Derrick Henry is the AFC offensive player of the week

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans
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Running back Derrick Henry ran the Titans to another win on Monday and now he’s been honored for his performance.

For the second time this season, Henry is the AFC offensive player of the week.

Henry rushed for 143 yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries, also adding a pair of receptions for 13 yards. He had a 76-yard touchdown run in the second quarter and scored a go-ahead 13-yard touchdown with 3:05 left in the contest.

The running back now leads the league with 783 yards rushing, 162 carries, and 10 touchdowns. Henry’s currently averaging 130.5 yards per game, which puts him on pace for a record 2,219 yards in 17 games.

He’s gone over 100 yards rushing in five consecutive games, with at least 130 yards in four of them.

Henry was also the AFC offensive player of the week after the team’s victory over the Seahawks back in Week Two.

The Titans are now 4-2 with a matchup against the Chiefs at home in Week Seven.

2 responses to “Derrick Henry is the AFC offensive player of the week

  1. I respect the football analysis on PFT. But, your showing you tailfeathers on Derrick Henry. I thought Chris Simms might have addressed this, because, without this one run, Henry did do much. How about addressing the elephant that wasn’t called in the Bills loss to the Titans. On Derrick Henry’s 72-yard scamper to the endzone, wasn’t Bills safety (Micah Hyde) was held by the Titan’s TE !! Micah Hyde was at the point of attack and twisted by the TE, who had his hand inside of MH’s shoulder pads above his shoulder. You all show a very clear picture of this !!! but without pointing it out or bringing it up. I am pretty sure you can’t put your hands inside of the pads of another player your blocking and use that to help you hold onto the person. It was far more flagrant than Bill’s WR Emmanuel Sanders’s called hold. The Titan’s TE hold of Micah Hyde (who was IN the hole, ready to make the tackle) keep it from being a 3-yard run. Talk about “material” can’t get more material than that. And, no one pointed this out as far as announcers or commentary following the game. Everyone just wants to point to it as if Henry is King and he isn’t when hold caused the end result, not him

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