D’Ernest Johnson runs for 146 yards and a TD as Browns down Broncos 17-14

Denver Broncos v Cleveland Browns
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D'Ernest Johnson rushed for 146 yards and a touchdown and Case Keenum threw for 199 yards and a score as the depleted Cleveland Browns managed a 17-14 victory over the Denver Broncos on Thursday night.

Even without quarterback Baker Mayfield and top two running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, the Browns managed to do just enough offensively to outlast the Broncos.

Johnson accounted for 34 yards on the opening drive of the game for the Browns with runs of 20 and 10 yards before a 4-yard touchdown run got the Browns out to a quick 7-0 lead.

Chase McLaughlin would add a 52-yard field goal on Cleveland’s second drive to give Cleveland a 10-0 advantage that would carry into halftime.

Teddy Bridgewater was limited due to a foot injury and seemed to struggle to step hard into his throws throughout the night. He underthrew a pass for John Brown in the end zone that was picked off by John Johnson III on the Broncos ensuing possession.

On the first possession of the third quarter, Bridgewater and the Broncos finally put together a scoring drive. A 13-play, 79-yard drive ended with an 8-yard touchdown pass from Bridgewater to Melvin Gordon to cut the lead to 10-7. The Browns answered right back with a 13-play scoring drive of their own. Keenum hit fullback Johnny Stanton for a 1-yard touchdown to extend the lead back to 10.

Denver would again cut the deficit to three with 5:17 remaining as Bridgewater hit Javonte Williams on a screen pass that went for a 10-yard touchdown to make it a 17-14 game.

However, the Browns never gave the Broncos a chance to go for the tying score. Cleveland didn’t even face a third down on their final drive until just over a minute remained on the clock. Johnson picked up the first on third-and-2 only to have an illegal motion penalty make it a third-and-7. It still didn’t matter as Johnson picked up the first down for a second time and enabled the Browns to run out the clock for the victory.

Bridgewater finished with 187 yards passing with two touchdowns and an interception for Denver.

30 responses to “D’Ernest Johnson runs for 146 yards and a TD as Browns down Broncos 17-14

  1. Thank you Thank you D’Ernest Johnson, Case Kenum and the entire Browns team. This loss for the Broncos may finally be the one to fire Fangio, Shurmur and bench Teddy. Absolutely terrible game by this Defensive guru. Teddy is no franchise QB so why is he playing when you can actually see if Lock will be. You gave up on a QB who has played 1 season. Now Teddy after beating 3 terrible teams looks the same as Lock did. Same play calling, same O-Line, same WR injuries and Teddy only scoring under 17 points against good teams. Lock did the same last year and you gave up on him. Go get rid of Vic, Shurmur and put in Lock. Don’t care if he throws picks every game you have to see what you have before deciding to move on. Instead you go with a season backup in Teddy to try and save your job. Thank you again to the entire Browns team. I called this from the minute Teddy was named the starter.

  2. Just like a told everyone last week. D’Earnest Johnson (The Browns 3rd string back) could start for most teams.

  3. Mayfield scores 42 in a loss where his defense doesn’t show up, and Keenum scores 17 in a win where they do. And I guarantee you First Take and Get Up will pretend it’s a QB controversy in the making tomorrow morning.

  4. Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl era was paper over cracks. Denver still has NOT drafted an elite QB since Elway retired. It doesn’t matter who the coach is. You’re not beating Mahomes-Carr-Herbert with game manager QB’s. Denver will be in the basement for the next 15 years if it doesn’t find an elite franchise QB, that franchise is where the Raiders were before the move to Vegas.

  5. Maybe Fangio will do Elway a favor and stay in Ohio to “visit family” while the team heads back to CO?

  6. Broncos first 3 games were an illusion. Browns even down a bunch of their stars including Chubb, Hunt, and Mayfield still got past them.

  7. This was a terrible game with two bad teams. The Donk’s are a mirage as we all knew, Fire Everybody and start over in Denver

  8. Cleveland has a lot of third stringers and backups that are going to get paid well by other teams when they hit FA.

  9. “You’re not beating Mahomes-Carr-Herbert with game manager QB’s.”

    Wait… Carr? Carr???? What? Lol

  10. Drew Lock is not the answer either. Cleaning house is a priority including Elway. He can’t spot talent from 2 inches away. Fangio, what can you say but a very uninspiring HC who is clueless

  11. Uncle Rico’s wet noodle arm and questionable shots into double coverage won’t work against most teams not starting their 6th and 7th linebacker and the coach calling empty sets isn’t doing his beat up offense any favors but dang these Browns have great running backs going 5 deep.

  12. The guy from yesterdays article who bet $500k on Bronco’s plus 4 must have been sweating!!

  13. The camera angles on the game and replays were great.You could really see the zone blocking one cut-cutback in action.

  14. Teddy Bridgewater looked like the career backup he was meant to be. Just awful. Denver needs an intervention. They’re like a rudderless ship going in circles.

  15. bjbroderick says:
    October 22, 2021 at 4:17 am
    And somewhere, a guy cries over his lost $500,000.

    How so? The guy got +4 points on high the Broncos covered…..he won the bet!

  16. Keenum put up Baker Mayfield type numbers last night. How bad of a coach is Stefanski that theu roll right down the fied 1st drive then struggles to score 10 more points the rest of the game. Like eveeything Browns, its all hype

  17. I was underwhelmed by Bridgewater when he started his career in MN. Somehow those wins in NO when Brees wasn’t playing gave him a sheen of credibility but his time with the Panthers should have shown that he is no franchise QB

  18. With all the injuries the Browns had I thought for sure the Broncos could win that game. I was wrong. They are even more terrible than I thought they were. Bridgewater gave it a go but when your best QB is a guy who can barely run because he has a bad hamstring then your roster is a mess. In fact, ever since Manning retired their QB situation has been just awful. They’ve wasted draft picks, wasted money on large contracts, and wasted draft capital by trading for them. It’s been a total disaster. Don’t look for it to get any better. You can blame the gameday performance on Fangio but he can only work with what he’s given and the GM has done a terrible job.

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