1. Rhule rules a sinking ship. Management of the organization is bad in signing players. Coaching is worse. The demise began with Dave Gettleman firing the best vets and losing the brotherhood it took years to cultivate by coach Rivera, Cam etc.

    Time for owner Tapper to reevaluate.

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