Bruce Allen, Jeff Pash exchanged more than 1,000 emails

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There are plenty of questions that remain unanswered regarding the developments that culminated in the resignation of Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

Here’s one to which we’ve recently gotten an answer. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the 650,000 emails sent to or by former Washington Football Team president Bruce Allen includes more than 1,000 emails exchanged with NFL general counsel Jeff Pash.

The NFL did not confirm or deny the number, but pointed out that 1,000 emails over 10 years would work out to roughly two per week.

Last week, someone with access to the 650,000 emails leaked a few of them to the media. There definitely are more. The question is whether there are more that would be problematic for Pash.

Although none of the emails Pash sent to Allen contain the kind of blatantly offensive content seen in the Gruden emails, there are more subtle concerns arising from Pash’s flippant remarks about the wall on the Mexican border, Allen’s effort to reduce a player’s salary (Pash called it “the Lord’s work), and commentary on whether players exercise their right to vote (Allen guessed it’s one percent, and Pash said “maybe even take the under“). The emails also raise competitive concerns regarding possible favoritism to the Washington Football Team (if so, it didn’t help much).

Obviously, there are many more emails between Pash and Allen than those that have been leaked. All should be released and reviewed. And, yes, it would be very appropriate at this point to explore the text messages between Allen and Pash. As noted last night, text messages were not reviewed as part of the investigation.

They still could be. Maybe they should be. Before that, the NFL should release all of the 650,000 emails, starting with those exchanged by Allen and Pash.

22 responses to “Bruce Allen, Jeff Pash exchanged more than 1,000 emails

  1. So we now know that the NFL Office plays favorites. This convinces me that the league has cheated many teams out of money and draft picks, i.e. New Orleans, (Bountygate), New England, (Spygate, Deflategate), just to name a couple.
    Sort of like the Well’s Investigation where Jeff Pash was the “lead” of the “independent” investigation. The NFL is eating itself from within!

  2. We really need to get to the bottom of this, NFL fans have a right to know what’s going on behind the scenes at Park Avenue

  3. For context, how many emails are there between Pash and other NFL team executives during the same time period?

  4. I respectfully disagree. The public does not have the right to know everything that a portion of the public wants to know. Private conversations, private comments, and private opinions are just that: PRIVATE!

  5. Why do i feel this whole thing is gonna end up falling upon the ownership of the WFT in an attempt to get ownership to sell.

  6. It confirms what anyone with half a brain has suspected during Goodell’s entire tenure, that the NFL front office is on the payroll of select teams. Why else would the referee pick up a flag for pass interference against Dallas late in a playoff game against the Lions during the 2016 playoffs that was as clear as day?

    Many other teams have similar beefs. I say clean house!

  7. So far this all seems to be centered around De Smith. 1st batch of emails (about Gruden) were to get sympathy votes for De Smith on voting day. 2nd batch (or 3rd if u count Gruden email leaks as 2) was about Pash, who was De Smith’s and Kessler’s #1 opponent in the collective bargaining battle years ago. So far the leaks have ties to De Smith. If further emails come out that will shed more light as to whether it’s a coincidence or not.

  8. No company would do what you are requesting. Why should the NFL?

    Since taxpayers all over the country foot the bill for NFL stadiums, infrastructure, military flyovers, etc., I think it’s fair for the public to expect that they don’t operate under a total cloud of secrecy and/or illegality.

  9. Look – there is no evidence that there has been any misconduct here. This is all a fishing expedition. And frankly, if there is an average of 2 emails per week between the two, I would bet you there are probably that many emails with many clubs – so I dont see how this screams favoritism.

    I suspect that if you went through many employers emails – it is likely you may come across a couple of troublesome ones. Law of averages.

  10. My guess is that of those 650,000 emails, about 200,000 of them are purportedly from Paypal telling Bruce that his account will be closed at the end of the day unless he confirms his login details. 🙂

  11. It’s far from a private entity.

    The league is owned by the fans. We have a right to know when we are being manipulated.

    Or the billionaires can build their own stadiums?

  12. Getting all of these emails would be a sports journalist’s dream. Just keep working their sources and eventually they will come out.

  13. skinsprinting says:
    October 20, 2021 at 11:31 am
    For context, how many emails are there between Pash and other NFL team executives during the same time period?

    Excellent question! Would love to see those comparisons.

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