Is Jared Goff in danger of getting benched?

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The evidence is hiding in plain sight. The question is whether Lions coach Dan Campbell will actually pull the trigger.

On Sunday, Campbell called out Jared Goff by name, publicly. On Monday, Campbell said he’s “going to shake things up here a little bit.” On Tuesday, it’s possible that the shakeup will encompass the quarterback position.

It would definitely shake things up a little bit to bench Goff, especially with the team’s next game being a trip to L.A. to face the Rams.

The Rams, who know Goff better than anyone. The Rams. who couldn’t wait to get rid of Goff after the 2020 season ended. The Rams, who surely can come up with a plan for exploiting Goff’s various weaknesses.

The Rams didn’t fall out of love with Goff. They plummeted down the stairs. It happened only 19 months after foolishly paying him $33.5 million per year on a second contract. And they managed to unload the deal in a way that made it less obvious to everyone (including owner Stan Kroenke) that, as a practical matter, they gave the Lions a first-round pick to take Goff’s ridiculously inflated contract.

The Lions have to date participated in the grift, acting like Goff is worth the money and worthy of the franchise quarterback label. He’s not, on either count. The question now is whether he’s good enough to keep David Blough on the sidelines.

Campbell’s old-school style doesn’t mesh with Goff’s personality and demeanor. That’s obvious. The Lions didn’t make the trade for the player; they made the trade for the picks — two first-rounders and a third-rounder in exchange for giving up Matthew Stafford and taking on the Goff cash and cap obligation. Campbell was willing to give Goff a try, since it’s not as if the Lions had a better option lurking on the roster.

Most thought Goff would get a full year to show what he can do. With the Lions now 0-6, maybe it makes sense to see what they have in Blough before they start looking at other options for next year.

Or maybe this is Campbell’s last-ditch effort to get more out of Goff. While it’s regarded as bad form in some circles to air out the dirty laundry at a podium (and Campbell definitely paused before launching into his Sunday critique of Goff), the truth could be that Campbell is at his wit’s end, that he’s tried everything to get Goff to perform at the level the team needs.

Maybe Campbell hopes that a pissed-off Goff will have a better chance of competing with the Rams, and that he won’t end up being systematically exposed by the Rams for the average, random quarterback that, truth be told, Goff is.

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  1. “Campbell’s old-school style doesn’t mesh with Goff’s personality and demeanor.”

    An old-school tough guy wouldn’t have aired his laundry to the media.

    This was a mistake, and Campbell is going to regret it.

  2. As you said, everyone including Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell knew that Jared Goff was not the answer, And they were eating that contract.

    This team is bad and there’s a full tear down and rebuild and and everybody including the ownership coaches and front office knows this.

    I really Don’t think that they’re going to bench him , Honestly as much as it sucks for him he’s the guy that’s gonna have to stand in there and take the brunt of this team being bad while they rebuild.

    He’s going to be on this roster for at least another season when he can be cut with no cap penalties when the lions potentially might be ready to possibly start competing.

    Unless somebody really starts making headway this year, It’s looking like a pretty weak quarterback class and considering that the lions also hold 2 1st round picks the following draft they are not being forced to take a guy this year. With the multiple 1st round picks this year that are going to be high they likely can probably trade back because you know some team is going to fall in love with a quarterback. That will mean a minimum of 2 1st round picks plus more if they trade back likely to fill some of the other holes on this team. Or, they’ll be in position to draft whatever quarterback they want.

    More than likely JG is going to be the starter next year as well unless they bring another veteran to compete with him but I don’t really even see that happening. If they draft a rookie this year they are going to sit him behind JG for a year and let him take the blows and the losses While the offensive line continues to gel, and let him deal with the lack of wide receivers.

    Is it kind of crappy for Jared? Yes it is. But hes also being paid in an incredible amount of money way over his value to Be in the position that he is in.

    The lions are not good and they’re not supposed to be this year. They are not going to be good next year either. Goff will be out of here after next year more than likely as soon as the hit goes away.

    For the 1st time in a long time the lions have an opportunity to actually turn this thing around. They have a slew of high draft picks in the 1st round coming up over the next few years, It just comes down to whether or not Brad homes is able to execute on those picks. Thus far in my opinion he has showed me that he knows what he is doing

  3. Unless they sign somebody Goff is very safe. David Blough is 0-5 as a starter with a career QB rating of 62. Tim Boyle was their third stringer but he’s now on IR and hadn’t thrown a pass since 2019. Anybody’s guess how a team goes into a season that short at backup QB.

  4. we already know what we have in Blough, hate to say it but Goff is much better. Not like we’re gonna win more than 2 games this year anyway

  5. Might as well see what you have in David Blough. Hes probably not the guy but maybe he can be the future backup.

  6. We’ve all known the type of guy who would bite an opponents knee cap off…. Brother, Goff ain’t that dude.

  7. Bench Dan Campbell! I love him crying like a little school girl after every loss. The whole team is crappy not just Goff! Penalties galore, no one can tackle, kicking a field goal on 4th and 4 when you’re down 24 to 10 in the 4th qtr. Players looking lost on coverage!

  8. No you CANNOT deprive of us this unintentional comedy show that will be Goff returning to LA.

    Go bite a kneecap and get over it Mr. HCDC.

  9. minime says:
    October 19, 2021 at 9:48 am
    Bet the Lions are regretting that trade now.


    Not a chance.

    Quite the opposite, actually. Detroit is exactly where they need to be to give them a chance at a future.

    As if 2-4 or 3-3 was their goal through 6 games. Winning meaningless games helps NO ONE long term.

  10. The Lions have never been to a Super Bowl, and as long as the Fords own the team, the Lions are not going to a Super Bowl. I feel sorry for my bother n law who is a life long Lions fan and a great guy. Every year he along with the rest of the Lions fans get ready for a new season, with new hopes and new dreams, only to have them squashed. To be reminded that the Lions are one of the worst franchises in NFL history, I mean they are just bad. So is Bortles in danger of being benched? He was benched when he was traded to the Lions. No one says, alright, I’m going to the Lions! Detroit is the place you are sent to end your career.

  11. Would it reallly be that big of a deal to just sign Newton? He can’t be worse than Goff, and maybe a three headed rushing attack with him, Swift and Williams might prove to be effective.

  12. topcide says:
    October 19, 2021 at 10:01 am
    As you said, everyone including Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell knew that Jared Goff was not the answer, And they were eating that contract.

    This team is bad and there’s a full tear down and rebuild and and everybody including the ownership coaches and front office knows this.

    I really Don’t think that they’re going to bench him , Honestly as much as it sucks for him he’s the guy that’s gonna have to stand in there and take the brunt of this team being bad while they rebuild.
    It should have been a full teardown and rebuild but the reality says something different . To recap the Lions had an offer from Carolina , the 8th pick in the draft , a 3rd in 2021 and Bridgewater . Bridgewater had a 1 yr deal in Denver for $4.2M . The Lions instead decided to accept the Rams offer of Goff , a 2021 3rd and 1st rounds picks in 2022 and 2023 . Goffs contract is going to cost the Lions $50M over 2 yrs along with $10M dead cap hit in 2023 if he’s no longer on the team . To break it down the Lions decided to take Goff and $50M in salary for a 2023 1st round pick . If they took the Carolina offer they could taken Sewell along with either Fields and Jones saving $45M in salary cap room , the difference between Goff’s and Bridgewater’s contracts . To me having your potential franchise QB along with $45M in cap space is so much more valuable then what will likely be a 1st round pick in the twenties in 2023 . Holmes also traded for Brockers that will cost the Lions $14M in cap space over 2021 and 2022 . Holmes also traded 2 picks to the Broncos for a WR they were going to release and he’s now a healthy scratch for the 0-6 Lions . Holmes failed to seize the moment and start the rebuild in 2021 instead he chose to push it down the road for a couple more years accomplishing nothing but job security . Lions fans will have the pleasure of watching Fields and Jones succeed while they continue to wait for an answer at QB along with the wasted $50M in cap space for Goff and Brockers that could have gone a long way in getting the Lions rebuild a jump start .

  13. The offensive line was to be its strength this year. The left tackle hurt his finger before the first game and has not played. The all-pro center hurt his toe and is out for the year. The No.1 draft pick, who practiced at right tackle all spring and summer had to move to the left. The have only one receiver, a tight end. I don’t thing Brady could win with this group. The line is now a weak point and they cannot run the ball. The receivers have no real speed and are not open.

  14. You are 0 and 6. What good does it do the Lions to play yourselves out of the #1 pick even if Blough or someone off the street gets ya more wins? As a Packers fan, I say the Lions should just stick with Goff and hope for the #1 pick. The fans should be hoping for that because you are more than just one player away from turning things around.

  15. if they had even a competent D they’d have 2 wins and all this talk would be moot…Goff certainly hasn’t been great, but he’s hardly the only NFL QB to fall under that category..

  16. The Lions are proving decade after decade that the decisions they make now will impact them for negatively for the next how many decades. Just look at Matt Millen’s time with the Lions. Millen was the Lions’ CEO for seven full seasons, from 2001 to 2007; during that time, the club compiled a record of 31–81 (with at least nine losses each season). Detroit’s .277 winning percentage was among the worst ever compiled by an NFL team over a seven-year period, and still 14 years later the Lions are still bad. 0 and 17? The Lions have a real shot at it.

  17. “Might as well see what you have in David Blough. Hes probably not the guy but maybe he can be the future backup.”

    He already has that job

  18. While I don’t think Goff has that killer instinct… Dan Campbell wasn’t on any other teams radar to be hired as HC .. he isn’t exactly a QB whisperer.

  19. Big Rams fan here. I almost got in fist fights every game at the coliseum complaining about Goff. Losing to the Patriots when the d gave up 13 was his career epitaph. He was awful. Weak, dumb, and totally beta. If he plays this Sunday, he will be mauled.

  20. They might as well give Cam a try to see if the offense can actually do anything, it is not much of a step up, but The Rams dumped Goff because he can’t read defenses, even pre-snap, and is a major liability.

    It looks the Lions are going to end up paying around $50 million plus and roster spot for that mid (or high) level 1st round draft pick, not very good business. With Goff’s salary he is basically untradeable (expect maybe a player swap with the Texans and Watson) with adding some drafty picks as sweeteners.

  21. I get it that Goff hasn’t been great, but he’s hardly the main problem. It’s not like the rest of the team is “one piece of the puzzle” away from competing.

    But throwing the QB under the bus is what teams do. Stick with Goff, bench Goff, whatever. Remember how the Bears had to get rid of Trubisky? Well, he’s gone – and how much better are they without him?

    I’m not saying QBs don’t deserve some blame, but there’s so much more in a team’s success than just the QB.

  22. Bench him for who? IMO watching him, only limited amount of time, he comes off as clueless, not able to read the field and not sure where to pass the ball. Either he is terribly confused or someone confused him. His confidence is gone.

  23. Goff gives the Lions the best chance to secure the #1 pick. So that’s the guy you roll with.

  24. Hiring Dan Campbell made no sense the day it was announced. It makes less sense today. Bench Goff, Cut Goff, give Goff a raise it’s not going to matter.

  25. Detroit had the hardest thing to get in professional football: a true franchise quarterback. Their record during the Stafford years? 79-91-1.

  26. Get the Fords out of Detroit football, and then you can get the Lions back in the game. It is time for new owners!

  27. Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, knows how to run a football team

    The Ford’s “Hold our beer”

  28. Stepping back, this is kind of funny. Goff made it to a Super Bowl and played great in some key moments of big games along the way, while Stafford only won one playoff game in 12 seasons with the Lions and only had 4 winning seasons during that whole period. They’ve both had roughly similar QBR over their careers and Goff has a far better W-L record (Stafford’s got a losing record overall).

    This isn’t to paint Goff as an icon, but to suggest the perception of these guys, and their respective teams, may be a bit scrambled.

    Stafford won’t be an upgrade unless and until he wins a Super Bowl. Goff’s playing for a badly undermanned team with a novice head coach.

  29. Force the Fords and McCaskeys to sell. They’re an embarrassment being so cheap and dumb.

  30. “Stafford won’t be an upgrade unless and until he wins a Super Bowl. Goff’s playing for a badly undermanned team with a novice head coach.”

    I disagree. If the Rams finish the season without losing to teams they should be beating because of senseless sacks and turnovers, Stafford was an upgrade. Last years losses to the Jets, Dolphins and Niner teams decimated with injuries is the upgrade I seek. These seemingly insignificant games are the difference between being on the road for the entire playoffs and being a host.

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