Josh Allen appreciative for chance to win game on QB sneak attempt

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans
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The Buffalo Bills could have attempted a 21-yard field goal to force overtime against the Tennessee Titans on Monday night. Instead, the Bills put the game in the hands of quarterback Josh Allen on a quarterback sneak attempt on fourth-and-1 from the Tennessee 3.

Allen came up short and the Titans won the game. However, Allen was glad to have the faith of Bills head coach Sean McDermott to be given the chance to go for the win.

“I take a lot of pride in it and I love coach McDermott for giving me that opportunity and I have to go out there and prove him right. Sometimes the plays don’t go your way,” Allen told reporters after the game.

Allen had come up a half yard shy of the line to gain on a third down scramble attempt. The Titans crowded the line of scrimmage on the fourth down attempt, but the Bills went for the sneak attempt.

“Felt good about our chances. Had a chance to win the game right there and we didn’t get it done,” McDermott said.

Titans defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons crashed the line of scrimmage and Allen lost his footing as he fell down short of the first down line to turn the ball over with 21 seconds remaining.

“Didn’t work out in our favor, obviously,” Allen said. “Didn’t have the greatest footing. It happens. Game of inches. The play before was pretty close too. It didn’t turn out in our favor today.”

6 responses to “Josh Allen appreciative for chance to win game on QB sneak attempt

  1. An old adage fits here: when away play for the win, when at home play for the tie because you have the crowd and home field advantage!

  2. Correct to go for it. Just a good play by Titans.
    But should a $43 mill/year franchise qb be diving like WWE wrestler amongst opposition defenders and landing on shoulder and head bouncing on ground?
    I commend the heart, but the hits he took today on qb runs, how long can he play like this and last? This is what Lamar gets asked about, yet Josh doesn’t.

  3. Alot of coaches outsmarting themselves… trying to be too cute. Kick your Fg don’t be dumb like Brian Flores!

  4. Just missed this play by inches. But after last year and 6 games this year, can we finally put to rest the “one year wonder” talk? Doses
    An absolute stud. 353 yards and 3 tds. This team is in great hands for years with him. Top 5 player in this league. And what a nice catch on his 2 pt conversion.

  5. Josh Allen is an absolute warrior! This game will fuel him and the team. Love the decision to go for it. This will make the Bills a more complete team when the playoffs come.

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