Case Keenum will start for Browns Thursday night

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield felt like he could play on Thursday night despite a torn labrum in his left shoulder, but the Browns felt otherwise.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski announced on Wednesday that Case Keenum will start at quarterback against the Broncos.

“Case Keenum will be our starter tomorrow night and we have full confidence in him to lead us and do the things necessary to put us in position to win,” Stefanski said, via the team’s website. “Baker fought really hard to play, he’s a competitor and obviously wants to be out there but just couldn’t make it on a short week. We know he will continue to do everything in his power to return as quickly as possible.”

The game will mark Keenum’s first start since he was with Washington in the 2019 season and it will provide him a chance to face off with the team he quarterbacked for the entire 2018 campaign. Assuming Teddy Bridgewater‘s foot allows him to start for the Broncos, it will also be a matchup of former teammates as Bridgewater served as a backup to Keenum while returning from a serious knee injury with the Vikings in 2017.

19 responses to “Case Keenum will start for Browns Thursday night

  1. Loved this guy in Minnesota. Twice the excitement of Cousins at half the cost. I’ll root for him.

  2. Right move. Defense needs to come up big. They are only missing JOK. No reason why they can’t come up big and help offense out this week.

  3. Nobody should play football with a torn labrum. Get it repaired, Baker, and let it fully heal. Don’t be fooled into thinking any NFL owner thinks of you, and all other players, as anything more than replaceable parts.

  4. I can’t help but think of all those draft picks blown by Sashi Brown and then too John Dorsey.Sure,Dorsey got things turned around but he missed on most of his drafts choices,especially the #1 overall QB & #5 with Denzel Ward & #33 OG Corbett.

  5. When Keenum lights it up, Baker will probably sitting a few more weeks to “heal”. He knows the offense and is a savy veteran. Not elite, but good. That’s all you need for that offense.

  6. As a Denver fan I’m rooting for Case as well. Not that I’m a Browns or Keenum fan, I just want Our (Denver) HC & OC GONE, NOW. A lose to The very injured Browns (after a miserable showing against the Raiders) could make that happen sooner than later. I’m not alone in wanting this coaching staff gone either. So Cleveland, can you help a fellow (an entire fan base)out???? Please

  7. I like Baker. Looking forward to seeing Case.

    Take it from Daniel Tiger, Baker. “When you’re sick, rest is best, rest is best.”

  8. Kevin Stefanski was Case Keenum’s QB coach up in Minnesota during that magical ‘17 season run for the Vikings,so there’s familiarity. You never know,this might be another Carson Wentz to Nick Foles situation. Case Keenum may catch fire again and take the Browns to the glory land.

  9. Fun fact. In Case Keenum’s 1 year as the Vikings starter he has as many postseason wins as Cousins does in 3+ years. Also, with Case’s salary they could’ve afforded to keep the defense together.

    Let’s hope Case makes the best of his spot start as he did in Minnesota.

  10. I hope Progressive updates their commercial to show Case Keenum putting his feet up in Baker’s house.

  11. Keenum works with WRs that can make contested catches as the guy is not afraid of tight windows. Leads to plenty of INTs though. He’s a good QB and a great back-up, and I’m no huge Cousins’ homer, but anyone that thinks he’s better than Cousins or even Mayfield is nuts.

  12. It will get ugly in Cleveland fast. The Broncos are very familiar with Case Keenum as he was their QB. The Broncos win this one.

  13. The grass isn’t always greener and there is a reason Keenum is a career backup. Keenum, Foles, Fitzpatrick, Josh McCowen, Tyrod Taylor, Hoyer…high end backups, short term starters.

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