Bruce Arians doesn’t attend Buccaneers offensive meetings

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Usually, a head coach attends the meetings relative to the side of the ball in which he built his expertise. For Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians, that’s the offense. However, Arians says he doesn’t attend offensive meetings.

Via, Arians recently told Colin Cowherd that Arians takes a hands-off approach to the offense.

“I get way too much credit for the [offense],” Arians said. “I don’t even go to the meetings. I mean [offensive coordinator] Byron [Leftwich] runs this offense from top to bottom and doesn’t get enough credit for it.”

Leftwich nevertheless has received little head-coaching buzz, despite the significant role he has on the team. Of course, some surely will try to minimize Leftwich’s contributions by giving plenty of credit to quarterback Tom Brady for taking charge of the offense and, frankly, the entire team.

It will be interesting to see whether Leftwich gets a closer look in the 2022 hiring cycle. With 12 weeks left in the regular season, it will be here before you know it.

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  1. Byron Leftwich has done a much better job this year.. but at least the first half of last year he was terrible. Calling the most predictable run pass pass on first through third down respectively… With very little play action and motion plays that Brady excels at.

    Once they changed this with more playaction and getting Fournette out there running routes that Brady loves it changed the dynamics of the offense so much where can more consistently get first downs. It’s pick your poison.. if you cover wr deep Tom will check down all day.. and if you crowd line of scrimmage he will take the top off the defense.

  2. Does this really surprise anyone? It’s Tom Brady’s team. To Arians credit though, he’s smart enough to realize that and get out of the way. He deserves credit for that in this ego-filled league.

  3. He probably came in and said “no risk it, no biscuit” and Brady went off on him, explaining that “no risk it, no biscuit” led to his previous QB giving us the first 30/30 season in history. Brady is more of a “no risk it, cuz I’m f**king better than everyone else and I’ll still get all the biscuits cuz I’m a savage on the football field” kind of guy. Arians is an idiot that will only screw that up.

  4. Props to Arians for putting his ego aside on this because his offenses historically were turnover machines and that is exactly how the first half of last season looked where Brady was on track for his most INTs ever. It literally took a Tom Brady to get Arians out of his own way.

  5. Unlike Belichick, Arians has enough brains to realize when you have the GOAT, you enhance him, not undermine him.

  6. “The personality cult of brady is annoying” It may be annoying. Can we say “the Brady way” works? Yes we can! So be annoyed…

  7. Whether Brady was on the team or not, I don’t think that would change the amount of control Arians gives the offensive coordinator (so much so that Arians isn’t in the meetings).

    I think the moral to the story is that Head Coaches have enough on their plates with the endless responsibilities outside of the lines and this includes coaching the coaches.

    With two competent coordinators, this is the best case scenario.

  8. jonbeck316 says:
    October 21, 2021 at 10:05 am
    Hmmm. So what does he actually do?


    He does what Brady tells him to do

  9. Was disappointed to see Brady leave NE. Happy for him now. Tampa has much better players. As Kraft has said, NE has not done a good job drafting. Arians knows when he has a good thing.

  10. Fournette said Brady spent extra time with that running backs going over the run plays for this week’s game and it was super beneficial to them. We know who runs that offense top to bottom and it’s not Leftwich. This isn’t really insubordination either considering Leftwich entered the league as a QB 6 years after Brady, had a decent career, retired, was out of football and then got into coaching a few years ago. Brady has been in football longer, has more experience, and obviously a lot more success than Leftwich. The fact that he can still play QB at an elite level while also helping coach the team is beyond impressive.

  11. Jerruh could learn a lot from Arians. Between Leftwich and Brady I’m sure they are more than capable. Besides, wasn’t Arians more known for his running offense. It seems to me that Arians is doing what any good manager needs to do–trust his people.

  12. Byron was a below average NFL QB who lost his job to a no-name David Garrard. His play calling is also very pedestrian. That is why he gets no looks for HC. He has no evidence on his resume of excelling in a leadership role.

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