Will Dak Prescott be ready to go in Week Eight?


Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott injured a calf on the last play of Sunday’s overtime win over the Patriots. Prescott said after the game that he could have still played if the game had continued, and he insisted that he will be fine.

The image of Prescott hobbling in a walking boot after the team returned to Dallas sends a slightly different message.

Clarity will come from the results of an MRI. Whatever the situation, it’s the kind of thing that will require rest and treatment. It will take time to get Prescott ready to play.

The good news is that the Cowboys have 13 days until their next game, a Sunday nighter against the Vikings.

Again, Prescott expressed optimism. Maybe he’s just trying to be positive, to speak the healing into existence.

Time will tell, as it always does in matters of this nature. Given, however, that the Cowboys now have as many wins as the rest of the NFC East combined and in light of the fact that the presence of teams in the conference like the Packers, Bucs, Rams, and Cardinals will make it difficult to climb much higher than No. 4 on the playoff tree, it makes sense to ensure that Precott will be fine in January.

5 responses to “Will Dak Prescott be ready to go in Week Eight?

  1. Wait, why would it be hard to climb past #4 in the conference rankings? The only team they’ve lost to this year is the reigning champs in Tampa by 2 due to a last second field goal. They probably have an easier schedule than the rest of the teams you listed. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that this team can challenge for the #1 seed in the NFC.

  2. Play the long game if after 13 days he’s still limping and is less mobile? Then give him 20 days and play the back up against Vikings. Him being healthy as the season goes along is a very valuable thing so ensure that by not putting back out there in the current situation if his mobility is effected and he’s more likely to get hit in the pocket.

  3. I also hope that Dak heals up by the next game. I like watching him play. He’s been through a lot. What he’s doing this year is unreal.

  4. This guy is on a mission, he has his team believing and the record shows. I’d bet my house he will be ready.

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