Olin Kreutz wants to punch Aaron Rodgers in the face

Chicago Bears v Buffalo Bills
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On Sunday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers made his thoughts regarding the Bears known to their fans. Then, a former Bears player made his thoughts regarding Rodgers known.

Olin Kreutz, appearing on WSCR radio in Chicago, said of Rodgers, “I’d like to punch him in his face.”

“When you see that, that’s your first reaction, right?,” Kreutz added regarding Rodgers’s interaction with Chicago fans after scoring a touchdown at Soldier Field, via NBCChicago.com. “I don’t care if you’re right. I don’t care what his excuse is, that just is your first reaction. To me, that’s a lame excuse. . . . Just because you’re right doesn’t make you right for doing it.”

Rodgers addressed Kreutz’s remarks during his weekly appearance with Pat McAfee.

“Are we getting that soft as a society that we can’t have a back and forth now?” Rodgers said, via NBCSportsChicago.com. “Somebody can pay for a ticket and say whatever the hell they want, which I think they should be able to, that’s fine, but the one time you say something back to them, that gets caught on hot mic . . . now it’s that I’ve disrespected an entire city and organization and my own organization.”

Yeah, it’s a damn shame that people would be so sensitive.

Meanwhile, Kreutz may not have engaged in mere hyperbole. In 2005, he punched Bears teammate Fred Miller in the face, breaking his jaw. Kreutz reportedly did the same thing prior to the 1998 draft with a University of Washington teammate, based on an ESPN.com item regarding the Miller injury.

So, basically, Rodgers should keep his head on a swivel. Of all the people who’d possibly like to punch him in the face, Kreutz is one with a clear track record of punching faces.

36 responses to “Olin Kreutz wants to punch Aaron Rodgers in the face

  1. “Just because you’re right doesn’t make you right for doing it.”
    — Olin Kreutz

    “I’d like to punch him in his face.”
    — Olin Kreutz

    I wonder if Mr. Kreutz understands or is even aware of the irony, the contradiction, or the hypocrisy in his own comments?

  2. Yeah, I was thinking if Rodgers had done that in a different era, Dick Butkus and Doug Atkins would have had him spending Sunday night in a Chicago hospital. But it’s a different league now.

  3. So Diva QB calls society soft because Diva QB wants no part of large strong angry man who feels insulted by Diva QB’s comments and thus wants to throw down with the Diva QB (who wants no part of the large strong angry man)? Soft indeed.

  4. “Just because you’re right doesn’t make you right for doing it.”

    Laughing out loud. If you don’t want it said than don’t let it happen. Win a game. Even as a Packer fan I am tired of this rivalry being so one sided. Another example of someone blaming others for their own problems.

  5. Chicago sports fans, lol. They talk so tough, mouth full of meatballs. But when it all goes south, they fall so hard. It’s always massively entertaining.

  6. Bottom line, it was a needless, classless move. You are an elder statesmen in the NFL, an MVP, a Pro Boweler and a future HOFer. Score your touchdown, take your victory and as it has been said to many players “act like you’ve been there before”. I get what Olin means: yes, you’ve dominated this team but be a professional and stop this nonsense.

  7. “Are we getting that soft as a society that we can’t have a back and forth now?” Rodgers said

    Rich coming from the Passive Aggressive King. By the way, how did Rodgers know Olin said this? Was he Googling himself again?

  8. If fans are going to yell obsenities, give players the double-finger etc… i think a little shade thrown back at them is more than fine. Rodgers didn’t make any personal comments, nothing racial, sexual or otherwise. He just very eagerly (and correctly) stated a fact. Maybe Chicagoinians should grow some thicker skin. Also – it is a good life lesson – that if you cannot do anything to affect the outcome of something, maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

  9. It was taunting! The league doesn’t like that, poor sportsmanship and all. He should be fined.

  10. Please, everyone, please… cut Aaron a little slack. You must keep in mind that he’s a complicated fella.

  11. Olin is a real tough guy sitting in his recliner yelling at the television. If he were to punch anyone in the face, how about starting with Ryan Pace for his cruddy drafts as GM of the Bears, and the McCaskeys for pretty much 30+ years of futility.

  12. Sometimes the worst people are right, and Aaron’s right. I guess owning the Bears is an OK consolation for not owning more rings.

  13. Greenbay has been spoiled with QB play for over 20 years. They almost messed that up this off season. Don’t worry Bears, payback is not many years away.

  14. Kreutz is full of it. There is very little more than air and opportunity between him and Rodgers. I’m certain a face-to-face could easily be arranged. And if he’s feeling froggy, all he has to do is jump.

  15. There is a huge distinction between after game trash talk and threatening physical violence. Just as there is a huge difference between the joy of achievement and the need to denigrate others by engaging in taunting. Yes Rogers, who is a prickly personality, did step over the line after the game but Olin took a flying leap past what is acceptable post game smack talk.

  16. This former Chicago Bears linebacker, with a history of violence against teammates, threatened violence against Aaron Rodgers for beating the Bears too frequently.

    Olin Kreutz.

    Oh, I’m sorry, who is Olin Kreutz?

  17. I’m a huge fan of Rodgers. Bears Fan feels insulted. How the hell you think Rodgers felt when some drunk chick gives him the double-bird. She, and every “fan” just like her, got exactly what they deserved.

  18. Where are all the people that were saying Rodgers has no passion to play after week 1? He was showing some passion which is just fine with me and that lady giving him the double birds will have a story to tell for the rest of her life. I don’t see the problem with athletes showing some emotion, passion isn’t always classy.

  19. Olin your trying to hard to get attention especially when 99 % of sports fans never
    even heard of you .

  20. wiremans12 says:
    October 20, 2021 at 8:14 pm
    Olin your trying to hard to get attention especially when 99 % of sports fans never
    even heard of you .

    Olin Kruetz was a 6 time pro-bowler and a member of the HOF 2000s team.

  21. So Olin wants to punch Aaron. That’s mature. What Rodgers said was not just accurate but pretty mild within the realm of football trash talking. If Jay Cutler, as talented as he was, had that spark in him maybe the Bears might have won a few more big games.

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