Teddy Bridgewater: I point the thumb at myself after losing to Raiders

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For the season’s first five weeks, Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had successfully avoided giveaways.

He didn’t have any when Denver beat the Giants, Jaguars, and Jets to open their season. He didn’t have one in the first half of the Broncos loss to Baltimore in Week Four, though he missed the second half of that game with a concussion. Though he threw an interception against Pittsburgh in Week Five, that was the only blemish on Bridgewater’s record.
Then on Sunday, the floodgates opened.

Bridgewater threw three picks and lost a fumble in Denver’s 34-24 loss to Las Vegas. And after the game, Bridgwater put the loss squarely on his shoulders.

“When you win, you point the finger at your teammates and when you lose, you point the thumb at yourself,” Bridgewater said, via Kyle Newman of The Denver Post. “Today was definitely one of those days where I point the thumb at myself. I take responsibility for the things that went wrong, whether it was the turnovers or being better in many [other] areas.”

Bridgewater was constantly under pressure on Sunday, which is part of what led to the giveaways. He was sacked five times as the Raiders also racked up 17 quarterback hits.

“Teddy hasn’t been a turnover guy,” head coach Vic Fangio said postgame. “Part of that is when you’re falling behind and you’re throwing it a lot. That’s the risk you run. Once you become an unbalanced offense, the chance of throwing interceptions goes up. They went up in this game.”

The Broncos have a short turnaround to fix the issues with a Thursday matchup upcoming against Cleveland. But the pressure may not stop, as the Browns feature the league’s current sack leader in edge rusher Myles Garrett.

9 responses to “Teddy Bridgewater: I point the thumb at myself after losing to Raiders

  1. The Raiders deserve some credit for putting a lot of pressure on Teddy Bridgewater, but there’s no excuse for a veteran NFL QB to be carelessly and often blindly lobbing softballs into the secondary the way he was yesterday.

  2. The Broncos need to rebuild. Stop delaying the inevitable. They should have traded Von for draft picks.

  3. Broncos need to get out of ownership purgatory. Tedford deserves better than this! He also needs to… not play like he did vs the Raiders. I wonder how much he’d benefit from a true offensive guru like Payton

  4. This Bronco fan saw plenty of blame to go around. Teddy missed Sutton on two bombs. The coach had another dumb day (going for a first down in your own side of the fifty when there was no urgency)For the second week in a row the defense looked lost. Then there is the O-line. they sucked. On this day I BOO them all, especially the coach. He’s lost.

  5. Excellent Leadership from this QB! Well say….when you win, you point at your teammates, when you lose and the blame should be on you, you take responsibility…..more of the world should operate that way!

  6. At LEAST one of those ints shouldn’t have even been thrown, but it would be tough to succeed with that coaching. Next level character from Ted to take it on the chin for the team.

    They have a pretty talented roster that looks solid on paper, but man does the coaching seem awful. And what were those challenges?? Neither were even arguable. Talk to your guy upstairs next time, coach. OOF.

  7. This team is exactly what their record say, .500. They will continue to be as long as Fangio and Shurnur are around.

  8. Fangio appeared to be paying tribute to Gruden’s lackluster history of coach’s challenges yesterday. The two plays he threw the flag on were clearly the correct calls from the beginning.

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