Daniel Snyder denies leaking WFT emails

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The NFL won’t say whether it’s investigating the origin of the leaks of emails that brought down Raiders coach Jon Gruden and exposed a too-cozy relationship between NFL general counsel Jeff Pash and former Washington president Bruce Allen. One of the few potential suspects has denied on the record any role in the leaking of emails.

In response to former Washington cheerleader and cheerleading marketing director Melanie Coburn expressing a belief that Snyder leaked the emails, Snyder mobilized his lawyer to deny, deny, deny.

“Any suggestion by Ms. Coburn that anyone associated with the Washington Football Team was behind any leaks concerning Jon Gruden is categorically false and part of a pattern of misinformation being spread by Ms. Coburn,” Jordan Siev said in a statement issued to Fox News, via the New York Post.

Coburn believes Snyder leaked the emails in order to place all blame for the workplace dysfunction on Allen. However, the leaks have created major issues for the WFT, renewing calls for transparency in the investigation and, more specifically, the release of 650,000 emails that, according to the league, were sent to and from Allen over a 10-year period.

It makes no sense for Snyder to invite that scrutiny. Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time Snyder did something that makes no sense.

Regardless, someone with access to the emails leaked the Gruden emails and then the Pash emails. The leaks, which possibly came from different people, could have come only from someone who had the ability to leak the emails. Not many did, or do.

Thus, if the NFL wanted to get to the bottom of the leaks, it quite possibly could. If it did, however, it then would potentially have to impose discipline on an owner. If, of course, the league office’s investigation didn’t ultimately point a finger right back at the league office.

The league won’t investigate, because the league doesn’t want to identify the leaker or, more importantly, to disclose the leaker. The league also has no desire to released the emails or any other information regarding the investigation, and the league hopes to run out the clock before anyone gets to whatever it is that someone is trying to hide.

Plenty continue to encourage us to push for the truth. Anyone who knows anything and would like to help us keep nudge the rock of concealment toward the cliff of transparency, let us know if you have any information.

40 responses to “Daniel Snyder denies leaking WFT emails

  1. On a positive note, some good came out of it. A bigot was removed from his coaching job that had position of power over people from backgrounds he didn’t like. Raiders looked good without Gruden.

  2. The fact that Snyder is denying he is the leaker means absolutely nothing. He has zero credibility. You know he’s lying when his lips move.

  3. Ask yourself this..

    Has the league even bothered to launch an investigation into who the leaker might be?


    Because, the stink comes from Goodell’s office.

  4. I do believe Snyder had them leaked to embarrass Allen and deflect the heat off himself.
    It’s his style.

  5. Snyder can’t claim that no one in his entire organization was responsible for the email leak when we don’t yet know who did it. When a denial has a nasty tone like this – I get very suspicious.

    I’d be more inclined to believe Snyder if he kept it simple, said he had nothing to do with the leak, and the leak doesn’t benefit him. But tossing in an accusation that attacks someone who wants to see all the emails? It’s like when someone makes an over-the-top angry denial and starts threatening people – it’s not proof of guilty. but it’s suspicious

    In this case they used their denial to lash out against a cheerleader who exposed their defective workplace culture. Not proof – but suspicious.

  6. At some point the owners need to pressure Snyder to liquidate. This franchise is becoming too embarrassing for The Shield.

  7. You cannot trust Snyder or Goodell, so it does no good if they go on record and deny anything. These people think they are untouchable and above US law.

    Is there anyone who has recently left the NFL offices who may have had access to those emails? Not many people had access to them, so this can’t be that hard.

  8. With Dan “sitting on the bench”, did anyone bother to ask Tanya Snyder if she was the leaker? She’s in charge now.

  9. Just curious: how can Snyder’s lawyer know that the suggestion is “categorically false”? There are a lot of people associated with the WFT, and he and Snyder can’t have ruled them all out … unless they know who did leak the emails on Gruden, which doesn’t seem likely. I’ll guess the lawyer is just making an overly broad, baseless assertion motivated by animus towards Coburn, much like the original suggestion from Coburn was probably a baseless assertion motivated by animus towards Snyder.

  10. Transcript from a meeting between Snyder and Goodell.. “you know Dan, just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber.. you go and do something like this.. and totally redeem yourself!!”

  11. NFL and Snyder have no motive to torpedo Gruden. Says to me the leak was more likely a random joe from the investigation’s IT or admin team who was offended by Gruden’s emails and decided to punch his ticket.

  12. It’s safe to assume that the owners have enough dirt on one another that the NFL can’t risk exposing one without the potential for mutually assured destruction.

  13. Staying suspiciously quiet over all
    Of this is former coach and brother of John Gruden,Jay.
    Snyder also has a lawsuit against
    Bruce Allen that was filed in another country to keep American
    Press out of the Loop.
    Follow the bread crumbs and you will
    Find the insects……

  14. So I have to figure out which guy is lying about something between Dan Snyder and Rodger Goodell?

  15. In 1999 Daniel Snyder purchased the Washington Franchise from the Jack Kent Cooke estate
    which included the stadium in Landover,MD.MR Snyder was clearly not happy with being saddled
    with the stadium that still carried the Legacy of Cooke and he sought to put his own “BRAND”
    on his team.
    However, there was a 20year lease on it so he had to wait some time before trying to get released from this contract. Attempts were made to move back to Wash.but came with stipulations from the D.C.government that he strongly opposed.He then sought properties
    in M.D.only to be threatened by lawsuits from taxpayers that footed the bill for the stadium. His attention then turned to the state of VIRGINIA.10 years have past and now it
    is 2009.ENTER BRUCE ALLEN,: brother of recently retired GOVERNOR(1994-1998)and SENATOR(2001-2007)GEORGE ALLEN JR. from VIRGINIA.. (coincidence?) Bruce’s then record as GM with TAMPA was a combined 40-55.
    Surely out of the 650,000 e-mails,there must be some between the two brothers with some backroom chat about properties available and people to connect with about building a possible site in that state.
    Could this be the reason ROGER GOODELL does not want to wade in the murky waters of the political swamp by releasing these e-mails? could this also be political quicksand for
    the NFL?……..centipedes have many legs….

  16. Dan, your track record speaks for itself. You’ve been lying to us WFT fans for over 30 years.

  17. Well written. The league will bury this just like they did the original “investigation”. Remember when the league allowed Washington to investigate itself? That’s how much the league cares about this situation and women’s rights in the workplace. My question is why do the league owner’s continue to allow Snyder to be a stain on the league? Because the franchise pulls in money? This team has been the worst run organization in the league for over 20 years and pulls in billions. That team will generate revenue regardless of who is owner. The owner need to step up and drop the hammer and “protect the shield” from Dan Snyder since Roger the puppet will not do a thing.

  18. The league sure doesn’t seem upset by these leaks and there’s no talk of an investigation or of charging anybody if they’re caught. And hugely convenient that nobody has been made to look bad beyond a guy who’d already been fired and a coach who hated Goodell. That tells you all you need to know right there.

  19. The whole thing looks bad for everyone involved. With Gruden being targeted the obvious public outcry was for more transparency…and hey, what else was in those 650k emails?

    The NFL has closed its blinds and is just hoping the mob outside with torches and pitchforks will go away. And that’s because THEY (the NFL & the owners) must want to keep some stuff out of the public eye.

  20. Isn’t this the typical NFL action. What are they hiding, a guy says something ten years ago and look what happens, now mum is the word

  21. Sounds like someone in the League office didn’t quite think through the consequences of releasing a few emails.

  22. If something like this was done against the wishes of a vengeful vindictive organization like the NFL with a history of paying attention to what precedents get set, the push we would see from them to root it out would be huge. They would absolutely not mess around and it would be almost scary to watch. It would not stop with a public denial.

  23. Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined says:
    October 21, 2021 at 3:37 pm
    Sounds like someone in the League office didn’t quite think through the consequences of releasing a few emails.

    I’m betting they thought about it a lot, had a couple meetings even. And thats why they decided to go ahead with it.

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