Broncos expect Teddy Bridgewater to start Thursday despite foot injury

NFL: OCT 17 Raiders at Broncos
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Teddy Bridgewater was listed as limited by a foot injury on Monday’s estimated injury report and he appeared to be limited again on Tuesday.

Reporters at the Broncos’ walkthrough practice noted that Bridgewater was walking with a limp while on his way into the team’s indoor facility, but it does not look like the Broncos are planning on going with Drew Lock against the Browns on Thursday.

Head coach Vic Fangio told reporters that Bridgewater participated in the walkthrough and that he expects Bridgewater to make the start in a couple of days. Bridgewater did not come out of Sunday’s loss to the Raiders and it’s unclear exactly when he was injured.

While Bridgewater deals with his foot issue, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is trying to play through a left shoulder injury. He also expects to start, so it seems both teams are on track to play with quarterbacks who are less than 100 percent.

2 responses to “Broncos expect Teddy Bridgewater to start Thursday despite foot injury

  1. Ok…if Bridgewater stinks it up again then I think this project needs to be officially over. I’d also show Fangio, Shurmur and the Special Teams Coach the door. Start Lock if we lose to the Browns and idgaf what our record is after that. We’re obviously a mediocre team. We need a new owner in a bad way too bc nobody is accountable in the front office!!

  2. Browns have line issues, QB health issues, and Von Miller as a matchup problem against a weakness and a weakened QB one hit away from who knows what. This is shortsighted even in a sport where each game means so much. Cleveland is making a mistake if they let Mayfield take the field in his current condition. You can tell he doesn’t have to get creamed to be in a bad state he just needs to be in an awkward moment, a bad landing and boom he’s gone. He gets a D lineman chop for the ball and slam unexpected weight on that shoulder or he gets sacked and has to eat it. I usually say something and end IMO. Well on this I’m sorry if Cleveland thinks they are still a contender this year then putting that guy back out there is just increasing the odds he’s had a season ending injury when they actually really need him later. Shortsighted

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