Von Miller: I don’t know who the Browns’ tackle I’m going against is, but I’m going to kill him

NFL: OCT 10 Broncos at Steelers
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Broncos pass rusher Von Miller is ready to feast on Thursday night.

Miller said today that he’s planning to have a huge game against the Browns, no matter who he’s lining up against.

“I will play well in this game,” Miller said, via Aric DiLalla. “I’m going to have a great game. . . . I don’t know who the tackle I’m going against is, but I’m going to kill him.”

Miller wasn’t taking a shot at the Browns’ offensive tackles by saying he doesn’t know who they are, he was simply pointing to the reality that the Browns’ two starting offensive tackles, Jedrick Wills and Jack Conklin, are both injured, and it’s unclear who will start for Cleveland on Thursday night.

Miller is not a player you want to face with your starting offensive tackles injured. It may be a rough night for Baker Mayfield on Thursday.

48 responses to “Von Miller: I don’t know who the Browns’ tackle I’m going against is, but I’m going to kill him

  1. Without knowing for sure I would say he’s on a contract year. Why else would he wake up?

  2. Might not be everyone’s choice for words, but this what I want going through every one of my D-lineman’s minds.

  3. Why run your mouth about killing someone when you just came off a game where you had 2 tackles and 0 sacks? Erase his games against a horrible Giants and Jaguars and you’re left with nothing . Now imagine this guy being paid over $17 million this season.

  4. Von had a massive day Sunday while hosting the much despised Raiders:

    Two tackles. Period.

    No sacks. No interceptions. No assists.


    Oh I’m certain he’ll be highly motivated Thursday, said no one ever.


  5. Dont know who he is either but there is a possibility that you have just motivated him!

  6. Browns backups are decent, thanks Von for the words that just pumped them up…they’ll be waiting for you…!!!

  7. Big man. Wonder how you would have done in the real NFL (before the 90s) where you practiced in pads every day and no twitter. Big mouth has been.

  8. Put this clown in prison…he’s going to KILL????….dumb ass!
    Have you ever heard of ‘figurative language’, are you for real?

  9. When Father Time starts kicking your backside, apparently you feel compelled to threaten people. But don’t you worry Von, Father Time will help keep you on the straight and narrow….

  10. What a punk! I hope they kill you instead loudmouth. Only games you did anything was to losing record teams. Way overpaid!

  11. I’ve noticed Von Miller constantly runs his mouth and instigates when he’s facing crappy backup tackles but when he’s facing Trent Williams, DJ Humphries, Duane Brown, the Chiefs tackles, Kolton Miller etc he’s awfully quiet….. He gets owned more often than not now and no one talks about him anymore so anytime he faces a 3rd string tackle like a small child he screams LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!!!? Please talk about me, WRITE ABOUT ME !!!’ IM STILL IN THE LEAGUE!!!!

  12. Maybe Von and Miles Garrett can take turns braining each other’s QB with their helmet.

  13. Von always seemed like a smart guy. I mean he does where those huge librarian glasses a lot, but why on earth would you give anyone bulletin board material. That o linesman’s family is probably hyping him up so huge right now I bet he balls out and mauls Miller.

  14. Thats a pretty funny quote. Considering who the Browns scrub tackles are, Miller gets 3 sacks minimum, assuming Busterfield is playing. If Keenum is playing, he actually can read a defense, and will be able to get the ball out quicker, 3 probably wont be possible. I love how Browns fans rave about every Browns Draft and every Brownns off-season. Where is your depth if Berry did such a good job Browns fan? That Tackle from Univ of Cincy is flat out awful, and the Browns picked him in the 4th round. Cardinals got 5 sacks last week. With no Chubb and no Hunt, this game could end in a 0-0 tie.

  15. Yea. “I’m going to kill him” guy should be fined. You don’t say that in a public forum. EVER. Oh wait “I was just joking” is going to come to mind. Maybe he can traded to Chicago. He would fit right in with that town.

  16. Kolton Miller beat the snot out of Von Miller last Sunday. That’s not a knock on Von. Kolton Miller is playing as well as any left tackle in football.

  17. Denver likes to talk. And lose a lot.
    Stems from the head coach.
    Jets jags and giants might be the only wins they get all year.

  18. Id be more impressed if he would have killed the Raiders tackle last Sunday on Mike Shanahan day, against a hated rival at home instead of getting tossed around like a rag doll.
    But now that he knows hell be facing a backup in Cleveland, hes going to kill that guy , whoever he is. Thatll make up for it.

  19. Lol He had the same talk for Lane Johnson Lane had him out there looking like a professional gymnast 😂

  20. Isn’t one of your responsibilities as a veteran to not put bulletin board material in the opposition’s locker room? I’m all for a little trash talk but isn’t this reaching a bit? It’s an injured line. I realize he has decent stats and the Broncos are vying for a wildcard birth but don’t poke the bear.

  21. It was clear from the Raiders game that either he just doesn’t have it anymore or is unwilling to bring it.

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