Case Keenum is the Browns’ 31st starting quarterback since 1999

Arizona Cardinals v Cleveland Browns
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Baker Mayfield gave the Browns something they hadn’t had since re-entering the NFL as an expansion franchise in 1999: Stability at the quarterback position. Until now, when Mayfield will miss tonight’s game against the Broncos and Case Keenum will start for the Browns.

That makes Keenum the Browns’ 31st starting quarterback since this version of the Cleveland Browns franchise began playing in 1999. That’s the most different starting quarterbacks of any franchise in the NFL.

Here’s the full list of Browns quarterbacks since they re-entered the NFL in 1999: Tim Couch, Ty Detmer, Doug Pederson, Spergon Wynn, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Derek Anderson, Ken Dorsey, Brady Quinn, Bruce Gradkowski, Colt McCoy, Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Brandon Weeden, Thaddeus Lewis, Jason Campbell, Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel, Connor Shaw, Josh McCown, Austin Davis, Robert Griffin III, Cody Kessler, DeShone Kizer, Kevin Hogan, Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Case Keenum.

Mayfield has started 51 consecutive games, by far the most for any of those quarterbacks. Mayfield’s presence allowed the infamous jersey with every Browns’ quarterback’s name to be retired.

Now Keenum adds another name to the long list of Browns starting quarterbacks. Browns fans can only hope that list doesn’t get longer any time soon.

22 responses to “Case Keenum is the Browns’ 31st starting quarterback since 1999

  1. He will be better than Mayfield as long as Stefanski doesnt sabotage him. Stefanski has had Mayfield throwing all over the place when Mayfield couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat. Keenum can actually read a defense, and havew receivers run after the catch, and he will get the ball out much quicker than Mayfield, because Mayfield doesnt know what he is doing out there.

  2. Myles Garrett should offer to build the Browns their own QB graveyard, with room for an extension.

  3. I thought Baker Mayfield was not a running QB to get hurt. Who knew? Running around to save his pick 6’s maybe

  4. And how many of them were first round picks by the Browns, and ended up being huge BUSTS!

  5. While that number is staggering and mostly due to why they have been so bad. This one shouldn’t really be considered a same old Browns QB rotation.

  6. I think the starting qb stat for the Browns is interesting, but this shouldn’t count because this is do to injury and not missing on yet another qb.

  7. I wonder who the QB is tonight if Keenum gets hurt? Nick Mullens is on the practice squad but if they deem him “emergency” then perhaps he can play without first being called up to the active roster?

  8. Keenum is probably a better QB than Baker anyways. Watch the Browns sign Bakey boy to one of those 5 year/$200M deals they try to get out of a few days after the ink dries a la Goff, Wentz, Garroppolo, etc.

  9. it is a who’s who of back ups and draft busts with a few serviceable game managers thrown in most who played for the Browns at the end of their career to get one more chance/check

  10. Some of them are a reminder that Hue Jackson kept his job even when his record was 1-31-1.

  11. The Bears front office likes this attention being drawn elsewhere. Jeff Garcia is the best QB on this dubious list.

  12. I love every post of the Browns incompetence draws major thumbs down. Uhhh Browns fan you arent 100+ games under .500 sinxe 1999 because the Browns know what they are doing. The current edition of Mismanagement and Clownshow drafting could have netted them Christian Barmore at 26, And Trevon Diggs in the 2nd round instead of Greg Newsome. Trevon Diggs has more INTs than Newsome has games played. You seriously cant make this up. What did I tell you about fRAGILE JOK oh yeah hes on IR. This is the same orgnaization that drafted Jabril Peppers over TJ Watt and Deshon Watson. Amd Emmanuel Ogbah over Derrick Henry.

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