Report: Dolphins’ deal for Deshaun Watson could happen this week

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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The Texans have kept Deshaun Watson on their roster all season, but they have made him inactive for every game. Watson soon may have a new home and a chance to revive his career.

The Texans could have a deal with the Dolphins completed this week, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports. The trade deadline is Nov. 2, and the Dolphins play the Texans on Dec. 7.

Miami long has been linked with Watson, whom Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reportedly has coveted since the quarterback requested a trade from Houston in the offseason. The sides have talked on and off for months, but McClain reports those “talks have intensified into serious negotiations.”

The Dolphins have lost five in a row, the most recent coming Sunday in London against the previous winless Jaguars. Jacksonville hadn’t won a game since the 2020 season opener. Second-year quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Miami’s first-round choice in 2020, has not worked out as hoped with three touchdowns and two interceptions in the three games he has played this season.

Texans General Manager Nick Caserio has been asking for three first-round draft choices and two second-round picks. Watson has a no-trade clause and would have to approve any deal, but it is expected he would accept a trade to the Dolphins.

Watson still faces 22 civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual assault and misconduct, and police and NFL investigations are ongoing. The NFL, to this point, has not had a decision to make about whether to place Watson on the Commissioner’s Exempt List.

Watson, 26, has thrown 104 touchdowns and 36 interceptions. He made the Pro Bowl in each of the past three seasons.

64 responses to “Report: Dolphins’ deal for Deshaun Watson could happen this week

  1. I’m going to assume that Tua goes to the Texans and the Fish just stick Watson in on day one and let the chip fall where they may?

  2. Prediction: Dolphins give the house away and Watson’s legal problems get worse and the fish yet again make a bad move!

  3. There must be some MAJOR conditions for this trade. I cannot imagine even the most inept GM trading all that capital for a guy who at best has “character issues” and at worst abuses women. As much as my Panthers need a QB I wouldn’t feel comfortable making that trade.

  4. Unfortunately, Tua’s play of late isn’t going to make it cheaper if he is included in the deal.

  5. If Caserio can pull this off and rid Texans of Watson drama while gaining (3) 1st rounders, plus a couple 2nd rounders, and possibly Tua as a bit of a project/backup, he should be GM of the year.

  6. 3 first and 2 seconds gone so how does Miami expect to build the team with no draft capital for FOUR YEARS!

  7. It’s mind boggling to me that a team is willing to take Watson and the legal mess that comes along with him. No thanks. I don’t care how good he is. He probably won’t play a snap.

  8. Don’t do it, Dolphins. He is going to be ineligible to play and you’ll mortgage your future on a guy who won’t touch the field.

  9. I’d be shocked if he ever took another snap in an NFL game! I can’t believe any team would trade for this train wreck.

  10. Why not wait until the off-season and see if he’s going to be disciplined or go to jail? The Dolphins aren’t going anywhere this season and Watson isn’t going to help him this year anyway.

  11. Dolphins can make a trade based ONLY on number of games played over the next 2-3 seasons very simple, the Texans have very little leverage.
    Btw, Texans at Dolphins on 11-7, not 12-7.

  12. The Texans are PRAYING that this happens. They will even throw in free brain scans for the Miami management team.

  13. Ross is in a trance(again). Grier and Flores can’t/won’t snap him out of it and it will set the Fins back 5 years. They’ll go from Tank with Tua to Die with Deshaun.
    Thank you
    Bills fan

  14. I wouldn’t want Tua if I’m Houston unless I can flip him elsewhere immediately. He’s a tease. Will never stay healthy.

  15. It’s being reported that the Football Team is in discussions with the Dolphins to trade for Tua if the Watson deal gets done, per Coty Davis. Possible 3 team deal.

  16. The Dolphins still need an offensive line and if they give up a bunch of draft picks to get this clown they still won’t have the picks needed to get one that is good.

  17. Very, very few players are worth three firsts and a pair of seconds, and that’s assuming the player doesn’t have a plethora of possible pending criminal charges.

  18. If the Dolphins are smart, and nobody has accused them of that recently, they will make the draft picks they pay to get Watson conditional on his being able to play the entire season.

  19. If you don’t have a top rated QB, you don’t have a chance in this league. Period. I’m not condoning his behavior, but I will root for him once he’s on the squad.

  20. Cause Tua is the reason they lost to Jax? QB play was way down the list of things wrong with this team. If Grier trades away all our assets for a guy that’s not playing for two years he should be immediately fired. We can’t even tank this year cause we basically used two first rounders for Jarvis Landry 2.0

  21. The Texans demands need to be very high because they are trading an elite player with a very affordable long term contract. This would put the fish in a conversation for the Superbowl within a couple of years.

  22. I’ve been saying for months of course you do the deal. When you can’t draft who cares about picks anyways. Get it done and at least you can attract free agents with a legitimate proven QB once he gets on the field.

  23. The Dolphins organization and its fans are only fooling themselves if they think that they’re just a QB away from success!

  24. Worth it. Makes sense.
    Deshaun 26 yr, outstanding rare talent. First round picks not guaranteed to be success, so trading them for at least 10 year sure thing.
    Ride Brissett in mean time. Thank goodness folks here not GMs.

  25. Please for the love of god don’t let Grier make this trade as a desperate attempt to save his job

  26. It’s almost poetic that it’s Miami. Years after they fleeced Houston in the Tunsil trade, they are gonna give the picks pack. Had they used those picks well, they may be OK without the future picks. They did not do a great job drafting the last few years.

  27. seems like if there was going to be serious legal problems for Watson they would have happened by now. could we be on the verge of another quarteback swap? Maybe not as good as the last one.

  28. The worst most recent decision by Grier was that debacle of a trade he made in the draft. Fire Grier NOW

  29. Philly has Miami’s first next year. So what, they plan to trade 2023 and 2024 1sts as well? How are they supposed to make their team better? Accepting that contract means you need cheap labor (draft picks) to contribute. So you get the QB, but trade away the things you need to compete to do so?

  30. Let’s be honest, if Watson was a fringe player, he would never see the field again. As a marquee QB, his misdeeds will be publicly admonished, while suiting him up and still trotting him out onto the field.

  31. Dolphins are far from being one player away….

    If they trade the house and farm for Watson, it will cripple their franchise for another decade.

    Meanwhile, if Houston can get a decent GM and coach, they will be set for the next decade

  32. As an eagles fan, this isn’t good news. Philly owns the dolphins 1st rounder next year and I think that would currently be the #3 pick? Or somewhere around there, but if Watson were to play I definitely think that pick would be falling lower and lower. Hopefully it’s still a top 10 pick at the end of the year. Hopefully Watson doesn’t play a snap though.

  33. If I were building an NFL team I’d want a great offensive line first . A great offensive line can make an average quarterback and runningback look good .

  34. Miami is trying to get this done now for cheaper then 3 1s and 2 2s. That is the whole point of doing it now, if they would wait till next off season he could be cleared and be worth more with more teams wanting him. Miami also doesn’t expect him to play this year, this is their best chance at getting Watson and getting him at a lower price. These are the only reasons they are trying this now.

    By the way the Texans don’t want Tua, so Dolphin fans don’t get your hopes up of getting rid of him so easy.

  35. IMO this stuff is being spread by the Texans to stir up interest and try to keep Watson’s trade value high. Not saying Ross doesn’t want him, but Houston is the side doing the hard sell. Both teams may be desperate, but only one has tens of millions of $ invested in a player who might wind up in the pen for the foreseeable future.

  36. Here’s a list of QB blunders by my Dolphins since Dan Marino retired: In 2005 they were 50/50 on drafting Ronnie Brown the RB, or a QB named Aaron Rodgers… they went Brown because of Ricky Williams’ weed smoking….. in 2006 they were in deep contract talks with Drew Brees, and Brees’ preference was to sign with the Dolphins. The Dolphins instead traded for Daunte Culpepper and Brees signed with the Saints a few days later. in 2008 The Dolphins were again 50/50, they could take Jake Long the LT or Matt Ryan the hot shot QB…. they went Jake Long (needing a QB they still took Chad Henne in round 2). In 2012 they could have waited out the draft and ended up with Russell Wilson, instead they took Ryan Tannehill #8 overall… in 2020 they chose Tua over Justin Herbert (still TBA on this one)… now they want to flush Tua for a guy that may be in prison before 2022….. I just.. I don’t get it.

  37. This is business that an owner shouldn’t get involved in. But let’s not act like the front office of the Dolphins have made any sound decisions with our personnel aside from acquiring said picks. If we trade for Watson then we just throw away the 5th pick for Tua. And the picks we made with our “offensive” line. Gaskin is our top back. In any other offense he would be a backup or 1B. He’s solid. But we haven’t had a dangerous running game since Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown were splitting carries. The rebuild should’ve started with an RB. Yet the only thing we keep is other teams backup power runners and draft the occassional 5th-7th round selection. This coaching staff would make Watson look like Rosen. Flores has no business being involved in the offense. That’s why we’re on our 3rd, 4th, and 5th offensive coaches. If we trade for Watson that means Grier and Flores have to go.

  38. redclaw1314 says:
    October 20, 2021 at 5:53 pm
    The Texans demands need to be very high because they are trading an elite player with a very affordable long term contract. This would put the fish in a conversation for the Superbowl within a couple of years.
    Desean Watson- 4 seasons with the Texans and 0 SB appearances. Even before being grounded, the Texans were not even in the conversation for the playoffs.

  39. All is coming together. Let’s do this. Offense line only gets you so far. Look at Dallas all those years with the #1 OL. Did they get what they paid for? If you dont win SB then the answer is NO. Get Watson I’ve always said Miami needs a running QB. Watson is that guy! Then ship Tua off to where ever never like that pick to begin with. Then start focusing on our Defense. Defense wins championships period! Look at the Chiefs . Mahomes is only human and can do only so much. No defense = bad season.

  40. Watson is a stat sheet filler for sure. But a choker and alleged sexual predator. There’s no way Miami gives up anywhere near 3 1st rounders. Has no one noticed what Miami has done via FA, trades and the draft under this GM? Do you really believe they’ll poop the bed on this trade?

  41. No way to make a trade with “conditional” draft picks unless you make the picks be for 2023 or beyond. At this point there is no timing in the adjudication of the sexual assault accusations which may turn into criminal charges.

  42. If I were building an NFL team I’d want a great offensive line first . A great offensive line can make an average quarterback and runningback look good .

    Miami tried this once already drafting Jake Long over Matt Ryan.

  43. Just keep those picks and use on oline.. like in thr the first rounds, stop trying to be cute and find these “gems”… look how Good Dak Prescott looks behind that awesome line that Dallas has… it ain’t really that frigging hard… Tua is not the problem!

  44. What a weird situation. First, there’s no assurance that the league will allow Watson to play. Second, have the Dolphins just given up on Tua this quickly? (remember, ‘Tank for Tua’ anyone?). He’s had a lot of injuries and Herbert and Burrow have been better, but they’re financially so much better allowing him to improve. Sure, if Watson is immediately available and won’t have legal issues, he’s an upgrade; but that’s far from a sure thing and the impact on Tua mentally would be horrible. I can’t understand why anyone would be so hot on Watson; at best, if he’s exonerated, he still has been shown to be an incredibly weird guy with horrible judgment.

  45. Miami is just an embarrassment as a franchise, unbelievable how they run that org especially after they said publicly they want high Character players. Keep giving away players so they can be successful elsewhere, that’s the Dolphins for you. I’m sure this will make them the most beloved team in the NFL. Stay classy MIA

  46. I’d be ticked if I’m Tua. Like, “get me out of this mess”. Could be a reclamation project, like Sam Darnold.

  47. I have officially renounced my fan status as a Fin Fan. I’ve actually been done with them years ago, but never admitted it. Chad Henne did it for me. I’ve been a fan since 1971 when I was 12. Now at 62, finally goodbye.This is beyond a clown car of a franchise.

  48. Well if Tau goes to Texas in the deal he will have the rookie QBs lucky charm Tyrod Taylor – Tyrod will get hurt and Tau will luckout and have a good year.

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