Baker Mayfield has fractured humerus


On Tuesday, Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield sounded like someone who wanted to play through his shoulder injury. On Thursday, it’s clear that Mayfield needs some time to heal.

Mayfield told Jay Glazer of Fox Sports that Mayfield has a fracture in his humerus bone, at the shoulder. Mayfield said that the fracture is preventing his rotator cuff from “firing.”

When Mayfield suffered his latest shoulder dislocation on Sunday against the Cardinals, the fracture happened.

“I need that fracture to heal for me to get back out there,” Mayfield told Glazer.

Mayfield hopes the fracture will heal in time for him to play next Sunday, when the Browns face the Steelers. Of course, the fracture is just part of the damage that Mayfield has suffered as a result of two dislocations. Thus, whether the Browns agree with Mayfield’s assessment remains to be seen.

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  1. The the Browns D is playing (kicked my Bears furry butt), take your time Baker. Case is doing fine in your place tonight.

  2. This is no laughing matter. The Browns need him so badly in order to make the playoffs, it isn’t funny.

  3. Case Keenum looks fine tonight. The “Minneapolis Miracle” QB may now be the “Cleveland Conundrum”.

  4. Earth to Baker-a fracture takes longer than 2 weeks to heal. On the plus side, more time to work on commercials.

  5. When they miss the playoffs, maybe he can make one of those commercials in the empty Browns stadium, “his house”, watching the playoffs on the big screen….

  6. Told u Browns fan Kwenum could do everything Mayfield does. Maybe 1 day u will listen

  7. I am not a Browns fan I’m a Lions fan but that doesn’t change my opinion on this. If the Browns answer yes to either of these they should sit him and give him weeks or a month not days or a week. Are you sure he’s your best shot this year to have a good season? Have you already decided internally that he’s the Long Term answer at QB? If yea to either sit the man and let him heal. Remember the jersey with all the QBs that have played for Cleveland as they’ve gone through the desert. If HE’S the one to stop that narrative you dont let him get permanently lessened by a further injury. Browns fans that’s how I see it, I think you have a 1/3 shot of still having a good season but that is dangling over a precipice that is 7-10 or worse and doesn’t need much of a push to fall into. IMO

  8. Tony Broome says:
    October 21, 2021 at 9:10 pm
    This is no laughing matter. The Browns need him so badly in order to make the playoffs, it isn’t funny.
    The Browns and Mayfield are 1-3 this season against teams with a winning record.

  9. Sorry to hear this bad news. What I’ve seen is that this year’s Cleveland football team is competently coached and well played. If Case K can keep the wheels on, this team will do alright.

  10. atfirstglance says:
    October 21, 2021 at 9:15 pm
    Is it a fractured humerus or a fractured hubris?

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    The Browns are screwed like Baltimore. Neither QB is worth 40 million per for a variety differing reasons.

  11. The Karma God’s are giving the Browns a way out of doing a long term extension for Baker. Take advantage of it please

  12. All JOKES aside you need a healthy humerus bone to help your rotator cuff to FIRE properly.

  13. Tough luck for the young man. But if he’d stayed out long enough for the first dislocation to heal he wouldn’t be looking at this far more serious injury. Shut him down for a good while, the rest of the season if necessary. See what Keenum can do, then make the best decision for the team. May be hard to keep the core of this team together, especially if you overpay the wrong QB – just ask the Phillies.

  14. Very common injury when u dislocate the shoulder repeatedly. I tore my labrum 369 degrees around and half of my humerus ended up chipping or ripping off the rest of the bone. I wasn’t even aware until it was surgically removed during surgery when I had a later jet procedure to fix the unstable joint and the bone was shown to me post surgery, I was amazed because it was freaking huge yet it never caused much discomfort.

  15. icantstandwhitecastleanymore says:
    October 21, 2021 at 9:06 pm
    The the Browns D is playing (kicked my Bears furry butt), take your time Baker. Case is doing fine in your place tonight

    Yea against bad crap QBs like Justin Fields and Teddy B….. When a straight up gangster of a QB like a Kyler Murray or Herbert comes along the Browns defense all of the sudden looks pedestrian at best giving up 40 and in the case of AZ Browns offense played even worse.

  16. Thankfully for Mayfield his 2022 5th YR option is still ahead of him giving him one more year to put it all together and convince the Browns to pay him. Right now they couldn’t in good conscience give him $25M per/yr IF THAT I’m just assuming. If Baker Mayfield doesn’t put it all together next year he will begging his career elsewhere and he will either pull a Ryan Tannehill or Jim Plunkett putting all together elsewhere or he will just be on his first stop in the LONG LONG CAREER of a Journeyman NFL QB.

  17. If he doesn’t rest, it sounds like a splintered piece of the fracture could wreck havoc inside his shoulder capsule. That’s more concerning. Potential labrum and other tendon issues which have ended many MLB careers.

    I know personally that multiple shoulder dislocations will eventually need surgery. Sooner or later, he’ll need to get the shoulder tightened up.

  18. Many don’t remember this now, but I remember Matt Stafford having dislocated shoulders 2 years in a row in his first few seasons. First they didn’t do surgery, 2nd they smartly shut him down, had it repaired surgically. Anyway, everyone called the kid Matt Glassford. But like Phil Sims, he moved past those finally and has been pretty durable since.

    If he is your long term answer at QB cleveland, just get him fixed right. The player always wants to play, but you have to do what’s best for him and the organization.

    Good luck Browns and Mayfield.

  19. After that game last night, it’s pretty clear that Odell Beckham’s problem isn’t his “lack of chemistry” with Baker Mayfield.

  20. I tend to agree with the sentiments of Cowherd (analyst) , The Brown’s may have tacit plans to move on from Mayfield. He just isnt going to take you to the promissed land with his skill set. He’s only an avg. player and certainly not worth what he is asking.
    He has been surrounded by top players on both sides the ball and cant turn this team into that force it should be.
    I say he is very worried about the team starting a win streak without him and you can bet his agent is telling him he should be.

  21. Christopher Allan says:
    October 21, 2021 at 9:27 pm
    Tony Broome says:
    October 21, 2021 at 9:10 pm
    This is no laughing matter. The Browns need him so badly in order to make the playoffs, it isn’t funny.
    The Browns and Mayfield are 1-3 this season against teams with a winning record.

    I was making a joke of the fact it was a fractured humerus.

  22. They should package Baker, Odell and some picks for someone like Russ (The Hawks tried to trade Russ before to the Browns and one of them pulled the plug) before their stock gets worse.

    Or Jimmy the skimmer could take the PR nightmare and do a straight up trade for Watson.

  23. Love the Browns. They need to shop around for another QB. After Baker’s surgery & when he begins to play again, he will then use the excuse that his shoulder is bothering him for bad plays & losses. Almost no one gets back to 100% after having surgery. I would hate to see the fans have their hopes crushed. We need a wining QB to take the Browns to a Super Bowl that is long overdue. Go Browns!

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