Report: Whitney Mercilus is expected to sign with Packers

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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It didn’t take long for defensive end Whitney Mercilus to find a new place to play.

Aaron Wilson of SportsTalk790 reports that Mercilus is expected to sign with the Packers. There’s no word on when an agreement might be finalized.

Mercilus was released by the Texans on Tuesday in his 10th season with the team. He had 12 tackles and three sacks in six games with the Texans this season.

The Packers have a need on the edges of their defense. Za'Darius Smith had back surgery early this month and is on injured reserve along with Chauncey Rivers. Preston Smith played eight snaps last weekend because of an oblique injury, which left a lot of playing time for Rashan Gary and Jonathan Garvin.

25 responses to “Report: Whitney Mercilus is expected to sign with Packers

  1. The geniuses over at 1265 Lombardi have done it again. Wish our GM was a magician like this guy

  2. I like this move, but i have to wonder where they’re getting the money for this. I thought they were in cap hell.

  3. Another example of patching together a team that has been beaten down by injuries one street pick-up at a time. So far so good.

  4. It’s a beautiful thing when your team really shows their fan base they are going for it THIS YEAR. “How bout them PACKERS!”

  5. Everyone wants to play for the winningest franchise of all time. Makes sense. Bring the Lombardi back to…wait for it… Lombardi Avenue!

  6. Enjoyed watching him play here in Houston. Great player and a community leader. Texans did him and Watt a solid letting them join a contender

  7. If he’s a vested vet, and was on the Texans’ roster for the first game of the season, he is entitled to his entire year salary. Releasing him does not end that obligation of the Texans. Meanwhile, the Packers may well have picked him up for veteran’s minimum on a game by game basis. Waytogo Pack.

  8. I was for this signing when I saw it, but assumed Kansas City would snatch him up. Glad to see some critical thinking coming out of the GM’s office.

  9. I am a Packer fan. I watch every game, every year. I recognized more names on the Bears defense than GB’s last week.

  10. Not much of a Packer fan if you didn’t recognize the names.

    Might want to get that checked out

  11. Gee, you might almost think Green Bay is doing all it can to win this year. But we’ve been told that’s crazy.

  12. >> magnusthe1st says: I have to wonder where they’re getting the money for this. I thought they were in cap hell. <<

    Houston is still on the hook for most of Mercilus' 2021 salary. Same for Dallas and Jaylon Smith. GB were able to sign both for vet's min.

    Green Bay was estimated to be $5-7M under the cap. Not only are they not in cap hell, but likely have a bit of flex left for at least one more depth move.

  13. As a packers fan, I’m thrilled. I don’t think for a second that a guy like Jaylon Smith or Whitney Mercilus can truly replace Z Smith, P Smith or Jaire Alexander. Still, I like that our GM is trying to do SOMETHING. Isn’t this what fans of every team wants? I’m still hoping that, since these acquisitions didn’t cost much, there may be a more significant trade in the next 10-days to bring us an impact player to the D-line, secondary or WR. Now that– would be all in!

  14. When rodgers wins or “owns you” it’s I. When the packers lose it’s We when Rodgers talks about it. Welcome Whitney to the only team where you can only lose

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